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Made it to the Gym!   15 y  
I'm getting more fit- yay!!
I had to fight with myself again to work out, but I convinced myself to do a 6:15 a.m. workout. This time I used the gym at my complex. I prayed and prayed that no one would be on the treadmill but someone was, so I decided to torture myself with the elliptical trainer rather than return home.  The elliptical trainer burns more calories, which is a good thing, but not all of them have the right "feel."  This was one of those trainers that just doesn’t fit my body very well.  Luckily the person on the treadmill left after about 10 minutes so I finished my wo ...   read more

The Scale Hates Me   15 y  
My blender does, too...
This morning my blender committed hara kiri before my very eyes.  No more smoothies until payday.  Maybe that set me up for the annoying day I had: annoyance that I’m not losing any weight.  Some days I don’t think about the weight too much, while on days like today I feel like I’m failing.  I would have loved to be approaching a 10-lb loss by my mid-July trip to San Diego, but no way is that going to happen now.  My friends tell me I’m probably gaining muscle, or I’m probably getting smaller without it showing on the scale. Yes, those things happen but t ...   read more

A Good Day   15 y  
Can't believe I played racquetball BEFORE work!
Today I realized I have not consistently eaten enough fiber over the past couple of weeks, so I added FIBER to my short list of nutrients to track- an easy thing to do on Sparkpeople.com. I made sure to get extra fiber in today, and I will strive to reach the top of the recommended range in fiber daily. Today I had over 1600 calories but because I had a turkey burger instead of fish for dinner, I ate below the recommended fat amount (drats- I forgot the sliced avocado. The broccoli and cauliflower must’ve thrown me off!). So now that I’m getting my eating squared away, I am trying ...   read more

Sushi and Racquetball   15 y  
I find that I am willing to work hard for sushi and racquetball!
I think two of my favorite healthy things in life are sushi and racquetball. Playing with Cindy this weekend reminded me of how much I love the sport, so I’m actually gearing up to go to bed early so that I can get court time early in the morning before work. I would never be so motivated to get up early just to use the treadmill. I know I am asking for trouble by working out so hard before work, but it’ll be worth it. The only thing I hate about racquetball is the glass wall where people can stand and stare. I try to use the gawkers as motivators to force me to play better. If I ...   read more

Oh, The Pain   15 y  
I am really suffering from Saturday's racquetball session with my friend Cindy.
My serving arm is killing me, my neck hurts, my legs hurt... but it’s a good hurt! The hurt of doing well in the gym. After eating indulgently on Friday and Saturday, I am back to health today. Cindy made the healthy breakfast pictured here: a spinach and mushroom omelet with a little cheddar cheese on top (in honor of my love of cheese!), some tomato slices and strawberries. Rather than driving straight to the house when I left Cindy’s this morning I stopped at the gym and put my time in on the treadmill. As usual I didn’t put much thought into my warm-up, but I noticed that it t ...   read more

Fun at the Gym   15 y  
On Saturday I played my first racquetball game in a long time!
I spent the weekend with my friend Cindy so I’ve backdated this blog to Saturday’s date.  Although I had a cheat day on Friday, Saturday was also a cheat day. We went to a buffet and thoroughly enjoyed a variety ofseafood , including lobster, oysters, muscles and shrimp.  I had about three rolls (on which I put a little butter), a piece of fried chicken, and a spoonful of each of a variety of foods such as pasta salad, cranberry sauce, turkey stuffing and scalloped potatoes. You know how a buffet is- a little bit of this, a little bit of that!  For dessert(s) I had a ...   read more

Bought Foods From my New Shopping List   15 y  
Protein, fat, and two types of carbs are all accounted for now.
T his is my virtual model. I plan to shrink her as I shrink. Here is what she looks like now, as a size 26/28. Today was my cheat day, so I ate a couple of my favorite foods, including Pepsi: Totino’s pizza rolls and roasted nuts. I easily got to the 2,400 calories my trainer recommended, and beyond! I felt a little guilty for having a cheat day when I skipped a workout this week, but so be it. I’m not going to be perfect every week. I am looking forward to biking with Cindy this weekend. I am even taking my bathing suit with me, but I do not promise to get in the pool e ...   read more

Skipped the Gym Today   15 y  
But I've got an active weekend planned
I didn’t eat anything I shouldn’t have today, but I did skip the gym. I have plans to go bike riding with my friend Cindy this weekend, which would burn twice as many calories as I’d have burned today anyway. Basically, I’m just having an unmotivated week. I’ve been staying within the calorie range that is acceptable to me (although not to my trainer), been doing well at the gym, and have lost weight, so my malaise isn’t about feeling like a failure. Maybe the change of pace this weekend will shake things up and bring back a little of my enthusiasm. Breakfast Cottage Cheese, 2% Mi ...   read more

I Did NOT Want to Workout Today   15 y  
My iPod really saved me today
Today’s photo is another healthy meal made by my "chef" friend Cindy. Today we have Curried Chicken Spears. Mmmm that looks delicious. This week has been a little tougher for me. First of all, I’m HUNGRY more during the day. Secondly, I haven’t felt like working out. And thirdly, I’ve been tempted to stop at McDonald’s on the way home, or to order an entire pizza just for me! What is happening?? As far as the daytime hunger goes, I could resolve that by eating more at breakfast. I cut my Egg Beater portions in half, and I’ve also eaten oatmeal with fruit and yogurt, so ...   read more

Early Morning Workout   15 y  
Starting my day with a workout seemed to keep me more energized than usual throughout the work day.
This morning I actually dragged myself out of bed at 5 a.m. and worked out before work. Unbelievable. And because I did it so early, I had the time to make myself an Egg Beater omelet for breakfast. As for lunch, it was another "business lunch" and did not have a say in the restaurant we went to. It turned out to be a very nice neighborhood Italian place. I already have it in my head to order salads when I eat out, so I perused the salad list and chose the seafood salad. It seemed the lesser of the 7 or so evils. When it arrived I was horrified to find that the calamari ...   read more

A Competition is Launched!   15 y  
Something fun to motivate me even more.
My friend Cindy in Mesquite, Nevada, has challenged me to a month-long weight loss contest.  She’s a wonderful budding chef who finds these great, healthy recipes.  I’ve been lucky enough to indulge in her cooking a few times, but I didn’t get to try this one: a BLT wrap with colorful coleslaw. (That looks like turkey bacon, by the way.)  Our challenge started today. Whoever loses the competition has to take the winner out for dinner.  Better save up your money, Cindy!! Today was a good day for me, although at 7 pm I realized I’d only had about 850 calories. Oo ...   read more

I Ran!   15 y  
I’ve lost no additional weight, but I made up for that disappointment by proving to myself that I can run on the treadmill.
I had a fun day today, even though I started the day a little annoyed that I lost not a single pound this week. I forgot about that though when a raw vegan friend gave a potluck, which I attended. Not all of the foods were raw. I can have one “cheat day” a week so I enjoyed my first pastry in a long while (I cut it in half), a slice of raw pie, some guacamole, tortilla chips and salsa, and fruit salad. I was surprised that I didn’t do badly on the calorie side of things, although raw pies tend to be fattening and I have no idea what the nutritional content of the ...   read more

A Very Good Week   15 y  
A great workout and a ton of sushi. What more could I ask for?
A Very Good Week I missed my Sushi Friday so I’m having LOTS of it tonight. Fourteen pieces of delicious nigiri sushi. I was very hungry so it wasn’t too much food today. In fact, I forgot to eat lunch and had to quick eat some yogurt before running out to the gym this afternoon. I had another great workout, but I really learned the detriments of not stretching. The front of both ankles felt so sore for the first 10 minutes that I thought I’d have to stick to 2.5 mph the whole time. Luckily the soreness went away ...   read more

To Work Out or Not Work Out?   15 y  
Eating so much tempts me to go to the gym- I have this urge to burn off the calories.
I was able to get close to 2000 calories today because I had a leftover Jimmy John’s lunch from yesterday’s staff meeting- I just left out the chips this time.  However, if I really want to be healthy, that’s not the kind of stuff I should be eating twice a week, whether or not it fits into my calories/carbs/protein/fats scheme.  It’s a high-fat meal, and not the good fat kind. And it’s not even vegetarian!  Shame on me. I weighed myself this morning and was very unhappy with the fact that I haven’t lost a single pound STILL since last Sunday. Of course, it’s n ...   read more

Improvements at the Gym   15 y  
My legs, back and neck are sore, though. I will sleep well tonight.
Today I topped out at 3.1 mph on the treadmill. May seem dinky to those of you who have been working out for a while or are just more fit than I am, but I sure was proud!  I was able to visualize myself running on the treadmill like I used to do a few years ago. I don’t know how long it’ll take for me to reach that point, but I’d like to wait until I get to 250 lbs just so I don’t do harm to my knees.  What made me especially happy about my workout was that I felt truly able to walk at 3.0 mph (3.1 was pushing it); I didn’t feel like I was especially tired or out of breat ...   read more

A Yummy Day   15 y  
Good workout, great dinner!
I had another good workout today. I truly meant to make it a “light” day but I get competitive with myself. I want to either burn more calories or go a little further each session. Today I decided to go for the increased calories, so I raised the incline up to 2.5% on the slow songs. But when I peeked at the time on the treadmill and saw that 37 minutes had passed and I had only gone about 1.75 miles, I ramped up the speed a little so I could complete 2 miles in 45 minutes. I still didn’t go over 3 mph, though because I’m supposed to keep my heart rate betw ...   read more

A Day of Rest   15 y  
My muscles needed a break
I had to take Alleve last night when I woke up around midnight, so I convinced myself to take today off from the gym. I get two days off, anyway. I made a real effort to get 2,400 calories in today, but I’ll never do it this way again: I " frontloaded" at breakfast: smoothie and eggbeaters omelet at home, and then an Amy’s burrito at work. I was sooooo full and it wasn’t even 9 a.m. but I’d managed about 900 calories. I had lunch a little later than usual: Campbell’s split pea soup (yes- too salty. Thank you for the tip!). Very filling and over 400 calories. I felt li ...   read more

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