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Dealing With Mental Health Problems As A Cam Model   10 mon  
This article aims to shed light on the mental health challenges that cam models face and provide practical tips and resources for coping and improving their well-being.
Cam modeling is a unique form of online entertainment that offers a platform for people to showcase their talents and connect with a global audience. However, the demands and challenges of this industry can take a toll on the mental health of cam models. From stress and anxiety to body image issues and cyberbullying, cam models face a range of mental health problems that can negatively impact their personal and professional lives. This article aims to shed light on the mental health challenges that cam models face and provide practical tips and resources for coping and improving their well ...   read more

Hacks and Tips for when your Child has a Cold   4 y  
As parents it is a good idea to become equipped with some useful hacks and tips to ease you child’s cold symptoms, and to also help you manage them during the illness.
It is isn’t always an easy situation to manage when your child begins to feel under the weather. You know your child best and will probably notice a change in their behaviour or their personality. Some children may display withdrawal by not really speaking or interacting with anybody or anything. Their appetite for food and drink may dwindle, or they may display some negative behaviours due to being unable to communicate how their incoming cold is affecting them. As parents it is a good idea to become equipped with some useful hacks and tips to ease you child’s symptom ...   read more

5 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Drone   4 y  
This article will look at everything you need to know before purchasing your first drone.
If you’re considering buying a drone, then there are some things you should know ahead of time. We’ll be focusing on camera drones in particular, but there’s still a lot of good advice for DIY drones and toy drones.   Where to Buy your Drone Drone Madness is the best place to find reviews for the best camera drones, hobby-grade racing drones, and toy drones. Don’t worry if you still aren’t sure where to buy your first drone though. There are plenty of online stores that sell drones and ship them out around the world. If you’ ...   read more

Effects of Alcohol on Your Sleep   4 y  
Alcohol only makes your sleep unhealthy and reduces your sleep quality.
Have you made drinking alcohol a daily ritual; that you cannot do without every evening before your bedtime? Consuming alcohol can have strong, adverse effects on your sleep quality and quantity. Having a drink or more towards your bedtime can impact your sleep negatively. And out of the things that affect sleep quality and quantity, not many people are aware of the role of alcohol. In a study that was carried out in 2009, out of the 2,000 respondents that participated, 58 per cent of them did not know that drinking alcohol has negative effects on their sleep quality. Of ...   read more

White Noise Machines: Are they really helpful?   4 y  
White noise machines are now the rave of the moment as they are often used by both adults and children to induce sleep.
Irrespective of the age or physical status, everybody needs a good sleep in the night to stay healthy, feel rejuvenated for optimal productivity, and ready to face the next day in a great mental condition. However, things may not be as smooth as we want them to be; thus, we may experience sleep deprivation, insomnia, and other sleep-related problems. Regardless of the comfortable pillows we buy, the number of exercises we do, healthy diets we take, and how well we take care of ourselves, we can never achieve optimal health without having adequate sleep. In regard to this, white noise ma ...   read more

Weighted Blankets, Good or Evil?   4 y  
What Science Says Regarding Weighted Blankets?
There's nothing better than a warm snuggly bed to help you relax and calm the nerves. If you really want to let go all of your stress and put an end to racing thoughts during sleep, you should try a weighted blanket. That's because a lot of people consider weighted blankets as a way to reduce anxiety, self-soothe and helps in better sleep. So far, the research does kind of support their use. But question is do you believe the hype? As the name implies, a weighted blanket refers to a blanket that's particularly designed heavier, typically by using pellets, glass beads or ch ...   read more

Dangers of Humidifiers   4 y  
The use of ultrasonic humidifiers remain unrestricted, despite the dangers associated with it.
Impurities existing in tap water, as well as microbes harbored due to stagnant water in the unit are responsible for the risks posed by humidifiers when dampening the environment. These impurities, which are simply mineral deposits in tap water, forms a layer of white powder over surfaces when circulated, which later provides a breeding ground for microbes. In an ultrasonic humidifier, which does not make use of heat, microbes are likely to breed within the equipment and are disseminated alongside the required vapor. Hence, residents touch base directly with these impurities as the humid ...   read more


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