Raw Odyssey
by drpr
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Swollen Feet   15 y  
(Better lay off the salt)
My sweet tooth is well taken care of with all of the fruit Iím eating and smoothies I drink. I even indulge in an occasional diet pop. But I find that I crave salt sometimes. I made salmon last night and maybe put too much salt on it because I noticed my feet were swollen today. Oops. My sandals were pretty tight this afternoon. I donít usually have concerns about swelling, so that was a little odd. Today I signed up again on SparkPeople, the website that has you track your food, exercise, and other things. The Weight Watchers site doesnít allow you to track nutrients or even calor ...   read more

Edited   15 y  
I can't wait to lie down, I'm so achy and tired.
Today I met with my trainer for our nutrition counseling. Now Iím seriously having doubts about this! She wants to train me as if I were an athlete. She wants me to eat 2,400 calories a day. You read that right- 2,400 calories! I donít know how Iím going to do that without cheese, nuts and other high fat foods. She wants me to eat 6 times a day, too. A protein bar and two protein shakes a day make up part of the daily plan. I donít want to get so much protein from those types of ĒfoodsĒ but I figure Iíll try what I can for the next week or two and then see how flexible she can be if I deci ...   read more

I Love Sushi   15 y  
A good day, but I'm not getting in enough calories- a constant weight loss problem for me.
Today went pretty well. I didnít have a smoothie; instead I started the day with watermelon and my brown rice salad, along with the other half of yesterdayís avocado. For a snack I had a little fruit salad of watermelon, honeydew, strawberries and cherries. Lunch was Campbellís lentil soup. I didnít do much today; in fact, the day was very relaxing and non-demanding. However, by 8 pm I was read to work out. I had different sneakers and they fit me well enough to not aggravate the large blisters I still have from my previous workouts. I did 40 minutes on the treadmill, completing 1.95 mil ...   read more

Mmmm You Gotta Try This   15 y  
I made my brown rice dish tonight and boy is it delicious- I just had to share!
I eat this cold, and I think I might have another serving - this time with avocado on the side. Between the olive oil and the avocado, Iím gettiní those good fats in. Brown Rice Salad * Cook 1 cup dry brown rice according to the directions (and donít burn a batch like I did) * Add 1 large bunch of parsley minced/finely chopped (I used curly parsley) * Add 1 large clove of garlic, grated or minced * Add 1 cup salsa (or just chop up enough tomatoes to make one cup, and add 2 or three chopped scallions) * Squeeze in the juice of 1/2 lemon or lime * Add 4 oz of crumbled feta * Add ...   read more

Neither Lack of Cheese nor Blisters Will Stop Me!   15 y  
I hope my personal trainer doesn't see this...
I bought feta cheese yesterday! I decided I Ēcanít live without itĒ right now. I like to make taboule and add feta to it. I also went against her advice and used the protein powder in my smoothie this morning. Why am I being defiant? Well, I eat probably between 1200 and 1700 calories a day including those items. When I cut out the cheese, nuts and protein powder it takes out over 500 calories. That, along with the exercise (I burned over 300 yesterday) will give me a huge calorie deficit. I recognize that Iím just being stubborn about eating the foods I like. I did make one concession tho ...   read more

STARTING OVER. AGAIN. (Hey, I'm good at it)   15 y  
I got me a personal trainer this time!
Iím sitting here in my lovely apartment after a 40 minute treadmill workout feeling pretty good: proud, capable and confident! Itís been a loooong time since Iíve done anything decent with my health, and I have been paying the price with all the predictable effects - the weight gain, bad complexion, poor fitness level, lowered energy, not-very-happy-mood, low self esteem, blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda. But last week I was ready to get back on the wagon, so up I hopped. I have lost about 8 lbs (the first week is always mostly water), and today I started working out. PROGRAM AND GOALS ...   read more

A Wild and Wacky Summer- and now the Holidays are Coming!   16 y  
It's all about choices
I would like to get back to raw before January of 2007, but my heart just hasnít been in it. Personal problems took up a lot of my energy starting this summer: I am a single woman now, which really took an emotional toll on me. Then, as a related problem, I had to move. That involved a lot of physical labor and emotional stress that took time away from my studies and made the whole break-up thing more upsetting. Remember that I joined the Raw Food Bootcamp? Well, need I say that I wasnít attentive to the Bootcamp regulations through all of this? As part of my move I lost internet acce ...   read more

A Note for U.S.A. Voters    16 y  
Voting info that may be helpful
A friend passed this information on to me and I thought Iíd post it, a bit late but still early enough to be helpful. This website lists the requirements for voters in each of the states. Many polling places have volunteers who are not fully aware of state laws and are mistakenly turning people away from polls for insufficient I.D. If you are able to print this information and take it with you to the polling site, you might fare better in case there are problems. DONíT FORGET TO VOTE! http://electionline.org/Default.aspx?tabid=364   read more

November 3, 2006   16 y  
Melons and salads, salads and melons...
Getting back on raw is definitely a day-by-day thing for me- I rededicate myself each morning. I hope that soon itíll be the unconscious habit it once was. I had cantaloupe for breakfast and a ĒsaladĒ for lunch. Since I didnít get to the store last night I had no herbs OR lettuce, so I just ate a bunch of vegetables with a base of taboule, basically. It was yummy, though. Who says a salad has to have lettuce, anyway? I made a conscious effort to keep water at my desk to help get myself back in the habit of drinking water every day. If I werenít doing the Raw Food Bootcamp Iíd probably ...   read more

November, Finally!   16 y  
The beginning of the month is a good time to start over
Good morning! Iíve had my honeydew melon and kombucha tea and am raring to go. What a busy, hectic month October was for me. Between time-consuming academic projects and my move, staying raw and getting in gymn workouts fell to the wayside- I mean, there are only so many major issues my brain can deal with at one time. Not having internet access turned out to be a major problem, since you have to log onto the Bootcamp site daily to update everyone and to see how everyone else is doing. Once I had to rely on internet cafes it was amazing how unreliable they actually are. My favorite plac ...   read more

We've Replaced Allison's Lettuce with Parsley.   16 y  
Will She eat it?
Today, inspired by Valerie Boutenkoís raw vegan weightloss ideas, I decided to replace my saladís romaine lettuce with a combination of Italian parsley and cilantro. Cilantro is one of those herbs that people either love or hate, and I am a cilantro lover. Still, I was nervous that the salad would be too strong-tasting. I am happy to report that the salad was delicious- the herbs were definitely strong tasting, but they complemented the salad veggies nicely. And let me add, I think Iíve never had breath this fresh-smelling before (haha!). Iíve always chosen romaine over other lett ...   read more

A Tough Week   16 y  
Between work, studies and moving it's hard to stay focused
I think I picked the wrong time to start bootcamp! My mind has not been on it the way it should be, what with classes and moving. My daily exercise usually involves some combination of moving, packing and cleaning, not the concentrated time at the gym or outside that I would prefer. I havenít been able to get online daily due to no longer having internet. But in 11 days Iíll be in my new place and will be able to settle down. Due to selling some furniture I finally had money for real food shopping. I went to Whole Foods and got great salad fixinís from the salad bar. Iím just about back in ...   read more

35 lb weight gain!   16 y  
Sad, but true...
Seems impossible to gain so much weight in such a little amount of time. I swear I must have a physical disease. I weighed myself earlier this week and found myself back over the 300 lb mark. Iím not depressed about it - maybe Iím still in shock. Really, though, I just kind of took it as inevitable; thatís what happens when you overeat SAD and donít exercise. Maybe I have an extra-sluggish metabolism or something as well, but the main thing is that I ate more calories than I expended. BIG TIME. So I joined the bootcamp. I donít have a lot to report yet because I really havenít been doin ...   read more

I'm Back on Board   16 y  
I've joined Carlene's Raw Food Bootcamp. You get to see me suffer! I mean lose weight and get healthy again! That's what I meant.
OK- the good news: Iíve joined Carleneís Raw Food Bootcamp. If any of you have ever heard of it, its basically a very tough, regimented weight loss program based on a raw food diet and daily exercise. I look forward to getting back to my previous form through this program. I started today, and have had my first salad in a long time. Iím out of practice so it tasted rather bland to me, but the blandness reminded me that Iím doing the right thing. Soon my taste buds will have recovered from the junk Iíve been eating and Iíll enjoy the full range of fruit and vegetable flavors again. The e ...   read more

Survived Another Week   16 y  
One Day at a Time!
Iím still not eating raw, but Iím feeling better about my food choices over the past week. Iíve rediscovered soup, so Iím eating vegetable soups and my mangos. Eventually the healthier foods will outnumber the less healthy foods. Financial problems have caused me to lose my cable, phone and internet access so thatís impeded my ability to blog this week. However, I try to see the positive in everything. Local internet cafes help me with internet access and also get me out of the house. Not having a phone means no bill collectors to wake me up at 8 a.m. on Sundays. No cable means less ...   read more

On to Tuesday   16 y  
One day at a time...
On Monday I took my vitamins and had my melon and cottage cheese for breakfast. The rest of my meals were not raw. My coworker who assigned herself as my food monitor asked me if I was ever going back to eating raw. I told her that I am easing back into it, but that I would also be concentrating on eating whole foods as well, cooked or raw. I can see that processed foods have a very negative effect on me so cooked or raw, whole foods are definitely part of my journey. Iím very excited because my parents are coming to see me next week - they have not seen me in a year. Even though ...   read more

Still Here...   16 y  
...Still struggling, but hanging in there!
I took a break from the blog over the past couple of weeks to get my thoughts together and to keep from repeating the same tired problems over and over. How many times can I say that Iím off the raw diet and feeling horrible both mentally and physically? I wanted to take some time to figure out a strategy, perhaps even to let this play itself out. Each day that I am not eating raw is a reminder of how unhealthy SAD eating is. I feel like I have a cold everyday. Sneezing, coughing, headaches, backaches, joint pain, you name it- itís like returning to 2005, pre-raw. Iím trying to get b ...   read more

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