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No Room for Junk!   17 y  
Make room for the beneficial foods!
It occurred to me that there are so many healthful foods. There are so many things that we should be including in our diet every day or at least every few days. If we make sure to be eating all those things, we really won’t have room in our stomach to eat any junk food! No room for junk, and no time for junk. We have our beneficial foods all schedule in! Curezone’s own Owen has posted his daily eating regimen. I will include it below, so that you can see how if we are conscientiously incorporating leafy greens, fruits, brazil nuts, etc. in the diet there is little room left for ”other”! ...   read more

Double-Bad Idea   17 y  
Red Velvet Cake is an example of making a bad thing worse. Scary!
Red Velvet Cake is an example of making a bad thing worse. What a double-bad idea! Who had this idea in the first place? Cake is already really unhealthy. But to add massive amounts of red food coloring, enough to DYE OVER CHOCOLATE BROWN - ??? It scares me! You’ve got your sugar, your flower, probably vegetable oil or hydrogenated oil, and then let’s add red food coloring?????? I like chocolate cake. Why don’t people just eat chocolate cake instead? Red Velvet is a lot of people’s favorite cake! Someone told me that if you eat enough red velvet cake, that your poop comes out ...   read more

Nori Bites   17 y  
The snack I've been waiting for my whole life!
I bought some ”Nori Bites” that are a ”Live Delight” at Whole Foods the other day. Wow! They are so delicious! This is the snack I have been looking for! If I had known they were so delicious I would have bought more than just one package. It is all I can do not to eat the entire package NOW! I want to save some for my aunt to try, and I want to save some so that I can make a big batch of my own and compare tastes! :-) Ingredients: Raw Almonds, Raw Sunflower Seeds, Distilled Water, Raw Sesame Seeds, Fresh Lemons, Raw Nori, Fresh Garlic, Herbs, Sea Salt, Cayenne. 1 oz. serving contai ...   read more

Dr. Fuhrman   17 y  
Does he look healthy to you?
Dr. Joel Fuhrman, who is a vegan, doesn’t look amazingly healthy in the pictures I’ve seen. Especially his hair, which is thinning. He is relatively young and has been in a healthy lifestyle for quite a long time, I understand. I liked his book, ”Eat to Live.” What do you think about how he is looking, particularly his hair? I am always interested to see how healthy-looking different health professionals appear to be. For example, Dr. Weil or Dr. Phil - they sure aren’t my health role models. Dr. Graham Kennedy looks pretty great! Rev. Malkmus of Hallelujah Acres looks well, too. (I am ...   read more

Attitudes toward Change   17 y  
These are the attitudes some people have in regards to healthy life changes.
I was at a health meeting tonight. Demos of raw food (dilly zucchini and strawberry pie), open group discussion, and we watched a video about positive attitudes. During the discussion time, one lady stated that the unwillingness to change one’s diet was not just ignorance. It is stubbornness and rebellion! I believe she is right. Whether we are talking about a complete change in diet, or just incorporating one change such as juicing, this unwillingness to change, PARTICULARLY when the person is suffering from a disease and their family and friends are sharing with them how to reverse ...   read more

Grocery Store Visit, Part IV   17 y  
This one includes a conversation.
Tonight I ran into the store for a few things (I go to the store a lot - I never really ”stock up.” I LOVE the grocery store! ha ha). The line was a little bit long, so I ended up having a light chat with the woman behind me. I really hadn’t even noticed what she was buying, then she said, ”I see you got all nourishing things. I am getting these things for somebody else.” I looked in her basket and she had a carton of refrigerated Tropicana orange juice, a bunch of bananas, and a clear plastic container of bakery sugar cookies with pink icing. She added, ”He asked for the orange juice a ...   read more

Grocery Store Visit, Part III   17 y  
Doctor's orders?
The lady behind me in line bought the following: 1 large bottle white zinfandel wine 4.49 pounds of ground beef 1 head of iceberg lettuce 2 cartons of Bryer’s ice cream 1 liquid laundry detergent 1 family size black tea bags (for ice tea) 1 squeeze bottle parkay liquid margarine She was a slim lady but of interest: her shirt. It was a polo shirt with the logo and words for a local family practice. She works in a doctor’s office! Hmmm, what are her plans for those things she bought?   visit the page

Denial   17 y  
Some people just can't admit that they are not healthy.
Some people just can’t admit that they are not healthy. Or, more likely, they don’t realize that they aren’t healthy. I know 2 different people who have had sinus issues (including allergies, sinus infections, inner ear infections, and heavy medication esp. antibiotics) for over 1 year SOLID. They think they are fine! One person was on antibiotics for around 6 months. Takes antihistamines which dry her up. Hasn’t actually been well for any period of time in this past year. She knows she has some problems butI don’t think she considers herself ill. She just has some ”issues.” Annoyanc ...   read more

Those Weeds!   17 y  
Fresh young dandelions for dinner!
Yesterday I went into my backyard and picked myself a bunch of young, tender dandelion greens (plus a few tender yellow flower heads). I know we haven’t fertilized, used pesticides or any chemicals in the 12+ years we have lived here. Obviously we don’t do much of ANYTHING or we wouldn’t have dandelions growing there, ha! I didn’t wash the greens, just put them into the blender with ripe pineapple and some cilantro I had in the refrigerator, plus a little of a greens drink I had. VVVVVVVVVvvvvvvvvrrrRRRRRrrr in the blender and then drank it. It was a quick dinner because I was in a hurry. ...   read more

Grocery Store Visit, Part II   17 y  
What was in the cart?
I went to the grocery store yesterday. In the parking lot on my way in, I saw a woman coming out of the store. She was pushing a shopping cart, and in the cart was... 8 - 10 2 liter bottles of the store-brand Diet Dr. Pepper. Also one very small bag of something else (I don’t know what). This lady was very overweight, pitiful and ill looking. She couldn’t even walk properly, she was walking in that pained, laborious way. These things are very sad to me. I can’t completely grasp the idea that people even buy these products, much less consume them on a regular basis (and in large quantities).   visit the page

Attractive People   17 y  
My head is reeling. Where are all the attractive guys?
I had a revelation (of sorts) on Friday. I am a caucasian female. I realized that of all the caucasian males I know or have even ever MET (famous people don’t count), the vast majority are not very attractive. I could only think of a handful who are truly handsome and very attractive. Quite a few who are reasonably good looking although not particularly attractive, meaning ”all right” and the rest (boatloads) are actually NOT good looking and NOT attractive. (All of this meaning physically, as an observation - of course when you know and like someone you don’t really notice this). I was ...   read more

Food on my Face   17 y  
Gimmicks vs. the Real Thing
I see so many ”beauty” products that feature one or several food ingredients. Face masks, lotions, shampoos, conditioners with ”lemon” ”green tea” ”papaya” ”tomato” ”mint” ”cucumber” ”melon” ”avocado” ”orange” etc. When you look at the ingredients, it is almost always a conglomeration of chemicals. These food ingredients are #15 or 20 on the list. I think it’s a gimmick! What is that tiny amount of food, preserved and mixed with chemicals going to really do? Call me crazy, but when I eat something I like to rub a little on my face. For example if I eat papaya, I rub some on my fac ...   read more

Watch for Children?   17 y  
The silence is deafening.
Yesterday was a Thursday. At 4:45 I drove through a residential suburban area. I noticed a street sign that said ”Watch for Children.” I began to look around as I drove through this neighborhood. Nice houses, good middle-class neighborhood, it looked family friendly. It was the afternoon on a beautiful spring day. About 65 F. It had been a school day. Not a child in sight... I imagine that 50 years ago, there would have been children running through the neighborhood on such a day as that, and most any other day, too. Where are the children now? Either at some extra-curricular a ...   read more

When You "Gotta Go"   17 y  
Bowel Movements
It has come to my attention on several occasions that my bowel habits are unusual. Apparently it is normal to: Take a long time Strain Have bad smells Make embarassing noises ”Hold it” for hours or all day Avoid defecating in public (only at home or certain ”safe” zones) Need Reading Material But when I ”gotta go” then I just go! Not much difference from urinating, really. One time I was talking with my brother. I excused myself for a minute, telling him I had to use the toilet. I left, and returned about 1 minute later (possibly less). I told him that I felt relieved, I ha ...   read more

Cookies - the Future of our Nation!   17 y  
Girl Scout Cookies - the Future of our Nation?
Today in church the Girl Scout troop that we support was featured in the service. Their spokeswoman gave a short speech and at the end, she said this: ”When you see a box of Girl Scout Cookies, remember: It’s not just a box of cookies; It’s the future of our country!” How right she was, I’m afraid. The future of America seems like it will be summed up as a box of Cookies. Americans eat junk food in shocking amounts and our future is going down the drain.   visit the page

The walking track   17 y  
When I was at the walking track today, I only saw one "fit" person. What does that mean?
Today I was at the walking track, taking a stroll. It was impromptu, and I wasn’t really dressed for it, so I only walked for 1 mile. However, I was looking around as I walked. There were about 15 other people walking. Only one of these people looked ”fit and trim.” (Of course, I don’t know if he was actually healthy). The others were all quite overweight, except for one girl, who was a reasonably slim size. But I could see that this girl had terrible skin, with lots of acne and dark spots under her eyes. Around the playground there were probably 25 people, parents and children. Only tw ...   read more

The checkout line   17 y  
Today as I waited in the checkout line, the purchases of the family behind me were SHOCKING!
Today I was in the checkout line. I had run in just to pick up a tomato and an onion. The lady in front of me was debating with the checkout clerk over the strawberries, which were ”Buy one get one free” for $3.99. This lady felt that they should cost $1.99 each, instead of $2.00 for one and $1.99 for the other, so I stood there several minutes waiting for this purchase to be voided and rung up again, saving this woman ONE PENNY. This woman did not look poor, by the way. Anyway, as I was waiting, I looked over all the items that the family behind me was purchasing. The caucasian family ...   read more

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