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Trying to Create the "Perfect" Nutritional Menu   16 y  
One would think that getting one's daily supply of nutrients from real food shouldn't be all that difficult.
TODAY’S MEALS I spent much of today out of the house, which posed a problem for my diet. I had protein in the morning: about 2 oz. of fish, 2 oz. of cheese curds (from Wild Oats), Ezekiel bread and dried fruit. Yes, a motley grouping of foods it was, but that was breakfast. While out today I got very hungry and thirsty, so I ate a small fruit salad from a fast food restaurant, and later had a tasteless iceberg lettuce-based salad from another fast food place. Drank a lot of water, too! When I got home I had more fish, Ezekiel bread and vegetables. And then- horrors! I realized I h ...   read more

Review of Day One of my Updated Raw Menu   16 y  
With a few adjustments, this plan just might work!
( Fig photo taken by Xerones. Click image for more images ) Mission: Regrow my hair! The Plan Get 80 to 100 grams of protein. Get between 50 - 70 grams of healthy fats. Increase my intake of minerals- especially calcium, magnesium, and iron Increase my B vitamin intake Eat between 1200 and 1700 calories. DAY ONE (yesterday) I tried oh so hard to meet my protein goal! It was hard to achieve it without googobs of fat and calories. Raw foodists have said that we can eat as much fat as we want without infringing on weight loss, but I have not experienced consistent weight los ...   read more

Word from the Dietician   16 y  
My dietician was quite supportive of my raw diet.
The dietician I met with was pleased with my blood tests because they show basically good results- especially my cholesterol of 177. My iron level is measured by the HGB test, and at 13.1 it is at a normal level. The albumin test confirms that I am not suffering from muscle wasting. The tests show no clear link between the diet and my hair loss. However, she did say that everyone is different, so certain nutritional levels may be fine for one person and not so fine for the next. Here is a breakdown of the advice she gave me. CALCIUM This level came up as "borderline low." ...   read more

Comparing Blood Levels Pre- and Post-Raw   16 y  
I found my SAD blood tests from August, 2005!
I obtained the blood test results today. I have posted only the results that I felt were most relevant to the nutritional issue I’m dealing with- my concern about hair loss. The results show that everything is normal. I was happy to find a test I had taken last August that I can use for comparison between my non-raw days and my current diet. Now, the 2005 test was taken during an emergency room visit for an ovarian cyst, so I had not fasted beforehand, as I did for the latest test, and the nature of the emergency might have played a role in some of the numbers. Stil ...   read more

Let the Exercising Begin!   16 y  
Have you ever used the halls and stairs in your home or workplace for exercise?
I suddenly realized this weekend that I have the perfect exercise venue at my job: the air conditioned halls and stairs are perfect for a lunchtime workout. My mother, who is in her upper 60s, has been walking halls and stairs for years. She lives in a 22-floor building and one of her exercises is to walk down the very long hallway, go up one flight of stairs, walk down that hallway and then up another flight of stairs. She does this until she gets to the top floor and then down she goes, one flight and one hallway at a time. And she’s not slow about it, either! The building I wor ...   read more

Gotta Keep Moving Forward   16 y  
What else is there to do?
I talked to the clinic about my blood test results and I was basically told that everything is normal, no need to follow up. Hmm- the blood tests were supposed to only rule out particular potential causes of my hair loss, not just dismiss my case altogether! I was very annoyed, because he didn’t have any suggestions for follow-up care. Finally he suggested I see a dermatologist, because he obviously couldn’t come up with anything else. I made the appointment, but I’m not seeing how this will help me, since the doctor already determined there is no infection. Even though th ...   read more

Got the Blood Drawn Today!   16 y  
I'm glad to get this part done with.
This morning I got my blood taken for the hair loss testing. If there’s a ”problem” found I’ll get a call, otherwise I’m to call them for a followup appointment next week. I hate my insurance plan- I have to pay up front and then fill out all these forms to get reimbursed. But since I don’t have the money, they’ll send me statements until I pay. The tests cost $145 rather than $160, but that’s still a lot of dough. I’ll be reimbursed 80% of this (about $115).   visit the page

I'm Finally Getting Blood Tests   16 y  
$160 worth of tests (sigh...)
Well, I saw the doctor today. I weighed in at 277 - I knew it would be higher than 270 (my lowest). My blood pressure was 110/80. The doctor was puzzled that my hair loss is symmetrical, as if I did it myself -for example, a certain hairstyle or tightly fitting hats could cause this pattern. But after reviewing my situation and finding no evidence of infection or support for my doing this to myself (!) he recommended $160 worth of blood tests- YIKES! He want to check a few things, but most importantly my thyroid, iron, cholesterol, electrolytes and glucose. I really had to think about ...   read more

Do I Take Thee, Raw, In Sickness and in Health?   16 y  
The doubts are creeping in on me again.
Last night I was devastated to realize that despite my dietary changes and increased vitamins, my hair loss problem has obviously not let up. No more wishful thingking- I’ll have to get serious about the medical side of things. I think the main reasons I have delayed doing this is that, in addition to being a poor college student who can’t afford a bunch of medical tests, I’m really afraid of being told that a raw diet is not good for me. My fear is well-founded because my raw diet is the only thing that has taken away my compulsive overeating and out-of-control bingeing and given ...   read more

Today's Raw Menu   16 y  
I revisited Nutritiondata.com...
Today I decided to track what I’ve eaten using Nutritiondata.com. It’s been a long time since I’ve regularly tracked what I eat, because I wanted to get away from depending on tracking my foods and start listening more to my body. Today I found that I’ve had 1113 calories, give or take a hundred, perhaps. I started my day with 2 ounces of almonds and maybe 1/2 an ounce of goji berries with a little Himalayan sea salt. For lunch I had hummus and taboule with a little feta cheese at a Mediterranean restaurant. The serving of taboule was quite large, but I managed to choke it down. : ...   read more

The Torture of Clothes Shopping   16 y  
I love having new clothes, but I hate shopping for them!
Today as I put on a pair of black capris pants and noticed I was floating in them, I thought about the onerous task awaiting me: shopping for new clothes. it’s nothing short of torture. When I got down to a size 14 a few years ago I noticed how much easier it was to find cheap, decently-made, stylish clothing. At size 12 and 10 I even rejoiced at rarely having to try anything on- I could just grab something off the rack, pay and leave. And what a selection! I could really express my inner "wild child" in those days. Today, at a size 24, shopping is even more torturous. ...   read more

My Changing Appetite   16 y  
What is wrong with me? I love food!
 Over the past two or three weeks I’ve noticed that my tolerance for certain flavors and textures seems to have narrowed. More and more I seem to prefer blander, plainer, and less-processed foods. It’s strange to realize how my enjoyment of flavorful foods has diminished. That’s not to say I don’t like them- I loved the samosas we had at our potluck this weekend. They were beautiful and colorful and aromatic, with deep flavoring, but I find that one tiny piece is all I can have. (Now, why couldn’t I have experienced this back when I was eating pizzas and drinking gallons of P ...   read more

Raw Food Potluck   16 y  
(And we got the leftovers -Happy happy joy joy!)
Minnie’ Raw Samosas with chutney Felicia and I hosted a small raw food get-together at our place tonight. It really turned out to be a fabulous experience, with all of us trying recipes we’d never had before. We had samosas with chutney which used Indian spice mixtures. It was flavorful and aromatic- delicious! My camera battery conked out so I didn’t get good pictures of the wonderful sushi brought by Brian and Kat (I hope I spelled your names correctly!) but it was beautiful and tasted great! Felicia made her raw lasagna, a mango-tomato salsa, and a dessert of strawberries and ...   read more

I'm Getting Smaller and Lighter!   16 y  
What a good day!
Greenbeans Originally uploaded by rawallison. I had a pretty good day today. First, I checked my cod ceviche and found it had come out very nicely. I marinated the cod for a far shorter amount of time than the tilapia - maybe that helped, or maybe cod is just better than tilapia for marinating (”Plantation Chick” suggests I try kingfish- I’ll have to look into that, as I’ve never seen it at the stores). Second, I did my deep breathing exercise during my commute to work (and also back home). This is great for staying calm in heavy traffic, and hopefully is paving the way for me to get ...   read more

Raw Sea Foods   16 y  
The sea is full of good stuff!
Radishes Originally uploaded by rawallison. I’ve now tried raw fish in two ways: ceviche (marinated in citrus juices, which "cook" it with the citrus acids rather than with heat) and cold-smoked, which is another technically raw way of preparing fish without heat. I learned that fish is sometimes cured before smoking, so I have to make sure it wasn’t cured in sugar. Curing is supposed to be provide extra protection against microbes. I have to say I like smoked fish better than my homemade ceviche, but I’m a newbie at making ceviche, so I’m not giving up. I still need to ...   read more

Guacaboule   16 y  
What happens when food combinations go wrong
A new raw foodist asked what to do with leftovers. I never saw leftovers as a problem because it seems anything can be thrown into a salad! This can work really well; for example, if I try a vegetable for the first time and discover I don’t really like it, I can bury it in a salad where it can be covered up with enough herbs and other flavors that I can’t taste it. Also, if I’m bored, I might combine different foods to come up with something that looks new and interesting. As another example, raw spaghetti isn’t something we made up, but Felicia wouldn’t have bothered to try it if ...   read more

Why I'm Ready for a Vitamix   16 y  
It'll be a little while before I can afford it, but it's comin'!
Photo by tofu666. Since January I have steadily increased the variety of foods that I consume as a raw foodist. Along with this increase in variety has come an increase in the complexity of food preparation. In the beginning I went with simple fare that required chopping and mixing- easy stuff I could do by hand using my cutting board and a knife. I made taboule, salsa, and guacamole. I put together salads, cabbage wraps and living-bread hummus sandwiches. I made delicious smoothies in the blender. All pretty simple. As my interest in new flavors and textures grew, I acquired a ...   read more

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