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March 9, 2006   16 y  
I miss real sushi!
Y esterday I read an article that was mentioned on welikeitraw.com that I found interesting. A raw food chef talked about how eating non-raw foods on occasion has been challenging. I have noticed that there are raw foodists who donít like it when prominent raw foodists openly discuss mixing cooked foods into their diet.  I feel that my raw odyssey is more for my health than anything.  I want to remain as raw as possible so that I can continue quickly towards my weight loss goal, but after I reach it Iím not sure that Iíll strive to eat the same high percentag ...   read more

March 8th 2006   16 y  
Who knew wine had so many Weight Watcher's points? Oops!!
Wow- by Weight Watcherís standards Iíve really overdone it today. 10 points over my daily allotment. What really did it was the red wine I had this evening. I didnít need the wine, of course, but I decided to splurge. Weíll see what effect my high-point days have on my weight loss this week! I have to say that itís nice to feel "full". Not overly full, just pleasantly full. When I eat only two meals a day, I think I end up with less of an energetic feeling. Itís something I only notice when I compare those days with a day like today where I had plenty to eat. Itís b ...   read more

March 7th, 2006   16 y  
I made raw hummus with sprouted garbanzo beans today
Today I made hummus using sprouted garbanzo beans. It was pretty easy. Since I didnít sprout the beans myself, I wasnít worried about them tasting bitter from not having been sprouted for the proper length of time. I did soak them in water for the day just in case that might make them softer. When I returned home, the beans has increased in size a bit, and had soaked up a lot of the water. I threw them (16 oz) into the food processor and pureed them, then added some tahini, olive oil , 3 cloves of garlic, salt and lime juice. It took a lot of trial and error before gettin ...   read more

March 6th, 2006   16 y  
Mmmmm hummus! And no side effects yesterday or today.
  Another busy day for a student/teaching assistant.  But I made sure to have a good breakfast and lunch.  I had a hummus sandwich before leaving, and took a salad to school with me. I bought a 32 oz. bottle of water on campus.  When I came home I had another hummus sandwich.  It is now closing in on midnight and since Iím below points, Iím eating nuts and a mango, though Iím not hungry.  Thatíll bring me up to 34 points. Thatíll help event things out over the week! BREAKFAST (Hummus sandwich) 2 slices Ezekiel bread Hummus Taboule ...   read more

March 5th, 2006   16 y  
Yikes- you'd think I was starving, but I'm not!
  Today was another one of those stressful days. I really didnít feel like eating much, so I didnít. Iím sure Iíll make up for it this week, though. Sparkpeople seems to be down tonight, so I couldnít record my meals. Guess Iíll be playing catch-up tomorrow! I took a walk this evening for a little peace and quiet. I didnít bother timing myself; I just took it nice and slow. Iíll probably do that more often, as itís a nice way to clear your head. As far as the exercise quality, they say it doesnít matter how quickly you walk, just how long you do it. You could ru ...   read more

weekly summary for my 8th week raw   16 y  
I'm happy with the switch to points, despite eating more fat
PROGRESS FOR WEEK 8 This week was very experimental for me. I switched to counting points late last week, which had a greater impact on my eating than I thought it would. I found myself striving to eat more in order to make my point count. This backfired a couple of times when I simply ate too much and felt uncomfortable. I had trouble making the 32 point minimum at first, but Iíve exceeded it at least twice this week. This is because my fat intake went up, leading me to have a couple of days where my calories were higher than even sparkpeople recommends. Yet, Iíve l ...   read more

March 4, 2006- 2 Months, 4 Days Eating Raw   16 y  
Today I spent a couple of hours putting some recipes together
(Photo: star anise) FINALLY PUT A COUPLE OF RECIPES TOGETHER Today I made guacamole, a salad dressing, and taboule. The salad dressing is basically a salsa that I pureed into the consistency of salad dressing. It has a very fresh taste: tomatoes, cilantro, coriander, scallions, garlic, and a little salt. The taboule is surprisingly good- this time, along with the parsley, soaked bulgur, tomato,  cucumber and olive oil, I added a bit of lime juice and some salt.  I hate to say that salt makes such a difference, but itís a guilty pleasure. I made s ...   read more

March 3rd, 2006   16 y  
My first "raw" movie- really didn't miss the popcorn at all
Today I enjoyed the salad bar at Whole Foods. I used guacamole for my dressing. Lots of fat! It was my main meal of the day. This evening I went to see Brokeback Mountain. I really liked it, but I think I would have enjoyed reading it even more, if it were a novel.  At the movies I would usually have popcorn and a big huge container of Pepsi, but tonight I had not a single snack, and was just fine with that.  I am, however, dealing with the fact that itís not going to be easy eating raw outside of the house. I thought it would be simpler, but if I eat out with others, ...   read more

March 2nd, 2006- 61 Days Raw   16 y  
My menu is boring me again!
(Photo: Coriander Seed)   I felt much better today than yesterday. I took 2 Aleve in the morning and was surprised at how well they worked. Itís been so long since Iíve taken pain medication. I used to live on Aleve and would have to take quite a few in one day to get relief for my back pain. I might have become somewhat immune to them. With a two-month break from them, they seem much more effective. I took two more in the mid-afternoon so that I could make it through my exam without suffering, and things were fine. I think the "attack" is over ...   read more

March 1st 2006- Oooh the pain...   16 y  
I'm wondering if my problems are not related to my high-fiber raw diet after all
Photo: Black cardamon pods (a most heavenly smelling seed!) I have been in terrible abdominal pain for much of the day. Something about the pain suddenly turned a lightbulb on for me this afternoon, though (as I grimaced through a very long class). Last August I ended up in the emergency room with these same symptoms- albeit even worse. Iíd had those pains for awhile but had attributed them to other problems (Iím overweight, so I blame everything on my weight or what I eat). I only went to the ER when the pain was too much to bear. It turned out I had ovarian cysts. I havenít ...   read more

February 28th, 2006   16 y  
I just had the biggest salad known to mankind. I won't be doing that again!
(Photo- a blurry photo of tonightís high-point salad) Itís hard for me to eat throughout the day to get points in, and itís hard to eat large meals to make up for not having eaten more often. Today I made another conscious effort to eat more points. Again, I am overly full and slightly uncomfortable, plus, I think Iím getting heartburn this time. Iím not doing that again! I guess Iíll stick to whatís been working thus far. TODAYíS MEALS BREAKFAST Smoothie: banana, mango, raspberries, strawberries, OJ Salad 12 points LUNCH none DINNER Spinach leaves corn ...   read more

Febrary 17th Goin' Strong!   16 y  
I admit it- I have a low appetite. Maybe that's just how I'm made!
(Photo: flax seeds) Those of you who are VERY overweight might relate to the fact that when I was younger, I used to pray for God to take away my appetite. Please God, make me hate food! But alas, I only grew to love it more. The thought came to me today that perhaps my prayers have been answered, in a way. I donít hate food, but that out-of-control appetite is most definitely gone. I truly do not think of food all the time- only when Iím hungry or when Iíve got a break in my busy schedule and know I should eat something. When I was little (under age 10) my parents took ...   read more

February 27th: Beginning my 8th week raw   16 y  
I'm looking forward to showing my weight loss off to my family
(Photo: red cabbage) Not much to day about today. My point count is pretty low, but I might have underestimated a bit. My software crashed right as I was calculating points and I refuse to go through it all over again, so Iím making an educated - albeit conservative- guess. My calorie count for the day was not abnormally low at all, so the low points, if Iím correct, must be from the fact that one of my meals was all fruits, which have almost no fat. My mom and dad might come out for a visit this fall and itíll be pretty amazing to them if Iíve lost 100 lbs by then ...   read more

Summary of my 7th Week Raw   16 y  
I can see the 200s right around the bend!!
NUTRIENTS Calories.......................1026 to 1460 Fat...............................30 g to 69g   Carbs...........................100g to 222g Protein.........................29g to 44g  I noticed that with the switch to points, my fat and carb intake went up over the week while my protein intake went down. My calorie intake went up,  but less steeply.  These seem to reflect the fact that I was trying to increase my daily points  with higher-calorie foods so that I wouldnít have to eat a greater volume of food,  and that the ...   read more

56 Days Raw!   16 y  
It's time for new raw recipes- I'm getting bored again
(Photo: Fennel Seeds) Today was another study day, but I did take the time to make sushi and taboule. I was getting tired of those spinach salads, even though I really love them. It looks like itís time for me to get some new recipes again! Today I didnít even come close to 32 points, but itís getting close to 9pm and Iím really not hungry. As I lose weight, the number of points Iím supposed to eat per day will also decrease. Maybe as I get closer to my goal, what I feel like eating will match what Iím "supposed" to eat. Iím just ahead of schedule. :-) ...   read more

February 24th - 7 Weeks Raw   16 y  
Fermented foods and proper breathing
(Photo: Fenugreek seeds) Today Iíve had no cramps in my side, no diarrhea - Yippee!! finallyfaith recommended I eat fermented foods to help me resolve that problem in the future. Iíd be very interested in knowing more about that, finallyfaith- how do you think they will help me? The only fermented food Iíve tried since becoming raw is Kombucha tea. Is that one of the foods youíd recommend? Iíd be willing to try it, but not the gingerade (ugh -I still remember writing item #3 in my first raw week summary about that!). Ren suggests drinking aloe gel and also ...   read more

I went to the Gym!   16 y  
How fast is a dead turtle? Faster than I am, that's for sure
I figured Iíd go out and exercise - at 1:30 a.m.!  Itís a convenient time for a night owl like me, and gave me a nice break from studying.   I thought Iíd better start off as slowly as possible, so I planned to limit myself to a mile on the indoor track.   I lost count of how many laps I did, but I probably did a tad more than a half mile, and then even my iPod couldnít keep me interested.  I moved to the treadmill so that I could get a better idea of my starting level.   It took me 21 minutes to complete a mile. What a shame!  And worse, ...   read more

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