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A Day of Serenity (with afternoon update)   16 y  
I wish a wonderful, serene day for all of you!
(Photo: a bit of serenity at Mt. Charleston in Nevada) I stayed out last night until about 4:00 a.m. having fun with Felicia and a new friend. We went out to dinner (seafood and salad for Fee and moi), did some walking and a lot of talking, some serious, some silly. Although I went to bed by 4:45 a.m., I still woke up refreshed by 9. Tonight I’ll be going to a ”poetry slam,” where I’ll be around a lot of positive, intellectual energy - something I truly love. I therefore woke up feeling that this is going to be a special weekend for me, so instead of immediately ...   read more

Cleanses and Fasts- Have You Tried One?   16 y  
This is a call for your input- I hope to learn from YOU.
Today topic: fasts and cleanses.  I have never done a fast or a cleanse but I’ve been more and more interested as time goes by. To me, a fast or cleanse is symbolic of a fresh start, getting rid of the old and providing a clean environment for the new. I guess that’s sort of a spiritual way of looking at it, but I also see it as a physical "spring cleaning" of sorts. From what I’ve heard and read, there are many reasons to do a cleanse or fast, and just as many methods for accomplishing it. One reader suggested I try a gallbladder detox/cleanse because of the pains ...   read more

Back to Reality   16 y  
The weekend of partying is over- now, back to the grindstone!
The weekend is over, but what a fun weekend it was! I think it was pretty successful. In past days when I spent extended periods of times with friends I would have eaten hamburgers and fries or barbecued chicken wings for my main meals, snacked on junk food in between, and drank Pepsi throughout the day. This time, I took my vitamins daily (including my molasses), snacked on fruit, raw nuts and vegetables, and chose healthy foods at the two restaurants we visited. Although the fish and vegetables were cooked, we asked for olive oil to replace the butter called for in recipes, igno ...   read more

Ladies' Night!   16 y  
I think I've gained a couple of pounds already!
A dear friend of mine is staying the weekend, so this has been a weekend of fun! We’ve spent hours gallivanting around the city and visiting resorts (for free, of course). Resourcefulness is a necessary skill when you are a poor student. There is a surprisingly large number of activities you can do for free or for a nominal fee in Vegas. Sight seeing is a good example, but we found some very cheap places to have fun- ladies’ night at a club, a dinner special at a casino restaurant, and a night club with no entry fee, for a few. I’ve done more walking these past couple of days tha ...   read more

An Assessment of My Raw Journey Thus Far   16 y  
I've made it past half a year and haven't quit yet!
Roooth (love the name!) suggested I recap my adventures after seven months on this raw food odyssey.  I thought that was a good idea. For the first time in my life, thanks to my mostly raw diet, I feel I have almost total control over my eating. I won’t say 100% control - maybe 98%.  I thought I would take a Body, Mind and Spirit approach to my assessment. BODY I started 2006 with high hopes of losing weight, lowering my cholesterol and blood pressure, getting back into the gym after losing about 100 lbs, and experiencing a general improvement in all things physical. I’ ...   read more

Ending My 7th Month Raw   16 y  
I hope I start losing weight in month 8!
This morning I seem to have returned to a total of 70 lbs lost- but since I go up and down, up and down, I’m not going to get excited about being 70 lbs down again. I could be eating too many calories to lose 1 to 2 lbs a week the way I’d like to, but I’m unwilling to eat less! Eventually I’ll lose the weight, but it’s just gonna take time. I have a challenge coming up: a dear friend is coming for a weekend visit, and she is not a vegetarian or a raw foodist whatsoever. I don’t think she even eats sushi. I’m not sure how the weekend will turn out for me foodwise, but I’m not foreseeing ...   read more

Progress is Being made   16 y  
I believe I see a couple of positive changes...
Whew- I’ve been having trouble posting to this blog due to network and/or server issues. Now, I’ve got computer problems! Hopefully these issues won’t cause additional missed blogs in the future. I’ve had a very good week so far. I’ve made some adjustments by going back to eating salads daily, and cutting down just a bit on the nuts. I’ve had no fish this week, but have eaten low-fat cottage cheese for my protein. In fact, I’ve made cottage cheese my breakfast, eating it before leaving for work so that I can take my biotin/MSM combo for my hair. I’ve also cut down on the m ...   read more

It's Fruit and Cake!   16 y  
Goodbye to the Fig Newtons, Pepsi, and whoknowswhatelse!
Here’s a snippet from the video I found of Felicia and me dumping the last of our binge foods on December 31st, 2005. Take a look at that garbage can! The last words, which got cut off a bit, are ”goodbye Fig Newtons, hello 2006!”   visit the page

The Dirty Deed Is Done   16 y  
I survived, with a much greater appreciation for my raw diet
FRIDAY I had my treat! And before I tell you what I had, let me say that I can’t believe I used to eat that stuff with no problems! Well, at least without any immediately noticeable ones, since you can’t call weight gain, bad skin, high blood pressure and high cholesterol ”no problems”- ha! Anyway, I decided on Kentucky Fried Chicken (they don’t fool me with that Kitchen Fresh stuff, by the way). I got a 2 piece dinner with a biscuit, and a side of wedges and corn on the cob. I didn’t get anything to drink- I didn’t even want Pepsi, strangely enough. I had ice cream for dessert, ...   read more

Tonight's the Night!   16 y  
What to eat?
Yesterday while I was at Whole Foods it suddenly occurred to me to look at some of their offerings for my "girl night out" (God- that sounds pathetic, doesn’t it?) One of my favorite treats used to be Amy’s Enchiladas- she makes a line of frozen dinners, with her Mexican ones being among the best on the market. But I didn’t buy the enchiladas. It’s been so long since I’ve eaten a boxed frozen meal that the idea of buying it was... alien. Since it wasn’t Friday yet, I told myself that I should make myself come out again if I really want it. Make myself work for it! In ...   read more

Back Away from the Spices!   16 y  
Rousseau was right!
Cellphone Video: Perusing the aisles of my second home, Whole Foods I was at my second home today- Whole Foods- looking at the cottage cheeses. The cheese will replace the salmon I’ve been eating, because I believe the negative changes I’ve seen in my skin and digestion are due to the fish. As I looked at the display, my heart sank because I remembered how much I hated eating this bland stuff while on my Weight Watchers diet. Nonetheless, I decided on an organic brand that had the fewest weird and unnatural-sounding ingredients. This brand has a tart flavor and touts live cultu ...   read more

Almost Seven Months Raw- Then and Now   16 y  
I may be stuck at my current weight, but I have plenty of reasons to celebrate.
(Photo: My blood pressure and pulse reading this week- not bad!) (Note- I know there’s a typo or two in here but I can’t find them!) When I first started this blog, I was a pretty sad person. I was tired of being overweight, depressed that I hadn’t figured out how to keep the weight off, and was suffering from physical ailments that decreased the quality of my life. They say that when you start to feel that you are not making progress in your new healthy habits, it’s good to look back at where you started. Since I’m thinking about having some decidedly not-raw treats over the ...   read more

I Relented...   16 y  
I found the biotin. And MSM, too!
I know I said I was trying to get all of my nutrients from foods rather than from supplements, but I was at the store yesterday and came across biotin. So many people over the past couple of months have suggested to me that I biotin or MSM to get my hair to start regrowing that I finally relented. But will I have the same results they do? This bottle advertises its use for hair, skin and nails, and incudes MSM along with the biotin. The vitamins were on sale- get another bottle of vitamins for half price. Naturally I got vitamin D , since that’s the other bane of my existence these ...   read more

Analyzing My Diet   16 y  
I got some helpful information from a food analysis site
(photo: ginger-one of the ”world’s healthiest foods”) I’m really enjoying the website The World’s Healthiest Foods. Today I used their ”food advisor,” which is a questionnaire that you answer for analysis. Although I already knew from Sparkpeople that my diet is too low in certain nutrients, I like how WHF lays out the information and advises you on how to correct the deficiencies. It’s like NutritionData and Sparkpeople with tailored advice. The advisor has you check from a list your age group, ethnicity, gender and major health problems (I checked asthma, although I rarely h ...   read more

Plagued by Sodium and Vitamin D   16 y  
Too much of one and not enough of the other!
I’m blogging a bit earlier than usual, so I haven’t hit the gym yet. I am not feeling well, though- the fiber from those prunes is still having an effect on me. I had dried fruit again today and really shouldn’t have, as it made the situation worse. No fruit for me tomorrow! If I don’t feel well by late evening I’m not going to be able to work out at all. That’s a let-down, because I really wanted to establish a workout habit right off the bat. FOOD I ate the same old stuff today that I did yesterday, minus those pesky prunes, of course. But I cut down on the cheese in order ...   read more

Day Two of the New Plan   16 y  
Did I do better than yesterday?
I didn’t do too badly today. I gulped down a couple of tablespoons of molasses before leaving for work. I skipped the nuts today, sticking to dried fruit for breakfast: a mix of prunes, figs, apples, nectarines, and apricots. For lunch I had pretty much the same foods as yesterday, except I added 2 ounces of fish. Dinner was a repeat of lunch, but with only 1 oz. of fish, and with the third tablespoon of molasses thrown in. In the evening I added two tablespoons of dulse flakes to a snack of taboule to get more minerals and B 12 in. By the way, I was ill much of the day due to ...   read more

Great Workout at the Gym!   16 y  
(But you won't believe how many calories I ate today!)
The day started out with a minor annoyance, but ended on an up beat. First, I put on the new size 22W pants I’d just bought, only to find they didn’t fit me! I could barely button them, and couldn’t do anything with the zipper. I thought I had lied to all of you about reaching size 22, but then I looked at the size and saw it was a 20W! Whew!! Don’t ask me how that happened. All I know is I had to wear my baggy size 24s today and I was quite displeased about the whole thing. I ate all my good foods today. I started with Kombucha (mango- very tasty) on the way to work. At the office I ha ...   read more

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