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January 31st- I made it!!   16 y  
Today I'm musing over my over-reliance on experts and quantification to help me lose weight in the past, and why that doesn't seem necessary for me on raw.
As I ended this day at less than 900 calories I got to thinking about the anxiety I feel around calories. We are so enamored of "experts" in our society- experts with their scientific methods and their data crunching and their numbers. My dependence on these experts to resolve my weight problem began when I was a kid. At first I thought the diet books of Atkins, Pritikin or Scarsdale would have the answers I needed. I remember Atkins’ diets giving me the most terrible hunger headaches, and then reading in his book that there is no such thing as a hunger headache- that they w ...   read more

January 30th - Almost a full month raw!   16 y  
I tried a Larabar today- not bad....
I took a Lärabar and a bag of mixed nuts and banana chips to school.  The bar, which is raw, was tasty enough. It had the consistency of a chewey brownie. However, I felt like I was eating a treat rather than a meal. The nut mix was nice and my dehydrated bananas I added were a tasty touch!  I will be dehydrating more apples and bananas tonight but I do have to take notice that dried fruit can be bad for my teeth as it can stick to your teeth for hours.  I made sure to drink water to help get the fruit out of my mouth. I see that I managed to have over 1300 ...   read more

oops-   16 y  
How do you erase a blank post?
how do you erase a mistaken post?   visit the page

january 29th - 29 days raw   16 y  
It's amazing how a personal dietary decision can be such a big emotional deal.
Dangnabbit I can’t get enough calories!  When left to my own devices I seem to eat close to or even below 1000 calories.  All my life I’ve been told and have read that a woman should not eat fewer than 1,200 calories or else bad things would happen- her metabolism would slow down, she’d feel weak and tired, etc.  On the other hand, a raw food forum I visit tells me to stop counting calories altogether and just eat what satisfies me, even if it’s only 900 calories a day.  This whole experience is starting to bring back the bad food memories I’ve always had!  So I’ ...   read more

The (Un)Cookbook List   16 y  
Here is a list of the recipe books people have sent in. They all sound great!
I have put together a list of books and favorite recipes that I’ve been told about thus far. This is in no particular order. Please feel free to add to this list. If you have a favorite recipe from the book you can add that, too. Raw: The Uncook Book, by Juliano The Raw Gourmet, by Nomi Shannon Sent in by Tommie: Instant Raw Sensations by Frederic Patenaude Tommie is into the 8-1-1 style of raw eating (maybe Tommie and others who are doing 811 can write in about that) and says that Patenaude’s book comes the closest to that style. Favorite recipe: ”Best Non-Fat Mango Dre ...   read more

Weekly Summary: Week Four on Raw Foods   16 y  
Three more pounds gone! Also, changes in my experience with depression since starting raw
NOTES I cut down on hummus and saw an immediate improvement in that pesky intestinal problem I’ve been dealing with. I’m sad because I really like hummus! But I feel better without its side effects. I ate more fats than I planned this this week I visited a great raw food restaurant and found raw nori and nama shoyu, plus ”bread” that really is raw. I got a bunch of culinary toys: a blender, a citrus juicer, a spiral slicer, a digital scale and a dehydrator. I love all of them, but I still want to eat as many whole, fresh foods as possible. The dehydrator while help me ...   read more

January 28- Reaching the End of my First Month Raw   16 y  
I successfully dried mangos, bananas and an apple in my new dehydrator- candy without the cravings!
Well, today wraps up the last full week of January.  Tomorrow is my weigh-in and the posting of the results of my first month raw.   Today I ate my dehydration experiments for dinner.  I chopped up the mango and some of the banana I dried and mixed them with almost 1/4 cup of the raw mixed nuts/seeds I recently bought from Whole Feeds.  The fruit pieces really weren’t as dry as I wanted them to be, but the dehydrator ran from midnight until about 9:30 pm and I was tired of waiting.  I think it took so long because I left in the solid tray that you use f ...   read more

January 27- 27 days Raw!   16 y  
I received a dehydrator as a gift today and I won't go to bed until I put some fruit and veggies in it!
Today’s image is the pizza from the raw restaurant.  Isn’t it beautiful?  It was as tasty as it looks.  My menu was difficult to tally nutritionally because I don’t know what the Living Bread was made from.   I could call the restaurant and ask for specific ingredients, I suppose.  I tend to overestimate amounts to be on the safe side, so my counts might be too high today.  I also substituted Ezekiel bread and Ezekiel bagel for the Living Bread).  Since everything I ate and drank (except for water) had fat in it, I likely have a high number of f ...   read more

My First Visit to a Raw Food Restaurant   16 y  
I had a great sampler plate at a raw food restaurant, and spent a lot of money there!
Today was great!!!  I feel rejuvenated and reinvigorated.  My visit to a raw restaurant has really opened my eyes to the possibilities of raw eating. First, the food itself was eye-opening. Second, the fact that I could eat ANYTHING in this restaurant was just awesome to me.  There has never been a restaurant where I felt I could eat anything on the menu and not suffer some nutritional or dietary (as in ruin-your-diet) consequence.  And the books, foods and equipment they sold made me so happy- like I’m not lost in the woods anymore. I felt like I was around &qu ...   read more

January 26, 26 days Raw!   16 y  
Still not getting enough calories, but I learned that there is such a thing as raw blue cheese.
I did something people usually say is bad- I skipped breakfast!  I didn’t do it on purpose. I just got so busy that I didn’t have time to eat. I made a quick sandwich to eat before I left for school, and packed the nut snacks and carrots to eat if I got hungry later.  I was a bit hungry but not overwhelmingly so by late afternoon.  At home I thought I’d make up for the lost calories with a big salad- especially since I decided to try raw blue cheese on it.  I still didn’t get all my calories!  I was going to add nuts or avocado to the salad but decided my fat gra ...   read more

Are You Raw Foodists Getting Your Complete Proteins?   16 y  
How to make sure your raw food plan includes complete proteins
One of the most common questions asked of a raw foodist is "where do you get your protein?"  Although the only person who’s ever asked me that is my mother, I figured I’d post some protein information for other newbies to the raw food lifestyle so you can tell your own mothers (and other relatives, friends and acquaintances) that yes, you can get complete proteins without eating meats or dairy.  I got this from a nutrition guide at the university bookstore. This is one of those guides they provide to people majoring in nutrition or food science. I would encoura ...   read more

It Takes a While to Lose 200 lbs.   16 y  
You need a lot of patience when you have this much weight to lose
There’s that scale again.   Tomorrow I’m going to be eating with some other students at the cafeteria and I realized that this will be my first time eating this way in public. Based on past experience I expect people to say, "are you on a diet?" (Yo- there’s a Fat Girl On A Diet!!!) Well, no, I’m not on a diet, but I know it’ll look that way. Now that I’m back "outside" I’m also back to reliving how painful it is to be overweight in public I imagine everyone’s looking at me with a critical eye as I squeeze into little desk/chair combinations, huff and ...   read more

Jan. 25th, 25 Days Raw   16 y  
I ate my first decent salad today- who'd a thunk it?
T oday was a better food day. I had my lovely Ezekiel bread sandwich for breakfast. At the university I ate 8 oz. of taboule for lunch, and then I ate my mixed nuts/goji berries snack. I got my water in today by buying a liter bottle at a vending machine. Later, during a class, I munched on some baby carrots (thanks for the suggestion, Amy!) but I had so many notes to take that I only got through about three of them. I wasn’t at all hungry, though, so it was ok.   For dinner I made myself a salad. Now, I have generally avoided salads because they seem boring without dres ...   read more

Jan. 24, my 24th day on Raw Foods   16 y  
I hardly ate anything today!!
Today was not the greatest day for me.  I found out one of my classes was cancelled so I had to scramble and add a new class. Of course I’ve already missed the first meeting, so I have A LOT of reading and catching up to do.  In fact, I have a lot of catching up to do in all my classes because I wasn’t able to buy any books until today. I spent most of the day buying books and supplies, trying to figure out what I’ve missed in my classes, and feeling tired and frustrated.   Although I had a normal breakfast, I only took a banana and nuts to school with me.&nbs ...   read more

Jan. 23, day 23 on raw foods!   16 y  
I tried 3 kinds of raw nuts, and survived school without starving.
Well, my meager funds have finally arrived!  I didn’t really have time to shop so I just bought some nuts today at Wild Oats. Their selection of raw nuts is much wider than Whole Foods (but they didn’t carry the nama shoyu I was hoping to find).  I bought raw walnuts, raw almonds and raw cashews.  I know the controversy over whether these nuts are truly raw and frankly, all the contradictions and differing definitions among raw foodists are becoming very annoying to me.  I’m really happy that it’s not necessary to me to be 100% raw!  That way if I discover lat ...   read more

January 22, Day 22: Starting Week Four   16 y  
Menu for day 22 on raw food lifestyle!
No amazing meals today. I did make sushi again using a sort of guacamole to spread on the nori.  The end result tasted good but the guacamole made the nori too moist.  At the end of the day I was short on protein and calories so I made an open-face hummus/taboule sandwich. That did the trick! TODAY’S FOODS BREAKFAST Banana, fresh, 1 cup, mashed Grapes, 1 cup, seedless Mangos, 1 fruit without refuse Tangerine Juice, 4 fl oz Centrum with Lycopene, 1 serving Nature Made Calcium Citrate, 1 serving LUNCH Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Grain Bread, 2 serving Hummus, 0.25 cu ...   read more

Raw Food Weekly Summary for Week Three   16 y  
Results for Week three of Raw Food Lifestyle
Good results this week! NUTRIENTS -Fat ranges from………… 28 to 56 grams -Protein………………………28 to 41 gms -Calcium……………………14% to 1,545% RDA (high percentages are due to vitamins) -Magnesium……………….38% to 107% RDA -Folate…………………….. 30% to 97% RDA -Carbs……………………….152g to 216g -Cholesterol………………..0mg (No cheese!!) -Potassium………………….1,281mg to 3,270mg (This is low, even with the Centrum -Calories…………………….1203 to 1508 -B12 ………………………….0% to 100% (0% is due to no animal products. When I take Centrum, I’m at 100%) ...   read more

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