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Judgement call?   12 y  
Choosing is one of our most important task in life!
     It often seems that as we go through this life only certain things get our attention!  HUH!  Most of the "BIG Items" in the news or mass media are just pumped up sales pitches or political babel to put it simply...   Every now and then they slip in some truth or real life stuff...   As a truth barometer, I must try to explain the truth when I find it...  Look at the following short news blurb as an example of how some people do not really understand fully the truth of the situation at hand! & ...   read more

Mr President   12 y  
Some of "The People" have some considerations which you should consider!
   As the President it is your duty to try to steer a course for the country which is more than just meeting the interest of a few special interest groups...  This blog is meant to help you understand some of the needs of the common people!  " In order to rule successfully; it is necessary for the whole needs of the people be understood!"  a True-ism   Most people seldom come to understand the real meaning or purpose of their life... This is where it becomes important to seek the interest of those with whom y ...   read more

Yet is such a small word which can mean so much more!   12 y  
"Yet" when added to any sentence it can convay many other possiblities...
     Many times we do not stop to under stand the actual meaning of even small words...  Take the word "yet"...  It is a word used often by almost everyone, yet few realize how a important word it can be... Let’s look at some usages:   1) You can say "something is a what ever"...  Then when the word "yet" is added, it can extend the conditions of the original action...   Therefore the statement will now take on many more yet to be determined possibilities! This then becomes an extended cond ...   read more

Criticism or Judgment   12 y  
What is the difference?
    Criticism is part of the human fallacy, to err...  Then to judge is the element of feeling superior or above reproach...  Both are a waste of your time and efforts...  Because every time you judge some on your principles, you condemn yourself even more...  In the spiritual world or realm nothing is ever accomplished by criticism... So why go there?   Beware of anything that tends to place you in a superior position in this life; because it will generally lead you down a path of woe...   Now there is a ...   read more

Moment of Truth   12 y  
We each will experience our own "Moment of Truth"
            " In every one’s life there is a moment of truth!"  a True -ism    The time and place where your "Moment of Truth" will come; or happen when you least expect!  It is a time when you will lose all prespective of whatever is happening around you...  It is then that you will have an uninterurpted dedicated view of some event in your life!       The good definition of on this "Moment of Truth" comes from an ...   read more

Who is the real you??   12 y  
Where are you in your eternal life? You really should know!
  Who is the real you? << on: Today at 11:41:39 >>   Each person has to come to the realization of this in their life.  Who are you?    Let’s start as the world defines you or any person; looking at your sex, race, age, station in life, political affiliations, financial standing, and nationality are just some of the most common today...  Why is that?  Well mainly it is because this is what most people can see or know about a person,  with out really understanding you as an Eternal soul...   ...   read more

Who are you?   12 y  
Life is not relly about you; but who you are!
  Life is not really about you! « on: 15*18 »        Who you are as an eternal person is based upon who’s authority you follow...  Authority is either:       1) Earthly which is based on that which is given, surrendered or taken!    2) Heavenly ultimate power from the Most High GOD!     Both effect your life based on your decision ...   read more

Sorrow or joy!   12 y  
Vows and resolutions are not conducive to eternal change!
New Year’s resolutions?    Did or do you make vows or resolutions?     Most of us want to change our life for the better.   This is the reason for vows on the New Year…   It is as if something mystical changed with the season going and changes of the calendar.    While in actually only our outlook is adjusted to meet the annual passage of time here on planet earth!    While we all want and wish for better through change; most of it is beyond our mortal power. We can perhaps gain some degree of ...   read more

Bubble?   13 y  
What goes up must come crashing down, any doubts?
  How Long Until the Treasury Bubble Bursts? By Ian Cooper | Tuesday, December 30th, 2008 Attempting to escape the clenches of the credit crunch, nervous investors ran screaming toward Treasury bills. So much so, they drove the three-month Treasury bill rate to negative territory for the first time since 1929, creating an over-inflated bubble set for failure. Yep, the next bubble is here... and most people can’t wait for it to happen. It may not have the characteristics of the Internet, energy or housing bubbles, but the unbelievable rally in U.S. Tr ...   read more

Fix ten computer Annoyances...   13 y  
Learn to map your mind, find out what you did not know about Google, plus 150 sites to help your computer work better!
    Here are a few ideas that may help you make your computer act better; this is from mercola.com site (Lifehacker.com 16 July 2008)...   It has something for most all of us...        Computers are supposed to make our lives easier, but they can be frustrating, time-wasting, stubborn machines. Here are 10 of the most common gripes among computer users, and some suggestions for fixing them. & ...   read more

Sovereign Society   13 y  
Seek and you will find the truth... Learn to protect yourself!
"Unusual times require unusual actions!"  a True-ism ******************* These THREE DANGEROUS LIES being spread by Wall Street and Washington could destroy YOUR life savings overnight. Here’s how to protect your wealth no matter what... Dear Duped-American, Raymond Jansen woke up broke today! Why should you care? Raymond is a 63-year-old retired English teacher who became yet another victim of just one of Wall Street’s most horrific lies. He put his life savings into garbage bonds Wall Street told him were as safe as 28 d ...   read more

Debt is dumb!!   13 y  
Government Debt keeps us in the poor house while stealing from the producers...
  Why do debt? « on: Today at 21:14:10  »  It seems that almost everyone is into the debt mode...  Get it now and worry about paying later!!   " Debt is dumb and only leads to further enslavement."  a True-ism    The US government is attempting to float another 800 Trillion dollar bond and use it to play off those people who have screwed up in their fields of endeavor ...   read more

Fear, Shame & Guilt!   13 y  
Have replaced the key attributes of mankind; Innocence, Dominion and Acceptance!
Why do we feel weak, lost, and unaccepted?     Many today know of GOD; but do not have any relationship with HIM!    " But a natural man does not accept the things of the Spirit of God; for they are foolishness to him, and he can not understand them, because they are spiritually apprised!"  I Cor. 2:14 KJV.  a True-ism   The term " Knowledge " in the western world especially is just a collection of da ...   read more

Tea for Me?   13 y  
Green or black tea can help you live better!
   Here is more proof!!!  According to researchers, drinking three or more cups of tea a day is as good for you as drinking water. It may even come with extra health benefits. Contrary to the common belief that tea dehydrates, tea not only rehydrates as well as water does, but it can also protect against heart disease and some cancers. Experts believe that flavonoids are the key ingredient in tea that promote health. These polyphenol antioxidants are found in many foods and plants, including tea leaves, and have been shown to help prevent cell damage. So ...   read more

Some Advice for Women...   13 y  
Ideas on the reproductive cycle of women; don't forget to read the section {Where it gets complicated.} hope this helps!
This is a subject important to really almost everyone in the human population...  The reproductive cycle.  Here is an interesting article on some ideas and satistics on menstration and reproductive cycles...  This just may help some women and their family understand to cope with their normal monthly event!  " While there may be some things man can control,  it is not the reproductive cycle of the human female!"  a True-ism From Grist Ezine...    Editor’s Note: This is the first of a two-part series on femini ...   read more

Woman's health issue!   13 y  
Proton beam therapy... Ladies Check it out!
 What we have here is a failure to communicate!!  "It seems that there is a big difference between helping people and making money!  Usually the money wins..."         a True-ism  We try to present the truth on all my blogs, which is not always popular...  So be it, the truth is the popular crowd will just have to catch up! It appears to be the same in almost every element of life, medicine, science, politics, money, and personal intercourse!!  Here is a good article on women’s healt ...   read more

Silly me...   13 y  
Another view of a classic question...
Here is a view you can understand as far as the real meaning of redistribution of wealth, it really depends on who you are talking about... HUH!! This something to prove a point about being responsible and not requiring others to bail you out!!  Does this sound familiar, with the recent screw up by Congress to the tune of $800 Billion of the working tax payers money... Note the inference to working tax payers as there are many who are being paid income tax returns (another redistribution) by the IRS,  when they in fact do not pay any taxes...  ...   read more

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