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Raw Food Bootcamp thoughts   16 y  
today's meditation about diet and life
I have to take leave from Raw Food Bootcamp because I just don稚 have the money to keep up my membership. I plan to rejoin RFBC after my honeymoon because I know a lot of women have the tendency to fatten up right after getting married. I am setting some personal goals for myself, including achieving measurements that are perfect for my size and bone structure as per the perfect body calculator: Your ideal chest size is 39 Your ideal waist size is 27 Your ideal hip size is 33 Your ideal bicep size is 14 Your ideal forearm size is 11 Your ideal thigh size is 20 Your id ...   read more

Loved One Has Concerns About Me (LONG post)   16 y  
fiance injects a dose of reality into my plans
I respect my man and as such I asked him what he thought about my diet plans. He has some concerns. Here痴 a letter I sent him today and his response... I sent a letter of inquiry to [redacted]. It was a spur of the moment decision to do so. Otherwise, Wednesday is my big planning day/paperwork/organisation day for every area of my life thus far! Tomorrow is day one of my rejuvenation week because I値l be by myself, peace and quiet. I really need to make the most of this week which is where you come in. I have three major areas I want to deal with. First, spiritual. Saying the r ...   read more

A Model of Raw Weightloss   16 y  
Jinjee Talifero ten days after giving birth to her fourth child
Next Summer I want to be in this...   16 y  
brief note and a photograph
Whoah!!! Before pics of me...fatty fatty two by four ;-)   16 y  
My before pics!
  read more

Today's Foods and Exercise   16 y  
food plan and exercise plan
Breakfast: a cup fo cacaoliente 5 prunes 5 brasil nuts 1 raw food bar I知 off to the city and am going to keep a lookout for bananas, apples,etc. I知 going to do a lot of walking in the city today. However, when I get home, I知 going to do bikram yoga. I have no DVD player so I can稚 do any exercise videos. Such is life   visit the page

Food Plan for today   16 y  
my food plan
Breakfast: lemon-lime juice various herbal teas that support liver detox (because of the caffeine withdrawl) Snacks: apples bananas if I can get them ripe Lunch: big green salad Dinner: a green juice green salad or fruit   visit the page

committment revisited   16 y  
homework from rawfood bootcamp I want to share
Well I had typed up a long answer to my homework assignment but here it is distilled down into the nut of it. I知 scared sh*tless because going 100% raw will force me to deal with my emotional issues of body image and abuse. I am getting the same feelings I had in Air Force bootcamp. The real military bootcamp started turning up all kinds of emotions and I bolted from my flight(as many female recruits did!). I知 scared of letting go of my comfort foods because I知 afraid I won稚 have energy to work or clean the house or deal with my family with the wedding coming up. I知 afraid to look goo ...   read more

Weekend Wrap Up   16 y  
brief weekend overview
I ate about 90% raw this weekend. My trip back I bought a bag of fruit from BiLo and a gallon of water. Leaving my fiance痴 house, I know I知 going to be all raw vegan 100% for the whole summer at least. Whether I値l be 100% raw vegan after, I値l see but I left my last weekend feeling that this was the right path. I feel very healthy and my stomach flatter. -always bring barley grass powder -juice machine is a must -green salads -bananas -herbal teas Carry committment papers and a raw food book EVERYWHERE I go. I致e picked the 6th edition of Sunfood Success to place my before pic ...   read more

Saturday Food and Exercise Plan   16 y  
my saturday raw food/fitness plan
Food plan: breakfast:barley grass powder meal 2: grapefruit and orange juice fresh meal 3: apples or some other fruit type lunch: big green salad with olive oil and apple cider vinegar meal 4: more fruit dinner: green salad Exercise plan: 1 hour vigorous running/walking 30 minutes calisthenics/bikram yoga   visit the page

Today's Food Plan   16 y  
today's food plan
I committed to being 100% raw and today I will be. I have an ample supply of herbal teas to satiate my need for something hot. I知 okay with fruits because the FIL sent down some fresh blueberries with my fiance. blueberries green drinks carrot-grapefuit drinks raw oats cantaloupe eaten and blended into a fruit smoothie green salad with homemade salad dressing apples I have a lot to do today and I値l see how this carries me. I don稚 think I ate enough food yesterday.   visit the page

food log   16 y  
my first day of food journaling
May 2, 2006 Foods Cals Fat Carb Prot Coffee, latte ( 1 coffee cup (6 fl oz) ) 73 4 6 4 blueberry scone ( 1 serving ) 460 18 68 5 Apple, raw ( 2 small (2-1/2 dia) (approx 4 per lb) ) 125 1 32 0 Mixed salad greens, raw ( 2 cup, shredded or chopped ) 18 0 3 2 Grapes, raw, NS as to type ( 0.25 cup, NFS ) 28 0 7 0 Cantaloupe (muskmelon), raw ( 0.5 cup, NFS ) 27 0 7 1 Blueberries, raw ( 0.25 cup ) 20 0 5 0 Oats, raw ( 0.5 cup ) 156 3 27 6 Mixed salad greens, raw ( 2 cup, shredded or chopped ) 18 0 3 2 Green Goddess dressing ( 0.08 cup ) 100 ...   read more

Beautiful Day   16 y  
blog name change and misc.
Today I am eating 80% raw, having had a scone this morning but not craving anything this afternoon. EFT definately works. I have to do it A LOT where coffee and starchy pastries are concerned. It痴 not that I overeat till I知 wanting to vomit, it痴 getting in the way of my weightloss and my goals. Plus, I use the starchy foods as a crutch. I just had some blueberries and now I知 going to go bikeriding up to the library to drop back my sister痴 videos. The fish pond supplier is a little far for the bike and I have to carry a big UV light. I値l get my hour of exercise by doing my bikram yoga ...   read more

Carlene's Raw Food Bootcamp   16 y  
my induction into the Raw Food Bootcamp (for the overweight) I joined a raw food bootcamp today. I知 doing it for a month at least starting today. No delay tactics even with my bridal shower on Sunday and my big city trip tomorrow. No matter how premenstrual I get, I知 not eating anything that is going to cause me to deviate from my goals that include entering and winning a bodybuilding/fitness contest.   visit the page

stressful hiatus   16 y  
stress and the effect on exercise
I miss the gym. I didn稚 go for four days last week when I was caught with my family drama. I知 working up the motivation to go for a ride on my new bike. My energy was almost zero today probably from NOT exercising and also the stress from last week. I was going great with my exercising but I let go for a while. I壇 say last week was a wash in my fitness calendar. I was able to exercise for one day while under a lot of stress. It just didn稚 click at the end of the week though.   visit the page

friday update   16 y  
misc. fitness updates
I致e not measured myself but I致e lost one pound. Considering the lifting I was doing this week, that痴 great. I ran two miles yesterday during lunch. I knew I wasn稚 going to get to go to the gym because I ran out of gas :-) I cleaned my fish pond for activity in the evening and kept eating to a minimum. I did not get enough which is VERY important for fitness recovery. Taking the melatonin aided me in going to sleep. Today is 団ar free friday. I値l be riding my bicycle today and doing a lot of housecleaning. I will be working out with a 15 pound dumbbell I have as well as some weigh ...   read more

Before measurements   16 y  
before stats
hips: 35 thighs: 23.5 waist: 32 abs: 36 arms: ? calves: 13 chest: 39 I am taking these from memory. I had my measurements stored on my laptop but I busted the adapter. Woe is me, I知 getting micro$oft cooties to post this blog. My ideal measurements should be: chest: 39 waist: 27 hips: 33 bicep: 14 (I think mine are 12 right now) forearm: 11 thigh: 20 calf: 13 neck: 14 I got this off a bodybuilding calculator. Not sure if it痴 for women or not. However, it痴 according to wrist size and plus they make sense. I have big legs and a big rear end and a broad back. I壇 s ...   read more

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