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Quick Easy Chicken Peppers Recipe (4 Ingredients)   17 y  
A recent concoction of mine.
Here’s a recipe I recently invented. It’s quick, it’s easy, it tastes great, and it’s reasonably healthy. Chicken Peppers --------------- Serves: 1 Ingredients: -1 large poblano or red bell pepper (preferably organic) -Cooked chicken (1 medium serving) Can be leftover chicken, one of those rotisserie chickens, a chicken breast you cook separately, any kind of cooked chicken will do. Preferably organic. -Cholula hot sauce http://www.cholula.com Or you can use the Barefoot Herbalist’s Spice 4 Life -Sour cream or Quark (preferably organic) Instructions: 1. Start an inch o ...   read more

NYC and Transfats   17 y  
New York is getting serious about transfat in restaurants. I don't live in New York, but I think it's a good move.
New York is getting serious about transfat in restaurants. I don’t live in New York, but I think it’s a good move. I posted this link in the News forum: http://blog.washingtonpost.com/thecheckout/2006/09/nyc_to_restaurants_get_an_... Here’s the main article, but there are a lot of comments on the website. ------------------------------------- NYC to Restaurants: Get an Oil Change by Annys Shin In what could be a bellwether move, New York City’s Board of Health yesterday took the first step in requiring restaurants to sharply limit the amount of trans fat in their foods. ...   read more

Chinese Spitting   17 y  
Spit a loogie to the ground. In public. Did you know?
Did you know? Chinese people think it’s bad to swallow your own saliva. They try to spit it out instead of swallowing it. When you are walking around in China you will see a LOT of people spitting! It’s mostly older men, but you can see anyone doing it. Sometimes you can see a person walking around with a drink bottle or can, which is their ”spit bottle”, a portable disposable spitoon. Ew! By the way, I’ve been to China and Singapore, seen it done. Numerous times. Here’s some info about it. -------------------------------------------------------------- During the 2008 Olympics, ...   read more

Unknown Fruit!   17 y  
Does anyone know what it may be?
I noticed this fruit tree just the other day! It is growing just down the street from me (and there is another one growing near the sidewalk next to a bank, just a few blocks away). The fruits are about the size of cherries. The inside is somewhat like a guava - yellow, soft, sweet and tons of tiny seeds. I’m not sure the outside is edible, it had no taste and a somewhat tough texture, so I didn’t eat it. Does anyone know what this fruit is? I took several photos:   read more

Margarine vs. Butter   17 y  
They are NOT the same. So learn the difference, already.
Okay, here’s a pet peeve of mine: People saying ”butter” when they are referring to margarine. Sorry, it’s not butter. If you want butter, eat butter. If you want margarine, they call it ”margarine” or ”fake butter” or ”spread.” I do eat butter. At home it’s organic butter. Sometimes when I’m out I want a little butter. I ask the waitress, ”Do you have any REAL butter?” They will say yes. Occasionally I’ll get lucky and they will bring me actual butter. But frequently they will bring me something like ”Land O Lakes Buttery Taste Spread” which is basically partially hydrogenated veg ...   read more

Spider   17 y  
Photo of a yellow zipper spider who lives in my yard.
Here is a photo of a BEAUTIFUL large spider who lives in my yard. He is really large, too - bigger than my whole thumb! He creates beautiful large webs, some of them ”zipper” webs. I try to leave him alone so that he will stay around. (I say ”he” - I don’t know the gender).   visit the page

Grocery Store Visit, Part VI   17 y  
The man with warts needs Diet Coke, apparently.
Last night I ran to the store to get an organic cabbage (then I ate some delicious coleslaw for dinner). While I was in the checkout line, two pitiful looking people came to the refrigerated drinks in the line next to me and the woman said to the man, ”There’s the Diet Coke - the type you need. I want the regular Coke.” They were both overweight and the man’s whole face was covered in warts, I think he might have been a little mentally slow, at least he sortof looked that way. It was really sad.   visit the page

New Airline Regulations   17 y  
I can't bring my own water on the airplane?
Okay, I just posted this on the ”News” forum, but then I realized that I want to add it to my blog. This is upsetting to me! I can’t bring my own water on board???? These are the new rules - on USA domestic flights and flights to/from the U.K., NO BEVERAGES or liquids may be brought onto the plain. They have beverages, of course, but you can’t bring them. Same thing for toothpaste, herbal liquid tinctures, makeup, etc. So you would need to put any of these things into your check-in baggage (would could be lost or stolen). I haven’t flown since they made this change. I have been bring ...   read more

Grocery Store Visit, Part V   17 y  
Diet Coke Disaster
Obese man. Shopping cart FULL of 6-pack bottles of Diet Coke. 8 6-packs, in fact - which equals 48 Diet Cokes. Small bag of ”other” things. He could barely walk. Sad.   visit the page

Beautiful Bug   17 y  
Photo of a brilliant little bug that was in my yard.
Here is a photo of a really cool bug I found sitting on my basil. He was so small, yet his colors were SO fluorescent and bright! I had no idea that such a bug existed - much less in my back yard! My mom said she thought he looked like a moth, but I said, ”Do moths come in such bright colors?” and she said she didn’t know. I am amazed that God has created so many different and amazing things. Enjoy! Note: He was still sitting on my basil the next day. He was on a different leaf, but none of the leaves had been nibbled on.   read more

So Big Grandpa Wouldn't Even Know You   17 y  
An article showing how the human body has changed in size and health in the past 100+ years.
So Big Grandpa Wouldn’t Even Know You ---------------------------------------------------- This is a very interesting article, for several reasons. But the assumption seems to be that BIGGER is BETTER. I don’t think that is the case. Plus, we don’t have ”less” disease now than we did then - we have different diseases, and we have ”sympton control.” And we have emergency rooms, and life support machines. They didn’t take these things into account in this article. I am posting the entire article below, because I’m not sure how long the link will work. However, there are photographs and ...   read more

Encouragement by Example   17 y  
A simple meal can have a strong impact.
I was very encouraged last night. I went to eat dinner with my aunt and a friend of hers - we ate at the home of a couple who are my aunt’s friends. This couple strictly follow the Hallelujah diet, which is high-raw vegan. (My aunt and uncle are also into this lifestyle). I am acquantances with this couple, having met them several times in social settings. I had never been to their house before. They live out in the country, with a beautiful house they designed and had built. We started the evening with a tour of their many beautiful gardens. I was particularly jealous of their huge ro ...   read more

Real-Life Lesson   17 y  
Staying with a relative gave me some scary insight into the downhill path of health choices many people take.
My family went up to the mountains this past weekend. My dad’s cousin invited us, so we stayed with them in their cabin, spending the night Saturday night. Overall it was a nice visit, and I enjoyed it. HOWEVER... My dad’s cousin is a nice woman, around 70 years old I imagine. She graduated from college 50 years ago, you do the math. Anyway, we had heard that she wasn’t doing too well. While we were there, she told us some of the details: Her doctor had put her on hormone replacement therapy for 10 years. Her doctor told her that she ”needed” it (along with everyone else). Toward the ...   read more

Something New I   17 y  
Lightning and Nitrogen
”You learn something new every day.” This is a familiar saying. You know how there are days when you learn some information that makes you stop and say, ”OK, that was definitely my ’something new’ for the day!”? That’s what this is. Sometimes the information is common knowledge, but somehow it escaped you for your whole life, thus it is still new to you! A few weeks ago, after a few days of much thunder and lightening, my uncle mentioned that the grass was very green, which was probably due to all the nitrogen in the atmosphere. He proceeded to inform us that LIGHTNING is the greate ...   read more

Americans gettin "healthy" at Starbucks   17 y  
Coffee is the #1 source of antioxidants in the American diet. And... it's not that healthy.
Okay, I heard this when it came out, and found it alarming; Coffee is the #1 source of antioxidants in the American diet. Essentially, coffee is the healthiest thing Americans consume with any regularity. And... it’s not that healthy! Here’s how this works. (Imaginary conversation) JANE: Gosh, I thought other foods had more antioxidants than coffee. You know, like broccoli. Or lettuce. JOHN: They do. JANE: Then why does this study say that coffee is the #1 source of antioxidants? JOHN: Because coffee has more antioxidants than chicken nuggets, french fries, soft drinks, donuts, and ...   read more

I'm a Flexitarian   17 y  
When you are not vegetarian, but lean that direction...
I just came across this article and I think the term ”flexitarian” describes me. I’m not a vegetarian, but I eat a lot of vegan meals and then sometimes throw in some meat, for enjoyment. __________________________________________________________________________________ I’m a Flexitarian! From The Desk Of Clarence Bass I’ve just discovered I’m a flexitarian—and that I’ve got lots of company. According to Charles Stahler, co-director of the Vegetarian Resource Group, a substantial percentage of the population leans toward vegetarianism, but is willing to eat meat, fish or poultry ...   read more

MULBERRY Time!   17 y  
A tree in my backyard...
It is mulberry season here! We have a big tree in our backyard, and the berries are already falling off. Most are a bright red, only 1/2 ripe, but some are dark red or even an almost purple-blackish. When they are completely that dark purple they are fully ripe. I spent a long time Sunday foraging for these berries that had already fallen off the tree, eating them straight off the ground! Yesterday I went and ate some more. They taste SO good and I felt great after eating them, too! My thumb and index finger are stained purple! I recommend this one for planting in your backyard, while you ...   read more

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