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square foot gardening for wallet savings!   16 y  
some thoughts about rawfood and money
I am writing about a sensitive issue facing many people and is the primary point of contention facing married couples. The issue is money. How does this impact someone like me who is trying to remake their life in terms of raw food? When I worked in an urban healthfood store, the frequent complaint (excuses really!) is that eating healthy, eating raw is expensive. Exercising is expensive because you need a hitech gym to workout in. I worked in a very diverse and changing neighborhood, primarily black Americans and hispanic immigrants, legal and otherwise. Im only pointing out the illegal i ...   read more

Conquering Depression with Body Consciousness   16 y  
come back from a detour
Yes yes yes...positive body consciousness is possible. No this isnít proana thinspiration babble as I found when I traced a juice fasting link back to a proana site. This is looking at myself and loving the skin I am in. Iíve lost five pounds since I got back from my honeymoon. Itís not the raw food so much as the exercise that is helping me through this difficult time. Last night I was very depressed. I went to change my driverís license and then my car broke down far away from the house. I just extremely frustrated and upset. I turned to cooked foods and inactivity to ease my depression ...   read more

some updates   16 y  
my journal updates
Well I moved to my husbandís home finally. I broke raw while I was on the road. I take 100% responsibility because I was rushing out the door. My RFBC homework is to post my plan to eat healthy on my next road trip. Personally I think roadtripping is given to totally unhealthy eating. Except for Subway, truckstops have the worst food. At one rest stop, I did some yoga and felt totally refreshed. I must remember my hot water, my herbal teas, my fruit and my rawfood snacks. Organic blueberry bars are 100% raw and also I need to have some dried fruit. Thatís the plan and Iím sticking to it :- ...   read more

saturday updates   16 y  
brief this and that for today
I had my colonic and massage on friday. My colon therapist said I had globs of mucus coming out of my colon HOW DISGUSTING. I think Iíll be off cheese PERIOD for a while. Anyway, I also had a massage and that was great. Today I went ocean swimming OMG what a workout and a great time I had with my sister. We went walking afterwards too. I did some bodyweight exercises on the beach today as well. Food list for today: breakfast: blueberries and strawberries, a Greens bar lunch: lydiaís rawvegan italian crackers and a large weight loss juice with wheatgrass afternoon snacks: sprout ...   read more

Day Three cleanse and more exercise   16 y  
day's achievements
Boy I am EXHAUSTED. I drank puree fruits today, melon, watermelon then a coconut water before bikram yoga. My sister and I went walking on the beach and I am TIRED. Tomorrow morning I have to go deal with the hospital and the FUBARíd health care industry then itís off to my colonic and half hour massage. AHHHHHHHHHHHH! I am very proud of myself that I did what I set out to do. My face shows it too, itís very clear and spot free.   visit the page

Food, exercise, beauty goals, other goals   16 y  
my raw goals today
I met all of my goals that I posted except for the sauna. I went to bikram yoga instead. I learned that they carry the class CDs so I donít have to send out for them. I am fasting today and tomorrow morning and then Iím going to begin eating once again. Today I had a blended cantaloupe for breakfast. Later, it will be a blended honeydew because thatís what I have available in the house. I must unpack my luggage, clean the kitchen,etc. My exercise goal today is another bikram yoga class and a walk on the beac if it isnít raining. My beauty goal today is to give myself a facial and ...   read more

Food goals/Exercise goals/Beauty goals   16 y  
my goals for the day
Food: Flush my system for two days with apple cider vinegar, herbal colon cleanse tea and barley grass powder in preparation for a colonic on thursday. Exercise: walk one mile, five tibetan rites and body weight exercises Beauty: remove my fake nails from the wedding, go to the sauna, etc.   visit the page

La Belle of the cheese and meat   16 y  
I'm back and ready for raw fitness
Well guys Iím back from France. I have to say that itís near impossible to eat raw with convenience in that country. Forget about raw, how about vegetarian? Vegan? LOL forget it. France is a veganís nightmare. The cheese was wonderful and the cafe cremes were great but after a while, I got sick of it. I did not have the access to fresh fruits and vegetables that I thought I would. City is definately unhealthy and the thing that Parisians have on their side is walking. The second leg of the honeymoon we stayed in Normandie, land of cheese and meat. Not a tomato in sight. I didnít eat raw bu ...   read more

Putting a dent in cravings with green smoothies   16 y  
brief note about green smoothies
I made my first green smoothie. I used some sprouts, romaine lettuce, cucumber and it tastes good. I do think itís very fiber filled and I may have some gas later :O) Iíll get used to it. Itíll hold me through the morning. I was tempted to run to Starbucks for coffee but I decided to make this instead. I could have used more water Iím sure. Okay Iím off to do some blog entries then clean! CLEAN! CLEAN!   visit the page

furnishing a Healthy Kitchen   16 y  
my journal for today
My two major purchases for my new home are a Breville Juice Fountain Elite $299 on sale at Macyís. I got 15% off for opening a Macyís charge card. I also get a gift card later on because I bought it off my registry. Macyís actually gave me a credit card and Iím sure itís because I have a registry there. Anyway, my blender is a Kitchen Aid blender that cost me $99 and I also get a bridal gift card later from that too. They did not have a mandolin. The salesman told me that they donít carry them anymore because they have too many problems with them breaking. Honest of him to tell me so. It ...   read more

Food, Stress and God's wake up call   16 y  
my divine wake up call
I witnessed a man almost die today. I think he was dead and the cops didnít want to bag him in front of all of us who were watching. A man had a heart attack behind the wheel and went smashing through my neighborís front yard. This is the one day Iím glad I procrastinated in taking Sophie for a walk. I would have never seen him coming from behind if I started out fifteen seconds earlier. My mom said itís not my time yet. Obviously NOT. Earlier I was tired because I went for my last dress fitting. My wedding dress fit perfectly. It was like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Last wee ...   read more

emotional eating   16 y  
Memorial Day cleaning thoughts
I used to watch Oprah when people would talk about emotional eating. Iíve come to see through the pop psycho BS and stopped watching folks like Dr.Phil give advice about diet. Thereís only one person worse than he for diet advice and thatís Andrew Weil, the faux health expert. Anyway, Iím sitting here in my premarital stress meltdown thinking about the role that food has taken on in my life. Why donít I use exercise and healthy food to help me? That would be better. I am quitting coffee tomorrow, an idea that scares me. Yet, I know I need to do it. I sound like a real drug addict. I fee ...   read more

The AirForce Called It Recycling   16 y  
my renewed committment to raw weight loss
Iím back in rawfood bootcamp. I thought Iíd leave. I know Iím leaving myself wide open to uncontrolled eating, weight gain,etc. which is what I donít want before my wedding. Iíve recycled myself back to the beginning with a renewed committment to raw weightloss and fitness. This food thing is hard but I know I can beat it. Look for a renewed committment from me because itís time to take myself seriously. If not now, when? After all, itís not just about weight loss. Now itís about getting ready for childbearing. Iíll be a nursing assistant in a home which means being on my feet, moving arou ...   read more

Overeating and PMS   16 y  
food thoughts during a woman's moon
Well it seems the only thing I canít get a hold of is the coffee thing during PMS. I canít take cacao in the morning because on a near empty stomach it overwhelmes my brain and makes me exhausted. More exhausted than coffee! Anyway, I discovered that to forestall eating in the evening is to have a huge salad when I get home! I made the best salad ever again earlier today. Eventually, Iíll stop being lazy and make my own dressing. I use a tablespoon of Annieís Naturals or whatever Whole Foodie-type salad dressing that is in the refrigerator with some olive oil. Today I put tahini in the sal ...   read more

Weekend of PMS gluttony   16 y  
weekend food notes
I admit that this weekend I was not in control of my diet. All the running around and not being prepared with any healty foods caused low blood sugar, headaches, arguments with my mother,etc. However, I make it all the way through. I got a tremendous amount of exercise despite eating non-raw and non-healthy. I walked up and down the street in Boro Park, Brooklyn looking for wedding hats with my mom. I have to say that although a corn muffin is non-raw, a kosher corn muffin tastes identical to the corn muffin at the Whole Foods in Manhasset. I had coffee today too and a doughnut but Iím mov ...   read more

Raw for Thirty Days trailer   16 y  
Gabriel Cousens film venture! This looks as exciting as Storm and Jinjeeís Breakthrough movie. I wrote a lot about Breakthrough on my other blog Uncovering the Starchild within.   visit the page

Saturday journal   16 y  
my rawfood journal from the past few days
Yesterday I made the biggest, best tasting salad ever. Yesterday and today are going to be 80% raw days. Iím not going to stress about 100% raw because right now with the wedding coming, I have enough stress. My face is looking awesome and my stomach is looking flatter. One thing that helps is planning my food shopping. My food for three days came to $28. It seems that Iíll not save much money going raw but not buying scones at Starbucks every day with two coffees a day is helping. This time Iím carrying fruit with me when my mother and I go out today. Yesterday evening it was a horror sho ...   read more

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