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What woman eat help bring pleasure!   10 y  
Women need and can enjoy more orgasms with the proper effort and timing, plus correct diet! May you can eat your way to more enjoyable pleasure, ladies!
   This info is from Dr OZ....   Ultimate Orgasm Libido Boosters     Orgasms are anything but simple. They require a complex dance of physical stimulation and reaction. When every link in the chain does its job, you experience a satisfying torrent of sensation. But, as our bodies age, the chances that one of those steps will be skipped increases, making an already elusive goal of achieving orgasm that much harder.   that’s if you even get that far – battling a diminished libido ...   read more

Solar powered Bikini   10 y  
Just what a"green woman" needs to cut down on her carbon foot print! But then there are some politicians who would rather have you send(pay) to offset your CO2! The part I never understood is how does money stop CO2? maybe it just releases your conscience and makes someone rich! HUH!
  Where did we get the idea that money cures all evil?  Really never heard that one; the Bible says that " the love of money is the root of all evil!"  ***  Solar-powered bikini lets you charge gadgets with your boobs, or buttox  depending on which way you lay!   What next? by  Jess Zimmerman 6 Jun 2011 2:12 PM   Everybody knows you’re not supposed to get a tan anymore. So what’s the point of lying out on the beach, if you’re just going to wear SPF 800 sunscreen? Well, if you’re sporting des ...   read more

Bug convention...   10 y  
Many people go through life without noticing what is actually going on... Some times you should just stop and take note of their surroundings...
    With the May weather;  we were out to see the plants and flowers in the front yard...  Well we have three Clematis plants which are growing up trellis...  While out looking, we found a bug convention happening on one of the leaves...  Yes there were about twenty small orange rather ant like bugs all clustered on top top of this one leaf...  They were not eating or moving much, just standing guard if it were..    Never noticed a bug convention before, so it was quite a sight...  This was a good example of ...   read more

Fiber   10 y  
Be come well naturally... many times the solution is not what the medical people tell you! In fact the truth is often hide in order to make more money!
    ...   read more

What is Chance or luck?   10 y  
Many people of the world think most everything happens by chance or it is just dumb luck... So what is the real answer?
   Was it by chance?  Much of the modern world is enamored with the concept {key word concept} of chance or luck or randomness...  The concept a philosophy of contingency upon probabilities and possibilities.  Chance - no assignable cause!  The whole under laying principle for the Theory of Evolution {key word Theory} is random chance...     The world has created entertainment which dwells on chance (gambling) to from TV programs, to State Lottery systems...  Most of this chance is based upon the Big Money idea of st ...   read more

The US is Broke!   10 y  
Here is a message no one wants to hear! But we post the truth! Many of us know we are broke yet we go around our hands out for more... It seems that many groups are just selfish and either ignorant or planning a total financial meltdown of the US economy as we know it!
     "Is everyone out there stupid or do you just want to go down in a total financial meltdown? "    simplytruth.com   Topic started by: Weknoz on 12,  Jun 2008,  07:06*:  GMT   Title: Tax Facts Post by: Weknoz on 12,Jun 2008,  07:06*:  GMT Last week, President Obama reversed course once again and now wants to raise taxes on the "rich" making above $250,000 per year. Obama is in dire need of additional revenue after proposing a $3.8 trillion 2011 budget -- containing th ...   read more

The Question?   10 y  
As a certain group or religious element in the world has expanded into the Western World; it does so only with the interest of taking over completely! Watch the video and then think is this right or fair or good or best? It is only good for those who want total control of your life!
   There is a a question we all must ask...   It such an invasion possible today?   How does this work for those whom are forced to accept then ultimately convert to this system of total control?  What do you think of this ploicy?   Then how do you think the Muslim world would react if non Islamic outsiders came into their countries and wanted to change the laws and customs plus force their religion upon them?   Watch the video !    March 25, 2011 ...   read more

Truth or Error?   10 y  
In the end our (your) life is the result of either Truth or Error! How you live this earthly existence will determine where you spend eternity!
  If you are truly honest when you will read this then you should come to learn that your life needs help and has a purpose! Seek the Truth; which is what God directed us all to do! Truth vs Error!  The world has existed on a course of either Truth or Error...  Most people have attempted to convert or pervert the truth to suit their own desires...  This is the whole course of the world today, seeking to gain things or stuff which either make them feel better, or give them more than others...  People tend to be selfish and follow the road of greed and p ...   read more

What they said & believe...   10 y  
What does The Religion of Peace teach? Read the words of the holy books...
    Here is information that may help you better understand Islam!  Just maybe you will learn something by reading the following site...      TheReligionofPeace.com Guide to Understanding Islam       read more

Legalism has crept into every Life on earth!   10 y  
Legalism has crept into almost every aspect of modern life! It is found in just about every church, nation, city, town, village and home in the world! Why?
simplytruth.com Topic started by:  Enchantment on 24 Jan 2011,15:39 GMT   Title: Legalism!        " Legalism is much like a leech; for the most part,  which draws or saps people’s energy to support some special interest beyond ones true purpose or calling!   a True-ism   Legalism has been one of the main stumbling blocks for most people in history...      Some few rules or regulations can be helpful to provide for a smooth system of operation in certain systems &  acti ...   read more

We did not do it!   10 y  
While much of the world moves from one crisis to another the truth marches on... When those who think they have all the answers, cry wolf; those of us who use our God given Intelligence for more than an attempt to control others; can come to sane conclusions!
  Monday, February 07, 2011   We did not do it!   But you can bet some politians would attempt to find a way to tax us for this geological phenomena!  Just like the present so called "Carbon Tax"! Guess what we (humans) did not do it; nor could we.... It takes so Big Brass Kahunas to even think we have such power! Learned this in college chemistry class... Man can nether create nor destroy matter ; we may rearrange it but beyond that we are observers only! We had an excellent Prof. who had worked 30 years for DuPont, he spoke t ...   read more

Where did we go wrong?   10 y  
More over the question should be what do we need to do to correct this fine mess we are in? One thing is for sure if the U.S. keeps going down this road at the present speed it will not be too long before it wrecks! Islam and China are both ready to take over!
  What has been happening with the Education System in the United States?   In 1970, about 40 percent of the nation’s wealth was held by 10 percent of the population. Today, almost 40 percent is held by just 1 percent of the population (and over 70 percent is held by just 10 percent of Americans). While the upper 5% of the the wealthy pay 40% of the Income taxes, yet  60% of the lowest wages earners pay only 5% of the taxes....  Over half of the adult population in the U.S. do not pay any income taxes...  Of course there has to be an educated gover ...   read more

Wonderful Yankeeland?   10 y  
So often the history of the United States has been dominated by the belief that all the social ills of the period before the War between the States {So called Civil War} were all the result of the segregated South or Dixie! While everything up North was just wonderful! Only the dastardly slave owning southerners were to blame for brutality, and debauchery in the social order of the US! Really?
Here is a post from "Digital History" @  digitalhistory.uh.edu:   Policing the Pre-Civil War City On Saturday night, April 9, 1836, Helen Jewett, a prostitute, was found dead in a fashionable New York City brothel. The young woman had been slain with an axe at Rosina Townsend’s Palace of the Passions, and her murderer, a nineteen-year old farm boy named Richard P. Robinson, had tried to cover up the crim ...   read more

Douceur mon ami dans tout vie!   11 y  
We all need to live our life by the "How" rather than by the "Where"! Your success in life is based more on your attitude than almost everything else! BTW: Success is contentment, and douceur!
   Douceur a word to condider in your life!   Some advice for the New Year! Here is a French term meaning: n. softness, gentleness; smoothness, meekness, clemency; geniality, mildness; sweetness, mellowness... Since attitude is the best and perhaps the few things we have that we can actually control and use; why not make it douceur! As we go through this life, many things will change, other people will tend to cause problems or grief for us...  Yet the best thing we all have at our disposal is our attitude or how we deal with the opportunities of ...   read more

Real Food   11 y  
Here are seven steps toward getting your self in better condition!
    Change your life with some of the following:   Real Food Has Curves , a new book written by Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough, offers a 7-step plan for weaning yourself off processed foods: Seek true satisfaction. Enjoy genuine flavors, rather than fat, sugar, and salt added to mask the metallic taste of chemical additives. Read labels wisely. You can find food with "real" ingredients in the supermarket if you read labels carefully. Relish what’s on your plate. Devote time solely to enjoying the pleasures of eating. ...   read more

Liberty and Justice   11 y  
Some of the words in the " Pledge of Allegiance " really outline the purpose of the United states! Those two words {liberty & Justice} are the real purpose; for the existence of the USA!
   This is a overview of the application and purpose of the " Pledge of Allegiance! "      Print Pledge of Allegiance history ** By The Associated Press     06.27.02 The Pledge of Allegiance, attributed to socialist editor and clergyman Francis Bellamy, was first published in 1892 in The Youth’s Companion, a children’s magazine for which he worked. The pledge was meant to echo the sentiments and ideals of Bellamy’s cousin, Edward Bellamy, an author of Looking Backward and other socialist utopian ...   read more

** Updated Social Security Facts   11 y  
While S.S. has been passed around as a political football for years hare are some facts to help you understand where we stand now!
  Subject: History Lesson on Your Social Security Card Just in case some of you young whippersnappers  or any others didn’t know this; here are the facts.  Even if you do not believe this acumulation of datait;  it’s easy to check out read on....  Be sure and show it to your family and friends.  They need a little history lesson on what’s what and it doesn’t matter whether you are Democrat or Republican, Independent or Libertarian.    Facts are Facts folks...   ** Social Security Cards up until the 19 ...   read more

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