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Ceviche to the Rescue   16 y  
Hair, you'd better start growing!
Ceviche @ Bar Celona Originally uploaded by carradine65. In response to my post about adding fish to my menu, someone (who, sadly, remains anonymous) suggested that I try ceviche. I had heard of ceviche, but I never knew that the seafood it contains is not cooked but instead marinated in citrus juices. Here is what Wikipedia says about the process: "In addition to adding flavor to the ceviche, the acid in the citrus marinade pickles or "cooks" the fish, so by the time the ceviche is served, the fish is no longer technically raw". Now, I have no idea if marinat ...   read more

Awwww, you all are so great!   16 y  
Thank you for being so helpful
Thanks for the messages of encouragement and support. Itís so nice to read your comments and advice after I post about my challenges eating raw. Hereís a great big ascii hug to all of you: {{{{{{{{{HUGS!}}}}}}}!!!   visit the page

I Went Paleo Last Night!   16 y  
I'm pleased to report that we didn't get sick, lightning did not strike us, and the Raw Police did not surround our car after the meal!
RAW FISH AND ROE Felicia and I visited a Japanese restaurant last night so that I could have the ikura maki Iíve been wanting for the past couple of weeks. Ikura maki is sushi made with roe (fish eggs), often without rice. Felicia didnít want ikura, but she was interested in what type of sushi she could have without rice. The sushi chef, Ryan, was very accomodating - in fact, he was intrigued by the challenge of making sushi without rice or fish.  But something was messed up in the translation and he took it upon himself to come up with two attractive pieces of nigiri sushi ...   read more

A Night Out on the Town   16 y  
I love dancing, but not so much these days...
Last night I went out dancing and had a great time because the atmosphere was fun and the music was good. There was a live band as well as a DJ, and the lighting was very well done. Iím not one to go out and buy rap music, but in a club they can make it very danceable. When I was smaller (for about 5 minutes) I really enjoyed dancing. Now that Iím over 100 lbs overweight, I feel very conspicuous and donít like the image I have of myself on the dance floor. I know thatís my issue and that I need to work on it, but the fact remains, I donít like dancing in public the way Iíd like to ...   read more

No mas!   16 y  
You CAN have too much of a good thing
No Text   visit the page

66 Pounds Down!   16 y  
What do you eat? Help a sister out!
Iíve finally made it to 275- whoopee!! Iím now 66 lbs lighter than I was on January 1st of this year! Felicia and I were talking about our status as Ērawtarians.Ē Both of us miss some of the old treats we used to indulge in- the chips, candy bars, McDonaldís and the like- but neither of us feels ĒcalledĒ to eat those things these days. In the past, a bag of M&Mís would have quickly disappeared as we watched TV, but tonight we noticed that even if we are watching some boring TV show and eating something like grapes, we donít mindlessly shovel them in. Itís great to have t ...   read more

Felicia Makes Raw Lasagna   16 y  
All I can say is Mmm mm mmmmmm....
Feliciaís lasagna was so good it inspired me to make this little video. Mmmmm! For those who cannot view the video, I tried to post photos at Curezone but had no luck. Here they are at my mirror location: Raw Odyssey Lasagna photos. Iíll keep trying to post them here, too. We had the lasagna with Ēgarlic breadĒ- a slice of Ezekiel bread spread with freshly grated garlic and drizzled with a bit of olive oil (cold pressed, of course!) Felicia took a few liberties with the recipe, as usual, making it he ...   read more

The Clothes Pile Gets Bigger and Bigger!   16 y  
What I'm not losing in poundage I'm losing in size.
The weight loss may be slow (Iím at 277) but today I went through my clothes to get rid of the ones that are too big. The pile may not be amazingly huge, but itís progress, I tell you! I now have five pairs of pants that are too big for me. Too bad I donít have five pairs of pants to replace them with- but Iím not going to jinx myself by complaining. Let all my clothes get too big! Iíll find a way to deal with it somehow. :-)   read more

145 days raw!   16 y  
Tasted kimchee for the first time
I went to the Go Raw Cafe again, this time to their other location, which has a salad bar. I was very proud of myself for skipping the more caloric menu items and going for the simple salad instead. I didnít need anything other than a salad, really, because I had just had a slice of that pie Felicia made yesterday. (I liked the pie even better the second time around, maybe because the flavors had "married," as my dad, another natural chef, would say). Anyway, the salad bar presented me with a way to try new foods without having to pay for an entire container at the store ...   read more

New Raw Food Resource for Las Vegas, Nevada!   16 y  
Introducing The Live Health Food Store
The Live Health Food Store 1591 N. Buffalo, Las Vegas Iím so happy to find a new resource for raw foodists (and for anyone else wanting to eat healthfully) in Las Vegas. The Live Health Food Store is located in a nice, clean, bright storefront where the owner, Maxine, will be offering both one-on-one and group support for people new to eating raw. She will also have exercise classes! I happened upon the store quite accidentally and am so glad I found it. There are fast food and junk food spots all across the landscape, so we need as many health-relat ...   read more

Felicia's Coconut-Cacao Pie   16 y  
More deliciousness from the Chef-in-Residence
(Click link to see the pie in all its glory!) She did it again. She concocted a decadent, raw treat that looks as good as it tastes. Since going raw I no longer have much of a sweet tooth, but I could still appreciate this dessert! A little goes a long way because it is rich, and is high in natural fats - she used some coconut oil as well as nuts for the crust and coconut meat in the filling. Cacao nibs (you can see them crushed as a topping) are also high in fat. She needs to start selling or giving this stuff away because there arenít enough people in the house to eat all this ...   read more

Put Your Hands Up, Ma'am, and Back Away from the Cheese!   16 y  
A new reason for me to give up cheese and salted raw nuts :-(
Green Grapes Originally uploaded by rawallison. Felicia and I visited a mall today and happened upon a bloodpressure machine , so we decided to check it out. I was VERY disappointed to see that my blood pressure was 134 over 83. This is the third time Iíve checked it since going raw and although it was GREAT the first time, itís been high the second and now the third time. What the heck? Iím not in school right now so it canít be stress. Iím thinking itís high sodium from the cheese and nuts. I told myself I was going to finish off the remainder of both packages and just not buy any ...   read more

Two things today: A raw food book, and a new forum   16 y  
Today I talk about Monarch's "Raw Spirit" and I introduce the Raw Odyssey Cafe.
Yesterday I read a book that validates my personal odyssey to raw health. This book, by Matthew Monarch, is called Raw Spirit. What I like about Monarch is that he speaks to what I believe to be true about my journey; that it is a personal one, that there is no "one size fits all" method for transitioning to raw, or any particular "percentage" raw that one has to be. I believe that we can all learn from each other about the process of going raw and staying raw, but I get very annoyed when I come across people who are preachy about how their way is "the righ ...   read more

Trying to Motivate Myself   16 y  
It's hard to get motivated because I've always regained every pound I ever lost
When I was a kid I remember my dad getting his college degree and how proud I was of him. The memory of his hard work is one of my motivations to finish my Ph.D. He gave me a sweatshirt (pictured below) that Iíve never let go of. Of course it was too big for me back then, but then suddenly I was way too big for it, having become overweight by age 12. I always told myself I would fit into it one day. I did fit into one day, when I was about 36. And I do mean Ēone dayĒ, because it took about five minutes for me to start regaining the 190 lbs I had taken three years to lose. I was deva ...   read more

Changes are in store...   16 y  
Putting away cheese AND nuts!
Laguiole raw milk cheese Originally uploaded by rawallison. Today I had a little treat at the Go Raw Cafe in Las Vegas and learned a bit more about a raw diet from one of the staff there. In her opinion, I shouldnít be eating cheese at all, raw or not, I should be drinking a heck of a lot more water, and drinking more green smoothies. She says that she eats nuts only about once a week (I was eating them daily), and stays away from tofu because itís processed. She eats her largest meal during the hottest part of the day, and has a relatively small breakfast and dinner. She advocates ...   read more

Time to Cut out the Cheese?   16 y  
Raw milk cheese, raw food
For the past three days Iíve really been eating more than usual. Iím not sure why. I am paying more attention to what Iím eating as a result. I like the fact that if I eat a lot of raw food, I can easily avoid eating excess fat. Of course that means reducing my intake of avocados and nuts, as well as the raw milk cheeses. Iím thinking of getting rid of the cheese altogether, since dairy isnít really ĒnaturalĒ- maybe Iíll have even more improvements to my health by cutting it out. I still want to try tofu, though, even though that isnít any more natural than cheese. I had a few pieces at ...   read more

Time for a New Summer Routine!   16 y  
School is out! Do I have to exercise now?
Asparagus Originally uploaded by rawallison. YAAAAAAAY!! I am FINISHED with the semester! Iím so happy I donít know what to do with myself. Iím gonna get as much rest as I can, thatís for sure. I made a little change to my diet today- Iíve been eating cashews and pecans like they are going out of style. Although I havenít gained any weight, I believe Iíve been overdoing it, so Iím cutting way down. I like the protein I get from cashews, but I donít like having a lot of high-fat days in a row. I know I should make another change now that Iím on vacation: I should start getting exerci ...   read more

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