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Science, Pseudoscience & the Germ Theory of Disease   10 h  
Science, Pseudoscience & the Germ Theory of Disease: Dr. Jordan Grant (2022 Conference)
Sol Luckman This is one of the very best presentations to date, especially but not exclusively for people of faith, refuting and debunking virology and the pseudoscientific COVID narrative. CONTINUE READING   visit the page

Debunking Virology & the Entire Stinking "Virus" Narrative   59 h  
Along with his colleagues Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Dr. Stefan Lanka and others, Dr. Tom is one of the great thinkers and true scientists of our generation. He’s also, understandably, one of the most controversial figures in today’s "viral" climate controlled by pseudoscientific thought police posing as scientific "experts."
Debunking Virology & the Entire Stinking “Virus” Narrative w/ Dr. Tom Cowan   read more

The Reach of the Shadow of the Left   4 d  
Work on your shadow before you work on the world, all ye noble and "progressive" advocates of "tolerance."
  Brendan D. Murphy, Medium Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung was one of the greatest minds of the 20th century. His legacy is a wealth of knowledge and insight into the human psyche (and general human condition), meaning that it relates directly to all humans currently playing the “game of life.” If school students were taught the most essential elements of Jung’s discoveries and theories in a succinct format comprehensible to them, we might save our society a lot of the pain and suffering (and division) resulting from ...   read more

The Viral Delusion   5 d  
Check Out the New Trailer for the Most Powerful Documentary of 2022, THE VIRAL DELUSION
Check Out the New Trailer for the Most Powerful Documentary of 2022, THE VIRAL DELUSION “Absolutely incredible and incredibly important. A Masterpiece.” --Dr. Sam Bailey   read more

New FREE Audiobook Chapter of SNOOZE: A STORY OF AWAKENING   7 d  
Could it be there’s no such thing as the paranormal … only infinite varieties of normal we’ve yet to understand?
CHAPTER 66 (of 84) of the Serialization of SNOOZE: A STORY OF AWAKENING—Read or Listen to This Award-winning Metaphysical Novel FREE Online   read more

Rational Debate Can Be Respectful If We Stick to the Facts   8 d  
Rational Debate Can Be Respectful If We Stick to the Facts: A Rebuttal to James Lyons-Weiler by Mike Donio & Dr. Tom Cowan
  Mike Donio, Still in the Storm In a recent article by James Lyons-Weiler, he called out non-scientists who challenged his rebuttal of Dr. Bryan Ardis’ assertion that COVID-19 shots contain snake venom. He is calling for rational, respectful debate, not personal attacks. So, let’s cut to the chase. Is it a problem or disrespectful to engage in the sort of rational debate that he describes? Not if you stick to the facts and refrain from personal attacks. Anyone attacking either Lyons-Weiler or Ardis and not the ...   read more

CALI THE DESTROYER in 35 Memorable Quotes   9 d  
You are blessed and cursed with consciousness, my child, in a society that has done everything imaginable to remove your kind from its gene pool.
International Bestselling Author Sol Luckman’s Multi-award-winning Epic Tale of Dystopia & Renewal, CALI THE DESTROYER, in 35 Memorable Quotes   visit the page

One More Time: Where Is the Spike Protein?   9 d  
Well, where is it?
  Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News I was going to recapitulate the evidence that the virus, SARS-CoV-2, doesn’t exist. But I decided to leave it out of this article. I’m just going to focus on the vaccine and what it’s supposed to be doing. Let’s say you’re a vaccine researcher. You develop a new type of shot that deploys RNA. The RNA, when injected, has one purpose. It induces cells of the body to produce something called the spike protein. That’s it. Accordin ...   read more

Dr. Sam Bailey: False Gods, "Experts" & the Death of Science   10 d  
Learn from a REAL EXPERT about: the suppression of open scientific discussion regarding "COVID-19" * problems of peer review & institutionalized "science" * Cargo Cult science * Dr. Mark Bailey's clash with an "evolutionary biologist" * a public challenge to virologists.
Dr. Sam Bailey Last year I produced a video “Science vs Dogma” describing our world, where “science” is no longer what most people think. In this follow-up video, I expand on this concept and detail: ~ WATCH HERE ~ the suppression of open scientific discussion regarding “COVID-19” problems of peer review and institutionalised “science” Cargo Cult science my husband Mark’s clash with an evolutionary biologist who made all sorts of accusations against the Baileys a publi ...   read more

A "Magical Luminous Child of a Book"   11 d  
It entranced and blew me away. It was entertaining, it was fun, it was profound.
A “Magical Luminous Child of a Book”: Enthusiastic New 5-Star Review of CALI THE DESTROYER   G. Wright, Wow! An amazing and fun ride. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? EXPERIENCE CALI THE DESTROYER TODAY! First, I am compelled to say how within one paragraph I felt pure delight in Mr. Luckman’s writing style. It is so smooth, flowing and effortless to read. I never ran into a sentence that felt a bit jarring. Each time I picked up the book I noticed this phenomenon so I ...   read more

My Recent Interview with Dr. Andrew Kaufman   12 d  
Dr. Andrew Kaufman on Monkeypox, the Scientific Method, Water, Sound Healing & More
  Sol Luckman, Sol Luckman Uncensored Welcome to Conversations on Sol Luckman Uncensored, sponsored by, Resources for Lucidity. For more information about my work, including a lot of fantastic free content, check out I’m also on Telegram, where I’m sharing daily truth bombs at, and and I’ve just created my own Substack at ...   read more

Purification: Virology's Black Sheep   13 d  
Enjoy yet another devastating (to the pseudoscience of virology, that is) by Mike Stone at ViroLIEgy …
Enjoy yet another devastating (to the pseudoscience of virology, that is) by Mike Stone at ViroLIEgy … Quoting: As purification can not be achieved, virology lacks the physical particles necessary for use as an independent variable to vary and manipulate in order to determine cause and effect. There is no direct evidence as to the existence of the particles assumed to be “virus” ever being found within humans. The only evidence is from indirect cell culture experimentation citing patterns of cell death known as the cytopathogenic effect (C ...   read more

A Parasitic Consciousness Has Infected Our World   15 d  
Having recently begun delving deeper into into our true history by looking at what a new generation of maverick scholars are calling Tartarian civilization, I came across a video by a Belgian researcher titled THE SUN: PORTAL OF THE PARASITE. Not to put too fine a point on it, but I was blown away by the information presented in this short documentary.
Sol Luckman A number of contemporary philosophical and literary works have begun to examine the plight of our world—and particularly “man’s inhumanity to man” (with a nod to Robert Burns) that seems to be at the root of so many of our problems—as some sort of psychic “infestation” on a collective level. In DISPELLING WETIKO: BREAKING THE CURSE OF EVIL, Paul Levy introduces such a take on collective mind control with a Native American spin. To quote this famous book’s description, There is a contagious psychospi ...   read more

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