Dreaming a New Reality
by lfire
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Winter Weather and ART!   10 mon  
Cold Winter Weather has not stopped me from making more ART!
Pages from Art Books by LFIRE (c)2023 We had snow three weeks ago in April! It’s a very rare thing; we’ve only had snow two to three times in the eight years I’ve lived here in Northern California. Although it’s pretty, I’m much happier not having heavy snow every winter like in some parts of the country! And it’s cold, very very cold, way too cold! We had so much rain this winter that there was flooding in the nearby town of Red Bluff and the city of Redding. I live on top of a hill and so was lucky not to have flooding. Some places near me are still flooded. There i ...   read more

Moving into Aquarius, the New Age   12 mon  
Having a very difficult time with my ability to speak and think clearly. Still, I remain interested in the esoteric and astrological events taking place in our world. Below is a summary of current astrological events.
”On Thursday, March 23, 2023, after 14 years in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn), Pluto the planet of transformation...left the 10th sign of the Zodiac (Capricorn) and entered the 11th, that of Aquarius (ruled by Uranus). Never again in this lifetime will we as the present humanity experience so many years of Pluto in Capricorn. Why? Because it takes Pluto 14 to 19 years to move through a sign (constellation). It takes 248 Earth years for Pluto to complete one orbit around the Sun. For the past 14 years, since January 27, 2008, Pluto and Saturn (fiscal, material transformations, corrup ...   read more

Happy New Year 2023!   13 mon  
Having difficulties with my health, but still doing art every day!
HAPPY NEW YEAR https://www.curezone.org/upload/Members/LFIRE/LFIRE_Feb_blog_01.jpg Cover art, altered book ”Winter Solstice” by LFIRE(c) December 2022 https://www.curezone.org/upload/Members/LFIRE/LFIRE_Feb_blog_02.jpg page from ”Winter Solstice” by LFIRE(c)December 2022 https://www.curezone.org/upload/Members/LFIRE/LFIRE_Feb_blog_03.jpg page from ”Winter Solstice” by LFIRE(c)December 2022 https://www.curezone.org/upload/Members/LFIRE/LFIRE_Feb_blog_04.jpg page from ”Winter Solstice” by LFIRE(c)December 2022 https://www.curezone.org/upload/Members/LFIRE/LFIRE_Feb_blog_ ...   read more

Flower Essences for Healing   16 mon  
The use of Flower Essences may be an alternative method to healing
Back in 1980, I was doing lots of work learning new metaphysical healing techniques. One of the things I was learning was the use of flower essences; I was not that impressed with flower essences at the time. I didn’t think about it again for many years. ....And then, just very recently, flower essences showed up again! Suddenly I am really impressed with the use of flower essences for healing. So I ordered a book on all of the different flower essences --a full repertoire of them. I am really impressed by the book and the information it provides. I also asked someone in the Flo ...   read more

Art & New Universes   17 mon  
Art, Appetite, and new Universes of Reality
”The Last Chance Saloon” collage by LFIRE(c)2022 ”Bourbon” Collage by LFIRE(c)2022 I was invited to enter a special art show with a highly acclaimed artist in New Zealand. The title of the show is ”The Last Chance Saloon.” ----------------------------- Well it was only the 1st of September, and there was already a problem. I was busy eating some biscuits and jam when I felt something strange in my mouth. On examination I found that it was my upper denture. WHAT??? IT BROKE IN HALF! I didn’t know it could break! NOW WHAT? I was depressed. Now I have NO ...   read more

MORE Life Challenges, and More ART!   19 mon  
Despite dealing with health and home challenges, I am continuing to make art every day!
Assemblage by LFIRE(c)2022 Assemblage by LFIRE(c)2022 I recently read of an ancient people (older than 12,000 years ago) Their creation story told about how the earth was formed; after light/dark and the earth then all other things were formed. Then amazingly the next to be created was the HUMMINGBIRD Now Eons later hummingbirds are coming by the bird feeder and we enjoy their flight. .................................................................... The fires are far away now but our water is still waiting to be fixed. ..................................... ...   read more

Water, Fire, and Art   20 mon  
Through natural and human-made disasters, I'm still creating ART
”STARS” assemblage by LFIRE(c)2022 28” X 18” There were MORE FIRES!!!!!!!!!! There were already some small patches of fire, but the winds fanned the small fires and there were big ones across the street. It took several days to put it out. Relax (haha). Then another one; this one was behind us and lasted only a couple of days. ............................................................ Then there was a big flood under the house. It turns out that squirrels and raccoons ate the PVC pipes, with resultant flooding everywhere. My son went under the house to look a ...   read more

Fires and Flood   20 mon  
Still creating art during this time of Fire and Flood
”FEATHERS” Assemblage by LFIRE (c)2022 12” X 15 Spent time doing nothing. Thinking about the non-profit and real estate issues. I was so sure that Spirit was telling me to do it. But upon reflection, I now understand that I jumped the gun and my ego got the better of me. I really thought Spirit was talking. After I realized that Spirit was saying.... ”that was then and this is now” Really! I beat myself up about this for awhile. Said to myself...”just get over it” Reviewing a book that talked about ”SELF ADORNMENT”. I really had not thought about this idea at all ...   read more

Solar and Lunar Cycles   30 mon  
Solar cycles and lunar cycles affecting emotions, moods, and world events; I'm still creating art through it all.
https://www.curezone.org/upload/Members/LFIRE/LFIRE_blog_September_2021cz.jpg Art by LFIRE(c)2021 Handmade paper, burlap ribbon, and acrylic paint on cardboard and canvas covered board 18” X 20” https://www.curezone.org/upload/Members/LFIRE/LFIRE_blog_September_2021_detailcz.jpg Detail: the 3-D imagery of the art piece is more clearly seen here TIC TOCK TIC TOCK The earth is counting down for the final choices everyone is making. (Whether they know it, or not.) As the new moon approached (on the 7th) I found myself in a strange and depressed mood. It got wo ...   read more

Inspired Dreams and Classes   31 mon  
Abstract art, online classes, dreams, "ascension symptoms", natural disasters and more.
Abstract Art by LFIRE(c)2021 In my last blog I talked about having a vision of making marks on paper...it seemed very exciting. So later I found a series of panels that were 9 inches by 12 inches, and I put the panels together to make a large abstract collage. The art posted above was the result. It is called WILD ABANDON. I got carried away with the process and ended up with several more that are called The WILD ABANDON SERIES. Those results are at the bottom of this blog. The new earth is happening! Many of us are experiencing the ”symptoms” of the shifts in our bodi ...   read more

New Divination Method   32 mon  
I am being given an new divination method to help others
July Assemblage by LFIRE(c)2021, 22" x18" The ridges are about 4 inches high After letting this message whirl around inside of me for awhile, I received some clarification on what "in-between lives" are and what "certain circumstances" consist of. The new divination method that has been revealing itself to me IS TO HELP THOSE WHO ARE IN CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES IN THE 3-D, AND JUST AS IMPORTANTLY FOR THOSE WHO ARE IN-BETWEEN LIVES. The "in between lives" seems to help those who have just left the 3D life and ...   read more

Amazing Discovery   33 mon  
Turning inward, discovering new ideas and insights.
We all waited in anticipation for the Mayan calendar ending in December of 2012. But we were disappointed as it ended, not with a bang, but a whimper. True, random things happened, and (some) changes were made. But not the message change we were expecting... Now we have another big ending....the AZTEC calendar of something like 26,000 years ended on May 26. On top of that, this is a YEAR of MERCURY conjunctions! WOW So far I have been able to ride the waves and not be (SO) stressed ....BUT....since the May 26 calendar change my life has been a stressed mess! Nat ...   read more

Interesting Times   3 y  
The 3-D world, art, tarot, and the
What an interesting time. It seems that I now I am doing guidance for the 3D world as well as specific people. The 3D world has been a strange thing that I seem to check in to see what is going on. It is amazing how little I think about it. I am surprised at how many people are in fear. I’m especially surprised at ”spiritual” people talking about being in fear. I’ve been spending a lot of time doing spiritual work for a special person/situation, someone near and dear to my heart. I started the tarot class; it has been interesting. In doing art for the tarot class, I’ve bough ...   read more

Poetry and Insights   3 y  
Poetry, insights, shifts, tarot, Mayan Day Count, and more this month
Rainbows Rainbows of gold, the serpent climbs inside the chaos striving endlessly, no end in sight. Banners flying, tarnished images eroded in the murky waters, possibilities are seemingly stuck in the mud. Again what is new? Instead, everything keeps repeating over and over in every age. The loudspeaker drones on... Seasons slip by. How many is unknown. No count of years, no count of lives. Yet, somewhere the rainbow shines through the clouds ....................................... A shift happened. I could feel it and wondered what was coming. This is what ...   read more

Daily Collage Art   3 y  
Still having difficulties, but making art daily!
Collage by LFIRE(c)2021 Collage by LFIRE(c)2021 I’m still having a difficult time with speech, writing, thinking and memory, but I’d rather talk about more interesting things. I’ve been doing a lot of collage art although I’ve been wanting to do a bunch of assemblages but my son has not been feeling well and has not gotten the art panels that I work with. Feeling frustrated. After looking at various artists on You Tube I ended up with about four pages of sketches of ideas that I got. I recently took a class (ZOOM) that was about ancient Egypt; it was very informa ...   read more

1st Blog of 2021   3 y  
I haven't been well these past two months, yet have managed to continue to work on my art!
https://www.curezone.org/upload/Members/LFIRE/LFIRE_01_Feb_2021cz.jpg https://www.curezone.org/upload/Members/LFIRE/LFIRE_02_Feb_2021cz.jpg https://www.curezone.org/upload/Members/LFIRE/LFIRE_03_Feb_2021cz.jpg https://www.curezone.org/upload/Members/LFIRE/LFIRE_04_Feb_2021cz.jpg All Images and Collage Art by LFIRE(c)2021 The time has jolted forward and a bumpy road it has been! It has been many terrible weeks experiencing symptoms of ”strokes” and the feeling that I’m ”not really here”. This is the first time EVER I didn’t want to do art! Then in the last week A ...   read more

End Of The Year!!   4 y  
The last blog post for 2020, featuring new assemblage art and a look-back to events of the year.
https://www.curezone.org/upload/Members/LFIRE/Energy_Grid_LFIRE_12_2020_03cz.jpg ”ENERGY GRID” Assemblage by LFIRE(c)2020 24” X 24” jute rope, gold mesh rope, hand woven paper Here it is...we made it through this crazy year! Going through it, it seemed to last forever, but looking back it flew by. Personally, I did an immense amount of art. With the art galleries closed, the thrift stores closed, and no one having yard sales, the art I produced just sat around collecting dust. The first thrift shop that opened again got a big donation of over 16 of my assemblages and a ...   read more

Art: Assemblage and Collage   4 y  
I have been keeping busy this month making a lot of art, as well as developing new ideas for further art projects.
”Magic Limb” Assemblage Art by LFIRE(c)2020 This is a limb from an oak tree that is covered with lichen. It was given to me by Sandi at Loose Ends (online store)* The end of the year is approaching and I am busy filling my sketchbook with ideas for a lot more art work. I’m also working on projects for the California Arts Council grant I received this year. For the grant, I committed to showing my art at local galleries; although some of the galleries recently re-opened following lockdown, they have just closed again. I wanted to print a book of my 2020 poems along wit ...   read more

New Art for Gallery Opening!   4 y  
Despite October being a difficult month, my local art gallery has re-opened, I'm making art daily, and I entered a new piece in the recent art show.
This is ”The Journey with Cholla” by LFIRE(c)2020 Assemblage 2 feet X 2 feet On wood backing, collage background, heavy woven jute*, with dried Cholla cactus featured. This month has been stressful. The well is still sitting without water; we also had a couple of weeks with intermittent electricity due to very high winds. Then my son had back procedures which laid him up for about 3 weeks. On top of all that the local art gallery decided to open for ART WALK the first week of November; naturally I had nothing ready. My son makes my frames and does all the fabrications. ...   read more

Visions of Healing and Art   4 y  
This has been a difficult month, and emotionally I have been "up and down", yet I continue to Vision
Collage by LFIRE(c)2020 Here is another collage from my HUGE book of (more or less) 100 collages I can’t believe how depressed I have been. During all the mess this year, I have been able to maintain a positive attitude. But now I have been really depressed. Don’t want to go anywhere, or do anything. Don’t feel like talking to anyone. BLAH! Then, as I was working my studies that I have been doing for over a year, I found more and more that interested me. I became excited about what I was reading, and I began to feel better. I began to imagine that all this knowl ...   read more

Changing my Personality!   4 y  
A month of personal changes and challenges...
College by LFIRE(2020) This photo is from a large hardbound book of collages that I have been working on for probably about A YEAR AND A HALF! I’m not sure what I want to do with it. I really would like to trade it in exchange for website work. I’m happy to see four (two pairs) of red headed woodpeckers out in the yard... I was amazed to see them. I didn’t know that there were any red headed woodpeckers here in California, as I’d never seen any before this. I’m so happy to see them! I’m also glad to see a new bunch of quail as the first bunch all died (or got caught, o ...   read more

Exceptional Month   4 y  
A month with celestial events and synchronicities, and more Art!
Collage by LFIRE(c)2020 Collage by LFIRE(c)2020 This has been an interesting month! An EXCEPTIONAL event occurred! A very rare comet came, and here in Northern California it was south of the Big Dipper in the western night sky. It was amazing! Photo: NASA/Johns Hopkins APL/Naval Research Lab/Parker Solar Probe/Guillermo Stenborg https://www.sfgate.com/cnet/article/NASA-s-Parker-Solar-Probe-snaps-stunning-view-of-15404555.php#photo-19669867 They called it comet NEOWISE (an interesting name don’t you think?) NOTICE that this comet only comes every 6,700 ...   read more

Story of the Universe   4 y  
Story of the Universe; Dreams and Visions; New Website; Personal Notes
Collage by LFIRE(c)2020 Story of the Universe: Somehow as a child, I knew this... but immediately ”forgot” it. Over the years , there were some ”hints” and then, just the other day... WHAM The whole story suddenly showed up. This is a story about the 3D earth and this universe (short version). First of all, there are ”endless” universes! No one talks about this! Maybe there are some hints around but all our great thinkers, all the great spiritual leaders...don’t talk about this! They all talk about THIS universe! Here is the secret... THIS universe was formed aft ...   read more

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