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Brotherhood   5 y  
The Chee in Cultural Healing - Eco-Enlightening & Transformative Arts - "... True brotherhood begins when you understand how to enrich your life through the lives of others."
November 13, 2020 - Building Brotherhood - ”...we can build a true brotherhood and work together only with what is honest, kind, wise and pure in people.”[9] -- Comment: Unless you know what ”a true brotherhood” is, unless you have experienced a true brotherhood in your life then this Blog-writer can not expect that you would be motivated toward building brotherhood. However, if you have experienced true brotherhood in your life then tell me what brotherhood is. This is another example of how dyads can serve an important function for one’s initial introduction to our possible ”wo ...   read more

Making Contact with The Life of Nature   5 y  
The original impulse for the Cheeta vision was inspired by Nature and represented in the original Cheeta acronym: "Culturally Healing Eco-Enlightening Transformational Arts" - Because connecting with nature is essential for our complete well being!
November 15, 2020 - Marriage - As Above So Below - ” is made in the image of God; he cannot do something that God does not do. If men and women unite in order to create together it is because God himself has a spouse to whom he united and with whom he creates. God’s spouse is the divine Mother (Nature). Christianity has never recognized the existence of the divine Mother. All other religions recognize it; Christianity is the only exception. But this is not the true teaching of Christ.”[12]* - *** November 5, 2020 - The Book of Living Nature - ”Initiates do not read many bo ...   read more

In Memory of Andrew Lorand and Dr. Basil Williams   5 y  
Andrew's presentation at a BDANC quarterly meeting continues to radiate within my memory! My email correspondence with Dr. Basil Williams[5] in the early formation of "Bridging Biodynamic Agriculture and Anthroposophical Medicine" left a wonderful impression on me!
As of September 19, 2017 - Just moments before discovering the following I had saved a page from the BDA site into a folder where I saw an earlier article file of Dr. Basil Williams. Now that I am writing this I intend to review his article/s. ”Dr. Basil Williams, a long-time supporter and member of the Biodynamic Association, passed away on July 16, 2017. He was a founding participant in the ”Bridging Biodynamic Agriculture and Anthroposophical Medicine” learning community, which was formed to explore connections between these two holistic approaches to healing the land and healing ...   read more

A Guild For Cheeta!   5 y  
The perfect next step for "Cultural Healing, Enlightened Ecology and Transformational Arts"!
Yesterday I sent in a reply to the Gene Keys Society regarding the possibility of starting a local Gene Keys ”Guild” in San Diego County. My Human Design is such that what works best for my design is ”To Wait”, be patient and allow life to come to me, then respond according to how my design functions. I’ve been practicing that and I believe that life has come to me via the Gene Keys Society and their announcement of the guilds. I believe that I’ve simply responded to what has come to me and I am so very grateful all of this has worked together for greater good! I say that in light of my ...   read more

The Human Design System For Parents & Children   5 y  
Harmonizing with the child's nature.
July 15, 2020 - Why Aspiring Parents Need to First Work On Themselves - ”That parents take care of their children is good; they must do so. But did they first think to work on themselves? No, often they have led haphazard lives, and have let disorder take hold of them. As a result, their behavior now sets a deplorable example for their children that will have extremely negative effects on their psyches and even on their health. You must take charge of yourself before trying to educate or influence others. Otherwise, it is just as if you tried to remove a small speck from someone’s face ...   read more

Cheeta - Quintessentially   5 y  
Keynotes toward the possibility of forming a concise statement for the whole entire Cheeta vision.
June 11, 2022 - ”Nature opens up only to those who have a sense of the sacred.”[29]* -- Comment: This quote indicates that not everyone has this sense: ”a sense of the sacred”. A true bonding with nature requires this sense. - *** June 2, 2022 - “It takes a village” - ”...While the phrase ’it takes a village’ is being used at an all time high, a sense of communal society and shared values amongst raising our children may be at an all time low.”[28]* -- Comment: This bLog-writer stumbled upon the above quote among his search results for: ”it takes a village to raise a child ...   read more

The Bank of You!   5 y  
Venus is now retrograde and what we value (among additional Venus themes) is subject to review for the next six weeks.
Today’s ”Thought of the day” from the Omraam community says ”A human being is like a bank”[1] to which this Blog-writer immediate agreed (and is amazed to be reading this now within a day of reading another site that has individuals declaring themselves to be banks of value that they wish to have recognized within the present banking system). This writer appreciates that there are other people who realize there can be many unique individual ways of storing, sharing and exchanging our values with one another. - *** December 15, 2019 - A new dyad to be given after one has read the ...   read more

I'm Living in 'The Village' (or is 'the village' in me?)!   5 y  
The Cheeta Village is a living expression through my Center of expression!
A Psychic friend asked me how I was doing (my Design truly does a lot better with questions that require a ”yes/no” answer) and although I sincerely was open to receiving that as my self-inquiry contemplation however before I could get to contemplating - he told me what he saw. He said he saw a ”village” in my throat. I found that remarkable in light of the fact that I had just blogged about the Throat Center.[1] In addition I am seeing my ”High Ideal”: Cheeta Village vision possibly have some ”expression” through a site that my friend has recently moved onto. In fact just this past day ...   read more

The Festivals   6 y  
Easter, St John’s, Michaelmas and Christmas.
Anthroposophical communities acknowledge four primary festivals each year that correspond with the equinoxes and solstices. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov recognizes them as well.[1] - *** December 23, 2019 - ”To celebrate Christmas is to prepare ourselves for the birth of the cosmic principle of Christ in our soul. For Christ, which is a cosmic principle, can be born within us just as it was born within Jesus. The birth of Jesus was undoubtedly an historic event of the utmost importance, but it was not necessary to insist so much on this event with the belief that it changed the course o ...   read more

Enlightening Environments   6 y  
#42.) Imagine living and working in environments where you are free to be your true authentic self!
July 28, 2020 - The Inner Environment as Your Source of Enlightening Environments - This blog-writer has evolved in/with his vision of Cheeta. What may have at first appeared here at CureZone as a three-dimensional eco-village vision a number of years ago is now realized as primarily an inner journey that is largely supported by the Golden Path of Gene Keys. The journey on this ”Golden Path” allows for the direct access to deep healing and enlightenment. The access is made possible through pauses. ”All we can do is create the pauses. The pause is the environment.” - Richard Rudd, Gen ...   read more

Re-Visioning Cheeta   6 y  
An opening in the Cheeta vision to allow joining with like-minded visions of others.
October 19, 2019 - ”Only with the highest values can we be successful and find harmonic and efficient ways to deal with each other and to survive.”[9] - *** March 11, 2019 - The Highest Ideal of High Ideals! - (This process is getting all the more exciting now!) ”How the Jefferson Memorial Got The Misquote From Our First Organic Law Re: Our ’Unalienable Rights’.” - published at LinkedIn​.[4] Most briefly stated and to the point: We absolutely need an end to ignorance about our rightful self-government! This Blog-writer/visionary is as convinced as he can be that Individ ...   read more

Omraam and The Holy Spirit   6 y  
The parable of the five wise virgins and the five foolish virgins awaiting the arrival of the bridegroom and so much more by Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov.
March 6, 2021 - ”You must learn to live with your ideal as though it were already a reality, but at the same time not forget that you are living on earth. It is very important to unite these two aspects in your life – to be completely committed to your divine ideal without losing sight of earthly reality. This is true equilibrium and it is very rarely achieved. Most people are either idealists who cannot see the ground they walk on, or materialists who see nothing else. The advantage of a spiritual teaching is that it trains people to understand that they are on earth because they have ...   read more

Chef of The Best Restaurant in The World Validates Cheeta!   6 y  
Einstein said part of the nature of new ideas is that they can be universally accessed.
September 8, 2020 - The Solar Restaurant - ”The sun is the best restaurant in the world, which is why we go to visit it each morning. But in order to be served food there, you need gold – not gold in your pockets, which is of no use, but gold in your brain. And when the restaurateur, the solar spirit, sees that you have a few gold coins within you, you are immediately sent the most succulent dishes. Otherwise, you remain there yawning, scratching yourself and sighing, ‘I don’t feel anything, I’m not receiving anything, there is no point coming to this restaurant.’ You wait for service, ...   read more

The Crown Jewel of Cheeta   6 y  
#38) "...the power of suggestion exerted by theater and cinema has a stronger influence on people’s minds and behavior than church, school, or even family."
August 2, 2020 - Creating ”Something Much More Alive” - ”Sometimes people sing very, very loudly. There is nothing wrong with this, except that a loud voice does not really produce spiritual emotions. It would be better to concentrate more on feeling for it creates something much more alive, more subtle, and makes the voice more expressive. If you also add light to your rendering, in other words if you think about what you are doing, it will then be perfect. Loud singing never brings the best results. It is seemingly sensational, but does not reach the more subtle regions of the soul an ...   read more

This Spirit of the Community Must Be Alive!   6 y  
#37.) The foundation of Cheeta.
July 27, 2018 - Have you heard: “... It takes a tribe to raise a human. Evolution thus favoured those capable of forming strong social ties”?[11] - Human Design includes both the ”Individual” plus the ”Tribal”. - *** July 25, 2018 - Emerson and Steiner - “…both men emphatically trust human thinking for its intuitive nature … both Emerson and Steiner see freedom as a matter of self-reliance and see selfhood as the seed from which community, rather than isolation, can develop when the ‘I’ in any one of us becomes conscious of the ‘I’ in others.”[10] - ”Self-reliance” ...   read more

Cheeta Art   6 y  
#36.) The transformative potential of working with color.
August 30, 2020 - White Light - Source of All Colors - ”...White light unites the omnipotence of the color violet with the peace and the truth of blue, the richness and eternal rejuvenation of green, the wisdom and knowledge of yellow, the health and vigor of orange, and lastly the strength and vitality of red. Once you are really able to concentrate on light, when you are able to perceive it as a vibrating, pulsating entity in which all is peace and fulfillment, you will begin to see that this light is also music, that universal music known as the music of the spheres, the song of the ...   read more

The Octologue   6 y  
#35.) The Octologue as a societal structure.
In the early 80’s I was introduced to the octagon as an ideal number for group dynamics. I’ve just revisited the octagon and find it most appealing! It is said that a +/- 1 variable is acceptable. Ideally the group would have four men and four women and that it can also work with 5/3 or 3/5. I’d prefer the 4/4. Consider this article that introduces the subject matter of the Octologue as a societal structure.[1] I’m inspired with the seed idea of taking Cheeta to the next step by forming a Cheeta Octologue! *** January 17th - Continuing with ”Cheeta Octologue”. The main idea f ...   read more

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