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Wednesday, March 22, 2006   16 y  
Someone noticed I've lost weight!
Not much to report. Unless you want to count the comment someone in my class made to me today: "you look like you’ve lost weight!" :-D My first unsolicited compliment! I studied at the internet cafe today and decided to order the smoothie again, without all the non-raw extras. This time I actually said, "I only eat raw foods". And guess what the woman behind the counter said? "Really? Me too!" That was pretty cool. I knew my smoothie was in good hands this evening. We chatted a bit about what it’s like as a new person eating raw, ab ...   read more

Tuesday, March 21, 2006   16 y  
Today I had a raw meal at home worthy of a restaurant!
(Photo: Felicia’s adaptation of several Juliano Uncook Book recipes) Today my girlfriend surprised me with Ezekiel bread and taboule. Yaaay- I made a quick hummus and taboule sandwich and then ran off to school with a banana in my book bag. She later surprised me with a dinner that was worthy of a raw restaurant by combining ideas from Juliano’s Uncook book: the Exquisite Raw Marinara sauce and the Pesto Pasta. She even made garlic bread by rubbing garlic on a slice of Ezekiel bread. The herbs and spices really came through, making the sauce fillin ...   read more

A New Raw Food Resource   16 y  
Check out this new raw podcast!
Today I listened to a new raw podcast that I really enjoyed. The host, Shelley Abegg, produces the podcast with writer Jane Nelson. Shelley found out several years ago that she had breast cancer, and learned from a friend about possibility of a cure through a raw food diet. She began to experiment with recipes and eventually amassed a collection of them, which she has since combined into a raw food recipe book. Her podcasts introduce us to Shelley and Jane, and give some background information about her journey. What I like about the two podcasts is that they are down-to-earth, use ...   read more

Monday, March 20, 2006   16 y  
I watched two videos from TheGardenDiet.com - and trashed the living bread
I got some pain pills when I went to the E.R. last Fall for a flare-up of my ovarian cyst pain. Since the pains have been back recently, I broke down and took one last night. Boy, the side effects got me all day! I felt very nauseated and a little dizzy, so my appetite was pretty much killed. This is quite a contrast from my SAD days when I would still stuff myself when I felt ill (making me feel like a crazy sick person). Today I watched the DVD ”Breakthrough” put out by Storm and Jinjee. For those who don’t know, the DVD is a documentary about the benefits of a raw food lifestyle, ...   read more

Sunday, March 19th - Beginning my 11th week Raw   16 y  
I started the living bread recipe today
(Photo: soaked wheatberries on a colander) Today was one of those days where I sat in front of the computer for hours straight, so of course I didn’t drag myself away to make sure I ate. However, since I had an entire avocado, I managed to almost make my point requirements (31 now, y’all!). I did make the living bread today, though. Right now it is dehydrating, and should be ready by 7 a.m. tomorrow. There is no exact timing when it comes to dehydrating foods. I adapted Juliano’s rye bread recipe on page 61 of his book. I didn’t have caraway seeds so I used cardamon, ...   read more

Weekly Summary for Week 10 Eating Raw   16 y  
I've reached my first Raw Odyssey weight loss goal!!
Yaaaayyyyyy!!!!!! I’m sorry my scale is so old and cruddy looking but I had to show it again because it says 296! I have reached my first goal of the weight loss part of my raw lifestyle: Getting below 300. I reached my first goal earlier:attaining normal blood pressure (during week 7). My next weight goal is to lose 5 lbs more for a total of 50 lbs lost. Today I will make the living bread. I realized what that aroma is (it’s been stronger the past two days): it smells like cheese! Not a pleasant smell emanating from those wheatberries. They do ...   read more

Saturday, March 18   16 y  
No living bread today, but I went to a party!
I didn’t make the living bread today. The wheatberries had no sprouts on them, although they showed the beginnings of sprouting- I can see where the sprouts will come from. I don’t know if I’m going to even wait for them to sprout if I don’t see sprouts tomorrow- I’m gonna be too busy with school to worry about making bread during the week. So I guess I’ll be making living bread tomorrow with barely-sprouted wheatberries. Today I went to a party. The hostess is a vegetarian, and most of the people there (maybe all) are into health- some work out, and most work at ...   read more

Friday, March 17th 2006   16 y  
Another successful raw day
  Well, tomorrow is supposed to be the big day- making the living bread. When I rinsed the wheatberries I noticed they didn’t look as disgusting as they did yesterday. (Hopefully yesterday was just an ugly phase they were going through). They have the same aroma I noticed yesterday, but not as strong. No sign of sprouting. Today I got a big container of hummus, 6 avocados, and a huge bag of fresh spinach. Even though I’ll still be eating the same ol’ salads next week that I’ve been eating for weeks, adding hummus seems to give them new life. I’m hopelessly in love ...   read more

Thursday, March 16, 2006   16 y  
Salads and wheatberries...
(Photo: Raw Honey- boy is that stuff expensive!!) Wow- miracle of miracles, I managed to eat 32 points exactly! My first meal was outside of the house; I had a salad at the university cafeteria. I have to say it was AWFUL. We are on Spring break so they severely curtailed the choices, and what was left was not in great shape. We’re talking carrot slices that were dried out to the point that they were turning white and curling up. Cherry tomatoes that wrinkled when you stuck a fork in ’em. Eeew! When I got home I made myself a decent salad to make up for the tragedy. ...   read more

Wednesday, March 15, 2006   16 y  
Time to rinse the wheatberries. Time to rinse the wheatberries...
Of course I forgot to rinse out the soaking wheatberries. Not a big deal- They’ve only soaked 24 hours without their first rinse. Someone mentioned how great growing your own wheatgrass is. I am not actually planning to grow grass from it, I’m just sprouting it for use in a dehydrated bread recipe. I’m not sure I’ll ever grow my own wheatgrass after reading about how easy it is for mold to grow on it. Maybe if I had the right equipment and space for it, I would, but since I don’t have a juicer it’s a moot point for the moment.  (Note to vtoolsshadow : I do hear great things ...   read more

Tuesday, March 14, 2006   16 y  
I'm trying something new: sprouting wheatberries!
(photo: alfalfa sprouts)  I don’t know what kind of Spring Break this is- all I did was study again! I didn’t bother going to the café since I’m still annoyed with them. I just stayed home and ate my salads and fruit. Unfortunately, I must admit that I didn’t eat much. That is partly because I’m running out of food. Time to go shopping! Maybe I’ll be inspired to get some foods I haven’t tried yet, although I’m not feeling very imaginative lately. I think my workload from the university is causing my energy level to be low. I really don’t feel like spending a lot of ti ...   read more

Monday, March 13, 2006   16 y  
Learned a lesson today: caveat emptor! :-(
I hung out at my new favorite spot and had two smoothies over the hours that I was there. I decided I’d better find out what is in those things- assuming they are only fruit just because that’s what the menu says can get me in trouble. Sure enough, it turns out they add some kind of powder to it, whose ingredients are unknown (at least to the staff). What a disappointment. I asked if they can make it without the milk or the powder and the guy said that would be no problem. That really shows me that I have to ask the right questions before I eat or drink anything I d ...   read more

Sunday, March 12, 2006- Beginning my 10th Week Eating Raw   16 y  
I discovered an organic internet café!
I am having trouble posting today, so I’m keeping today’s layout simple. Today I visited a new café so that I could study away from the house. I was thrilled to find out they are into fresh and organic foods. It’s amazing how many raw-friendly places might be around me that I have not yet discovered. At the café I had a smoothie for lunch that they made from banana, mango, peaches and orange juice (I asked them to leave out the skim milk). Later in the day I had an ”elixir” made from juiced carrot, beet, apple and ginger. It really made me miss my L’Equp juicer. T ...   read more

A Summary of Week 9 of my Raw Odyssey   16 y  
A week that was successful, but with a major frustrating element
This week I had my first meal at a non-raw/non-salad bar restaurant, and things went really well. I had one of the healthier choices on the menu, made a few adjustments to it, and everything was fine. No cravings, no bingeing, no feelings of guilt or deprivation. That’s success! I’ve gotten a few pieces of advice on the blogs for how to make my meals more tasty. Ren suggests flavors like chili pepper and wasabi (I love wasabi!) for my sushi. Good idea- I don’t know why I’ve stayed away from wasabi all this time. I was probably concentrating too much on the nama shoyu for all my flavor. ...   read more

Dear Readers: What has been the most challenging for you as a "raw foodist"?   16 y  
I admit it. I need help!
A RAW FOOD COMMUNITY SURVEY It would be very helpful for me to know how other people have dealt with challenges as raw foodists. Perhaps you had nutritional issues or family opposition. Maybe food costs have been a concern. Maybe you just keep forgetting you’re supposed to eat raw -like in the old days when I used to forget that I’d just re-joined Weight Watchers for the umpteenth time, and wouldn’t remember until after I’d eaten that King-size Snickers bar. But I digress... I invite everyone to post comments on two things: 1) What has been the m ...   read more

Saturday, March 11th, 2006   16 y  
I'm pleased to announce that my first meal at a non-raw restaurant went quite well!
Today was my first visit to a "regular" restaurant since I went raw: Mimi’s Café. The place was styled as a French bistro but serves mostly American food. The first thing I did was peruse the menu for the least-cooked foods I could find. I liked their "Bleu Cheese and Walnut Salad" - it seemed to be the easiest to adapt to my needs. It comes with a mix of spring lettuce, walnuts, blue cheese, dried cranberries, strawberries, bacon, and a vinaigrette dressing. My conversation with the server went something like this: ME: "I’d like the Bleu Cheese and ...   read more

March 10, 2006   16 y  
My scale is messin' with me
  (Photo: Enoki mushrooms) ENOKI: these mushrooms have a mild flavor, and fresh ones have a bit of a snap when you bite into them. Before using, you should cut the base off the bunch and discard it, then rinse the mushrooms. According to Wikipedia, stores usually sell enokis that have been cultivated in bottles, so you can often see the bottle imprint around the bottom of them. I’ve used enoki in sushi because they are mild-tasting and very attractive, but I think I will try chopping them up so that they mimic rice. Life is cruel. I got on the scale this morning and I ...   read more

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