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What I Ate on my First Raw Birthday   16 y  
This is a blatant endorsement of the Go Raw Cafť!
(NOTE: if for some reason you cannot view these pictures Iíll re-upload them later)   (Photo #1: raw Lasagna from the Go Raw Cafť) This is not really a review of the Go Raw Cafť- it were, Iíd have the real names of the meals and a much more descriptive vocabulary, but Iím no food reviewer.  However, I can say that I heartlily endorse the Go Raw Cafť and recommend it to anyone interested in tasty, healthy meals done up in an imaginative way.   (If you are able to visit them, please tell me what you had and how you liked it!)  My girlfriend and I w ...   read more

It's My First Raw Birthday!   16 y  
Eating raw was the best birthday gift I could have gotten for myself
Today Iím going to the raw cafe for a birthday celebration. I might even get myself a raw dessert! This will be my first birthday where I didnít indulge in foods that have no nutritional value whatsoever. Itís great knowing that whatever I eat today- even if itís something extra for celebratory purposes rather than for hunger, itís not going to harm me! Next year this time, I hope to be at my goal weight, but even if thatís a pie-in-the-sky wish, I know that Iíll be close enough to my goal that Iíll be a much happier, healthier person. Eating raw was the best birthday gift I ...   read more

February 22nd, 2006 - The Good, the Bad & The Ugly of Raw   16 y  
The good: my BP looks good! The bad/ugly- I'm looking for a remedy for my gastric woes
First: The Bad and the Ugly Today I felt really bad. I had a stitch in my side for hours. The kind that makes you press in on your side so you can breathe without pain. I am getting tired of these problems. I feel that all this fiber is wreaking havoc with my insides. I donít remember how long it took me to get used to a high fiber diet the last time I lost weight, but I remember that eventually I was absolutely fine and ate high-fiber every day. Of course I ate a lot of cheese, too. The raw cheese Iím eating this time around isnít helping. I donít want t ...   read more

Raw Foodists and Protein Revisited   16 y  
More information about amino acid content in food
According to NutritionData.com, here are the essential amino acids the human body needs from foods to create a complete protein.  Essential Amino Acid mg/g of Protein Tryptophan 7 Threonine 27 Isoleucine 55 Leucine 25 ...   read more

February 21st- Almost 2 months Raw!   16 y  
Can you tell me what "alkaline" or "acidic" mean in terms of nutritional health?
(Photo: frozen berries) I find that now that Iím counting points Iím a little more free with the type of food I eat. Iím eating more fats again - avocado, olive oil and raw cheese in the same meal, for example. But Iím still eating around 1300 calories or less a day, it appears (at least Iím consistent).  Iím going to continue using sparkpeople.com to tally my nutrients for a little while so I can see if, over time, there really is a difference in how much I eat when I count points vs. calories.  A New Question My current interest in the world of raw food ...   read more

February 20th - Yesterday was a fluke!   16 y  
I lost weight afterall...
(Photo: wheatgrass) Hee hee - I looked at the scale and saw Iíd lost 3 more lbs.!   Good thing I didnít freak. No news today- too busy to post! TODAYíS MEALS BREAKFAST Banana 2 points LUNCH (Salad) Spinach Tomato Taboule Salad 1/2 cup Scallions Blue Cheese, 1.5 oz 2 tsp olive oil 10 points DINNER (Salad) Taboule Spinach 1 tomato Sweet Corn Avocados 1/2 Scallions Garlic, 1 clove Blue Cheese, 2 oz 12 points SNACKS OJ+ Mango juice  (16 oz) 4 points TOTAL POINTS: 28   read more

February 19th- Thank God Today is Almost Over   16 y  
Have you ever been too mad to even eat?
(photo: whole cloves) Today was a baaaad day. If I wasnít studying I was dealing with technical problems related to my studies (one of my classes is very technological and my software isnít at all cooperative). This affected my eating; not only did I not take the time to write down anything that I ate, but I didnít eat much at all. Right now I have no appetite due to severe frustration. I know I should eat, but Iím too mad to! Now letís see... I remember my girlfriend making me a salad this morning. It seemed bigger than usual so I gave it an extra point. I made a second salad m ...   read more

summary for week six on raw lifestyle   16 y  
So did I end up losing any weight this week?
This week was a strange one, gaining and losing a couple of pounds there in the middle and ending up the same as last week. But itís only strange when comparing it to my previous weeks on Raw- not in comparison to my history of weight loss. Indeed, the previous few weeks on Raw have been the strangest weeks of my life! In the past when Iíve lost weight Iíve lost the largest amount on the first week, and then I gradually settle down to about 2 lbs a week. Losing 10 or 12 lbs in a month was a good thing! So losing 32 lbs in less than 2 months on Raw is extraordinary for me. ...   read more

February 18th- The Barbecue is On!   16 y  
But my sweetie made me the most delicious salads...
(photo: spinach salad) Today all of the guests are here and the food is smelling great. Barbecued ribs, baked beans, potato salad, potato chips, sodas, all kinds of bar drinks, a big olí cake... And what am I eating? The GOOD stuff! I mean it - look at that salad up there. How can you beat a salad that looks that inviting? My girlfriend made it and I just had to share it with all of you. Knowing that Iím up here writing a paper and staying raw, sheís already made me two salads, juiced some oranges, made sure I got my vitamin and brought me papaya slices. Isnít that sweet? ...   read more

We Have a Raw Food Podcast!   16 y  
Raw Vegan Radio is producing raw vegan podcasts!
Iím so excited!! Raw Vegan Radio is producing raw vegan podcasts. I hope it becomes a regular, quality affair for all of us interested in pursing raw foods as a healthy way of life. Their first guest is Storm Talifero (whom some of you may know from TheGardenDiet.com. To hear the podcast, click the following link: rawveganradio. Or you can click rawveganradio.com to get to the rawvegan podcast website. Either way, happy listening!   read more

NutritionData.com - A Cool Resource   16 y  
This site offers more than simple nutrient counting
NutritionData- A Cool Resource I really like using online calorie and nutrition counters because they are so convenient. What I especially like about NutritionDataís site is that you can do several things with their database. Besides simply looking up foods in the search bar, you can compare different foods for their nutritional contents, and you can look up foods based on nutritional values you are interested in. For example, I know that without my vitamins my diet is low in B12, calcium and iron. I used the "find foods that ...   read more

February 17, 2006: 48 days Raw!   16 y  
I've been raw for about 1,152 hours!
(Photo: fenugreek seeds) I barely made it to 32 points today! When I finished my last meal and saw I was still down by 6 points, I made 16 oz of orange juice and had my remaining two dates. They happened to come to 6 points. I spent all of today studying, so I had to consciously break from the books to eat and to record my meals. If it werenít for the points being on my mind I would have skipped eating just to keep studying. Luckily itís a lot faster to record points than calories. Overall, today was a good day as far as keeping with the new points system and geting enough to ea ...   read more

My Raw Odyssey Encounters a Fork in the Road   16 y  
...And it's not the kind you eat with, either!
I Had Another Oprah A-Ha Moment! My girlfriend mentioned to me that it didnít appear that I had eaten much yesterday (Thursday). I thought about it and realized she was right, even though my calorie count was around 1200. This got me thinking. As you may know from my earlier post about Weight Watchers, itís the only plan through which Iíve lost a lot of weight in a healthy, sensible manner. I think itís the best program out there for weight loss. The only problems I have with it is 1) I canít afford it and 2) that it is based on the Standard American Diet, so it allows a lot of p ...   read more

February 16, 2006: Non-Raw Temptations Surround Me!   16 y  
Why does unhealthy food have to smell so good?
Temptation surrounds me everyday while guests are visiting. Today there were leftovers from P.F. Changís in the house, and in the car I was surrounded by the aromas of Taco Bell. Those aromas are heavenly to me still. Maybe even more so now. Iím not one of those raw foodists or vegetarians who canít stand the smell or sight (or thought) of meat. I wanted to stay in the car until the smells faded away! But Iím very happy to report that the aromas were sufficient for me. I really did not feel the urge to sneak anything out of anyoneís bag. Iím not going to pretend, however, t ...   read more

February 15th- A Possible Weight Glitch?   16 y  
The scale says I've gained two pounds today- and I didn't cry!
Today something new happened: I took my midweek sneak peek at the scale and found myself UP two pounds! Since January 1st Iíve been steadily losing weight or staying the same each time I weigh in. However, I canít say Iím upset about the gain. First of all, I stick to a once-a week weigh-in right now, and today ainít my weigh-in. Second of all, I feel very positive about the foods Iíve been eating and I know that any weight gain I may experience isnít caused by bingeing, fast foods, candy, or Pepsi. In fact, I made it through Valentineís Day without even thinking about eatin ...   read more

Happy Valentine's day 2006!   16 y  
I made spice mixtures today like a real raw chef!
Today my girlfriend brought me a load of spices! I spent a little time putting together some spice blends: Chinese 5-Spice blend, berbere, garam masala, and mole spices (for which I used ground raw cacao nibs!) The house smelled wonderful all morning. The picture above is of green cardamon pods. She also got me black ones. They smell heavenly! Other spices she brought (all whole): cumin seeds, allspice berries, black peppercorns, fennel seeds, fenugreek, sesame seeds, coriander seeds, whole cloves, and anise seeds. We already had cinnamon sticks, turmeric and paprika, whic ...   read more

February 13th - HUNGER HEADACHE!   16 y  
Nothing worse than a hunger headache at midnight...
How Can I Not Eat When Iím STARVING? As I type this, close to midnight, I am FAMISHED. I havenít eaten enough today due to all of the studying I have to do. And because itís so late, I canít make myself a shake or Iíll wake everyone up. I guess Iíll find something boring, like carrots! Times like these are rough. Iíve never had an equivalent experience on SAD, where I was hungry but felt picky about what to eat. ĒBack thenĒ my only criteria for not eating something at midnight was if it caused heartburn. Now that I eat raw, I find myself going for hours without eating because I have no ...   read more

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