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Prevention is better than cure   16 y  
Some insights on how to prevent Back Pain
This counts for all aspects in health. It is also an important part in the treatment of Back Pain and to share more information with everyone interested in this I added another page to my website focusing on prevention. The page is not yet complete however it gives already plenty of info that may surprise some readers while others probably know this already. check it out and visit: Blessings Thomas Pray for Peace and don´t forget to smile today.   read more

Why do we develop Back Pain?   16 y  
Mechanics of a Hip Subluxation and the following result: Back Pain
The following article is not based on an independent scientific study but rather presents a new theory that developed out of tens of thousands of Back Pain patient protocols treated in Germany with a new form of Manual Therapy called the Dorn Method and SMT (Soft Manual Therapy, ©Dr. Michael Graulich) A Misaligned Sacrum as a result of a Leg-Length-Discrepancy following a Hip-Joint Subluxation* is possibly the main cause for most Back Pains. (*subluxation as I use this term here is a small (sometimes even minimal) discrepancy in the joint congruence or bone position relatively to each ...   read more

Stretch yourself sick!   16 y  
Something much easier to do than you may think
In a post several month ago (check: Stretching Good or Bad?) i already wrote about stretching and its potential risks. I just found an article about stretching that confirms my views and is worth to read at: and Stretch Yourself Stretching and Injuries by Thomas Kurz, author of Stretching Scientifically, Secrets of Stretching, Science of Sports Training, and co-author of Basic Instincts of Self-Defense. Almost all of my patients (the ones that do some kind of sport at least) also do ...   read more

Self Help ìn Action!   16 y  
Five Minutes a day brings your Live onto the way!
I added now some Videos to the Self Help Exercises in my website so it is even more easy to follow them and experience the often dramatic results doing these simple re-alignment exercises! The quality is not superb and it is still clear enough to understand. Please check it out yourself and visit: Comments and suggestions are most welcome. Blessings Thomas Don´t forget to smile Me and my family enjoying summertime at Mainau, the almost tropical Island in the Lake Constance a large body of water in the south of Ge ...   read more

The Importance of Self-Initiative   16 y  
We need to do the work!
I just had another case of what I call lack of Self-Initiative when it comes to healing. The Patient suffered severe Back Pains that was obviously changing in its intensity depending on her Psychological state. She reacted very positive to the Dorn Method Therapy and was basically free of Pain after just three sessions within 2 weeks. When she returned recently with similar problems I found out that she was only doing her Self Help Exercises in the very beginning and as soon as her condition improved she `forgot´ to do them. Beside that we discussed non-physical issues that accompany he ...   read more

Spirit, Relationships, Mind, Emotions, and Body   16 y  
Important connections we should always be aware of!
A very nice description of these relationships you can find here: I personally take care of the physical issues (Misalignments) first although I am not sure if we are a Physical Being with a soul (spirit) or if we are a Spiritual Being with a Body? Comments on that are welcome! The relationship between Physical Misalignments of the Spine and Non-Physical Issues is nicely presented in the Dorn-Method Connections chart/table: Blessings Thomas   read more

Sample Video of the Dorn Method   16 y  
New on
Due to increasing requests I included a sample video of the Dorn Method to the website. to view please follow the link below: This may give some ideas how the Dorn Method is applied. Self Help Videos will follow soon. Blessings Thomas   visit the page

Help with Guestbook please   16 y  
I want to share more info with readers there
I am trying to add a free guestbook feature into my website and would appreciate if you could try if it works! Kindly check it out at: and give me some feedback please. Blessings Thomas Have a wonderful day!   visit the page

The Dorn Method Controversy   16 y  
A Critical Look at The Dorn Method!
(Excerpted from ) The Dorn Method Controversy Because of the fast spread of this Method during the past years, the fact that it was re-discovered by a Lay-Healer and not a Medical Professional, Money Issues involved, Egoistic and Self-Centered Attitudes of Practitioners and the fact that it was NOT controlled by a Trademark or Copyright executed through its Founder Dieter Dorn brings The Dorn Method more than just Praise in these modern Times! The Situation that there is no ´uniform´ way how the Dorn Method is used, explained and understood even by ´Profe ...   read more

My Meeting with Dieter Dorn   16 y  
Live and Health Philosophy simplified!
This left a strong and positive immpression on me. Recently I visited a Dorn Method advanced seminar for therapists held by the founder of the Method, Dieter Dorn himself. Even this was not the first time I met and saw Dieter Dorn it was still my first training seminar with him and therefore I was quite exited. I tried not to have too many expectations which was quite difficult after having so many positive experiences made with the method and still I was immediately calmed down by Dieter Dorn´s gentle personality. People like to always judge and compare what they presently do or exp ...   read more

Spring Feelings   16 y  
No further comment necessary
Just want to share a wonderful moment I had today with my daughter Amanda. I wish everyone a fantastic spring season full of love, joy and health. Blessings Thomas   visit the page

Microwaved Water   16 y  
What can it do to humans?
Hello, got an e-mail today with the effects microwaved water can have on plants and some of you may find this interesting! I am very interested in water research and confused at the same time because there is soooo much different, yet often logical information available about this subject and it is very difficult to figure out waht to believe. What is your choice of water and why? I would appreciate any comments on that you could share with us please! Blessings Thomas   read more

Good morning   16 y  
just like that
Started my day early (6 am) with wonderful weather and good mood. I decided to do a few days without the usual food only juices and some cleansing like coffee enemas and maybe a liver flush to have a fresh start into the coming spring and summer time. I wish everyone a wonderful day and happy week ahead, try to keep a positive attitude substitude the word ´but´ with the word ´and´ whenever you want to use it and see the difference. example: I would love to spend some time with you (kid, wife, friend, colleague or whoever?), but i need to do my work first. try: I would love to spend ...   read more

What do we believe?   16 y  
is everything we ´experience´ with our senses real?
I am often what my name (Thomas) suggests: A doubter. Or better said: I am open minded however not too open so my brain falls out! The power of suggestion, the tricks our mind can play with us etc. always fascinates me and the link to the following website is a funny way to express this. Lets see who finds out how its works? Comments are welcome! blessings Thomas   visit the page

Free Democracy?   16 y  
Did you vote for Mr. Bush?
hi, bumped into a funny??? video on a fun-website and want to share it with whoever wants. If you like Mr. Bush do not click the link below! sure Lapis has Fun with that one blessings Thomas don´t forget to smile today   read more

Action following Thought?   16 y  
or mind over matter?
I wrote already earlier some thought to the subject (just check in the Blogs earlier) What happen just this morning can be called an unlucky coincidence or my thoughts created an action? In our guest comfort room there is a small flower vase standing as a decoration in front of a small window and ever since it is there I always think that this is not the best place for it because the window is often opened to let some fresh air in and in order to be able to open the window one has to remove the vase or risk that it falls down and breaks. Since the vase was placed by my dear mother i a ...   read more

work from home and get rich?   16 y  
are we actually getting smarter?
I bumped into an ad in our local newspaper about working from home and get rich and checked it out. i was sent a presentation to watch online which talked about 75 minutes and after my brain was misaligned (lucky I am a specialist in self help re-alignment) by coincidence i found out its about herbalife and another coincidence brought me to this website: I find it very informative and very funny please check it yourself alternative medicine for networking victims! blessings thomas   visit the page

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