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Be Good Medicine!   6 y  
The 34th Cheeta Blog entry.
June 28, 2019 - Being Good Medicine - Yesterday this blog writer received the following wonderful acknowledgement: ”As hard as this has been I am very grateful to have met you. You have been good medicine.” -- Comment: When we realize that we are incarnated in these biological forms on a planet all for the purpose of healing then what else is there truly for us ”to be” than ”good medicine”? ......... However medicine can only serve its purpose if it is applied. Many times medicine is required to be applied and reapplied repeatedly. And when healing does occur one may find more h ...   read more

Melodic Resonance   6 y  
#33.) Looking forward to "a fundamental shift in the structure of the collective psyche"!
Last night I heard a conversation between two housemates regarding the way of the world that caught my interest and so much so that at one point I attempted to butt-in with a word: synarchy! (I’m not sure that either housemate heard me.) later I told the more active speaking housemate that I’d like to have a conversation with him on that subject matter. He replied in an agreeable way! Then I began reviewing what I have access to on synarchy from the Gene Keys. Following is a quote that I find all the more interest in as it not only aligns with the shared high (synarchy) ideal it brings ...   read more

Pay Attention & Master Your Thoughts and Gestures!   7 y  
#32.) True economy is being attentive and sensible ...
August 22, 2018 - ”... If men and women were taught the art of making exchanges, they would always be happy and totally fulfilled. ...”[10] - Many ways and levels through which ”exchanges” can be made. Children are ”body beings” which gives a natural emphasis on physical exchanges. A friend I admire for her leading teaching contributions in Waldorf education offers a program on a most simple back massage exchange for the students that I have great appreciation for! This kind of exchange not only benefits the children socially it nourishes their brain as well! - *** Decem ...   read more

The Very First Cheeta Blog Post   7 y  
31.) The original working draft of this evolving vision.
Cheeta - Higher Consciousness Community Designed For Healing (Originally Published at ”Son of Truth of Self”[20] Date: 11/16/2011 5:00:45 AM) ”The best way to predict the future is to design it” - Richard Buckminster Fuller Before designing, understand that ”... our cultural mind-set conditions our perceptions”. Therefore (just like the Beatles said): ”you better free your mind”[4] ”What most (intentional) communities have in common is idealism ...” - in ”Creating a Life Together” Here is a ”seed vision” for new intentional communities that are devoted to the deepest heal ...   read more

Nature Has Given Women Tremendous Power   7 y  
30.) The true vocation of women.
December 6, 2019 - ”... a way of life according to nature. Dr Andrew Wakefield once said in a radio interview, ’Trust your instincts, maternal instincts in particular. The reason we’re on this earth now, is because of maternal instinct. It is one of the most powerful forces of nature. It has equipped us for survival, far more so than any public health, medicine, or anything like that.’”[9] -- ”We have allowed ourselves to give up our power outside ourselves. When we do that we disconnect ourselves from our inner intelligence that knows what we need at any given time.”[10] - ** ...   read more

Cheeta Builds With All of Nature and With The New Earth!   7 y  
The 29th Cheeta Blog: "A rose is silent ... the stones will cry out"
June 23, 2020 - Live Solstice Meditation - ”... I am the last so listen carefully to my words spoken silently in your heart. I am turtle. I am the world turtle. I carry the world upon my back. My shell is made up of thirteen intersecting plates. ... all creatures and beings on our mother’s back are interconnected. This is the final and most important message from us all. When you are young you like to listen to stories about animals but when you become older you tend to put away such things. For thousands of generations your ancestors have sat around the fires on mothers back tel ...   read more

"Creative Freedom or Mechanized Tyranny - No Third Way"   7 y  
28.) "Mind-bending interview with the brilliant Catherine Austin Fitts by Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt"
September 20, 2015 - We are approaching the first quarter moon (known as a time of crisis/opportunity)[1] and the Cheeta is working her way around this ”square” (sun square moon). Although I have already accepted the anticipation of the ”Great Change” (spoken of by Richard Rudd in Gene Keys) within the next ten years, the following forecast date of 2020 adds an element of ”urgency” in my mind. This is Fitts’ sixth appearance on Dark Journalist, in what the interviewer says, ”Will be remembered as the most amazing, insightful, gripping, stunning and controversial Dark Journalist ep ...   read more

"Harmonic Convergence" & The Threefold Awakening Sequence   7 y  
Cheeta Blog #27.) The beginning of the "Age of Synthesis". Cheeta validated and supported by Steiner's "3-fold" thinking.
I’ve made a number of references to ”Harmonic Convergence” in my Cheeta reports and especially referring to Cheeta as ”the Harmonic Convergence of High Ideals”. The Harmonic Convergence was both an ”event” that occurred in August 1987 and an ongoing ”process” that is made possible by the multidimensional inner work and personal transformation of dedicated ”light workers”. This deserves acknowledgement at least in the form of a blog post. I can’t promise that I will be able to do it ”full justice” however I am willing to make whatever contributions that I can toward this. I participat ...   read more

Co-creating Our Most High Ideals All Together Now, Aum!   7 y  
26.) The spirit in Cheeta-supported communication includes: the authenticity of the individual ... the creative power of the individual's word ... the High Ideal/destiny path of the individual for their present lifetime ...
April 19, 2020 - The Meaning of Life - ”You will only find the meaning of life by putting yourselves in service to the highest ideal, ... for behind this ideal, billions of luminous beings are at work. ... When these beings see that you are collaborating in their work to build a new world(i), they will shower blessings on you, and you will then feel something bursting and overflowing within you. ... Even if you neither ask nor expect anything, you will feel that you have received everything.”[16]* ---- Comment: (i) This Blog-writer first became aware of the idea ”to build a ne ...   read more

At Your Leisure -   7 y  
25.) An insidious consumerism is completely consuming consumers!
This is blog post #25 for Cheeta - my multipurpose acronym now including: Conscious Harmonizing ~ Enlightening Energy ~ Transcending Addiction! This present inspired version of the Cheeta acronym comes after the last couple of hours of focusing on my search results: ”food addiction” and consumerism.[1] earlier today I realized that food addiction is not just about food. There is a larger context that might be called lifestyle and the context may actually be even larger! I did a search for ”food addiction”consumerism+lifestyle. I just ended my last review at Dr. Mercola’s site where h ...   read more

The Farm - The Ultimate Classroom for Real-Food Culture!   7 y  
24.) Deepening young people's connection to Nature at Angelic Organics Learning Center and High Mowing School.
September 6, 2019 - ”... the animal-oriented agricultural system as it has evolved over two centuries in America makes a more efficient use of available land to provide essential, high-quality protein, with fewer surplus calories, and at a lower cost, than any other system that has presently been devised.”[15] -- Comment: The long-term history of the American farm is typically a complimentary mix of animals, crops and possibly some orchard as opposed to modern-day mono cropping on one hand and confinement dairy operations on the other - both of which have proven to provide infer ...   read more

Take The Sun As Your Model!   7 y  
23.) Solar teachings of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
November 10, 2018 - A Daily Meditation - The Most Radiant Ideal of Humankind’s True Future! - ”For most people, thinking of the future means wondering what their life will be like in ten, twenty or maybe fifty years time. Well, that is all pretty poor. These concerns are far too short-sighted and of no great interest. The true future for humankind, and the only one worth concerning ourselves with, is that one day we will shine like the sun, that the universe will be fragrant with our presence, that the air will be filled with the fragrance of our soul and that everywhere we go, musi ...   read more

OH Housekeeping! - I Love "Che": Cleaning House Ecologically   7 y  
22.) The healing benefits of vibrational transformation in the home environment.
Rediscovered a journal entry of September 2013 that makes reference to Cheeta! The journal begins with reflections on a Dyad session I had that past evening with my long-standing Dyad partner who by this time had gained exceptional ability in forming his own Dyad contemplations each time we had our session! The part of this journal entry that mentions Cheeta starts out: ”I like what (Dr.) Chris said the other day regarding my vision for In-Home Healing Support and especially regarding ’Healing Home’. As I write this now (still in the journal) with Chris’s feedback in mind I suddenly ...   read more

On "Changing the World"   7 y  
21.) Thoughts on the Rights and Economic Spheres.
November 11, 2019 - Noting the following here for a couple reasons and intend to follow-up on this later. To raise truly nourishing nutrient-dense food is one way toward changing the world. One of the leaders who inspired this line of thinking was Rudolf Steiner with his culmination of this expressed in lectures later published as ”Agriculture” with a subtitle regarding renewal. As far as this blog-writer knows Steiner was the pioneer of a return to organic agriculture in the West. This is indicated date wise in a wiki article.[12] - *** November 6, 2019 - ”... Genius must be ...   read more

Under the "Healing" Component of Cheeta   7 y  
20.) Authentic healing is probably best supported spiritually, socially as well as ecologically. True healing is holistic!
April 21, 2019 - Our Higher Purpose Is Healing! - The Sun transits into and through the 27th Hexagram Monday, April 22nd which greatly increases the activation of this Gate/Gene Key for the whole planet for about six days however anyone can enter this ”gate” and directly increase the activation at any time. ”We heal through our higher purpose, and we heal the planet through our collective higher purpose. ...”[6] - *** April 23, 2015 - The Cheeta phrase: ”Cultivate Healing ...” evolved from an earlier phrase: ”Cultural Healing ” as well as an earlier and original phrase: ”Comm ...   read more

The "Enlightened" Component In Cheeta   7 y  
19.) Biologically "Enlightened Ecology" is one of many kinds of ecology, all of which can be enlightened!
July 7, 2019 - The ”Enlightened Component” in the Gene Keys” - This week the Sun is transiting through the 53rd Gene Key. It is an excellent time to access/activate the ”Gift” frequency within our 53rd Gene Key that is located in the Root Center of our Human design. ”The Gift of Expansion is about the Expansion of awareness, love, and creativity, and those three together create a perfect harmony. Awareness without love can be cruel, love without awareness can be painful, and creativity without love can be reckless. Expansion comes without effort and emerges naturally, slowly, quie ...   read more

Developing "The High Ideal" of Cheeta!   7 y  
18.) Further activations! This Blog-writer's transformational program.
June 6, 2020 - ”Once upon a time, there was a poor monk who was so intellectually limited that he could only be given the most menial tasks in the monastery –sweeping, washing the dishes, emptying the rubbish bins, and so on. But there was one truth that had stuck in his mind, one that he never forgot. While he was washing dishes, he would repeat, ‘Lord, as I wash this plate, please wash my heart.’ While sweeping the floor he would say, ‘Lord, as I sweep this cell...’ and so on, and so on. This went on for years. Then one day, thanks to the purity for which he had never stopped working, ...   read more

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