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Carl   10 y  
If you ever wanted to know how to change your life this is a story that is a must read... Wither it is absolutely true ( I know not ) yet it serves as well as the story of the " Good Samaritan " to show the power of the Gospel Of Jesus in our life!
  Carl - Powerful   Carl was a quiet man. He didn’t talk much. He would always greet you with a big smile and a firm handshake. Even after living in our neighborhood for over 50 years, no one could really say they knew him very well. Before his retirement, he took the bus to work each morning. The lone sight of him walking down the street often worried us. He had a slight limp from a bullet wound received in WWII. Watching him, we wo ...   read more

What does it mean for you and why should you care?   10 y  
What role should you play? Do you have any idea what is going on?
    The world is shifting. It is dissatisfied, baffled and craving transformation. Religious tolerance is prized more than truth. From clever slogans to celebrity endorsements, we are bombarded with seemingly peaceful messages of coexistence. But beneath the bumper stickers and T-shirts is buried this truth: Coexistence is a myth. Instead, a war for world domination is raging--between radical Islam, secularism and Judeo-Christianity. What does it mean for you and why should you care? From years of global outreach, Robert Stearns predicts a co ...   read more

More is not always necessary!   10 y  
We all want things in our life, but how much is enough? More can be a decrement to you!
  More isn’t enough! Saturday 3 rd September , 2011 By kerminator        If we look at where most of the worlds, problems and grief come from, one emotion would be paramount; the want for more!   It drives business, advertising, government,  sports, politics, and even our everyday life! The desire for improvement is built into our physic-nature by God when we were born…  It was designed to allow us to seek better things in our life!  The problem comes when we become Greedy and driven by the de ...   read more

What God wants (part 1)   10 y  
We each often think or wonder what God wants in our life? The problem is has been acerbated by the religions of the world! Why what has happened to distract us from God?
    Using various sources including some from " The Heart of the Story "   God’s masterful design to restore His People! by Randy Frazee -      Starting at the beginning, we all know the story of Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden { in Hebrew means Delight}; where with basically Heaven on Earth, they had everything they would ever need provided!  It was the ultimate welfare state, perfect temperature, no storms, so there was no need for cloths...  Food was available just for the taking, as much as you may want, no ...   read more

The how and why of healing!   10 y  
"God wants you well" - This is the truth, yet many disbelieve and operate in the negative fashion of the world! How can or do you receive this Blessing in your life?
   Why does mankind have so much disease and illness?  First fo all, God does not cause sickness, disease and distress upon people, or cause they to go to hell!  If you search the "Word of God" {The Holy Bible or hear the gospel preached} then you will know He has allowed each and everyone a free agency to choose!  There are certain Spiritual Laws in effect which control what happens...  ex. Law of gravity!    These laws are in effect and determine what conditions effect our life!  Therefore God does not will that any get si ...   read more

Do you really want to be well?   10 y  
People have spent much of their lives fighting sickness and pain; why? Healing and forgiveness were given to everybody all you need to do is claim it in the proper fashion, way or method!
  God really wants you well! Wednesday 27 th April , 2011 By kerminator Where does all the disease and pain come from? There are several reasons for pain and suffering in life…  Most are caused by personal actions or choices,  some from mere accidents while the remainder is  the result of natural causes! [ Yet God really wants everybody well; believe it! ] There are many who blame God;  for “allowing it to happen” or even planning it that way… Both of these views of Our Loving God are wrong! Much of wh ...   read more

Hindrances to your prayers   10 y  
Many people do not pray or even care... But for those who pray; does it seem that your prayers are going unanswered or perhaps you never feel any connection with God? There are various things that can place you in a prayer desert, alone and with an empty feeling!
   First prayer is an opportunity to communicant with Almighty God!  It is instant and direct!     "If and when prayer is used in the proper context or manner;  it can change your life!"      a True-ism   Through out history People have prayed for others and saved nations, or brought about power which has  at times has even called down Blessing from Almighty God, Our Heavenly Father! *** Yet with all the prayers said or attempted many go unanswered because of hindrances:  We will not address or ...   read more

Salvation through “The DID principle” !   10 y  
Many of us are seeking Eternal Salvation; yet do not really understand how! There is a clear path toward your Eternal Future! Just read how the "DID " Principle...
  Salvation through “The DID principle” ! Sunday 8 th July , 2007 By kerminator What must you do to receive Salvation? As we progress  through this life we all will see and hear many things… Most of which are pure bunk or junk…   It seems that most people waste much of their time on these useless things,  which will never really help them in their eternal life… HUH!! Well I am no stranger to that…   I have wasted or wanted for many things that could have worked out if I had only taken ...   read more

130 Forced vaccinations : Birth to Death   10 y  
Another freedom is taken away by profit minded Big Phar - Drug companies... Read how your life will be effected! Snatched right out from under you with our any consideration as to what you may want!
   When things that effect our lives is forced upon us it is a tradagity!   The Latest in Atrocious Supreme Court Decisions - Only 2 Justices Stand Up for Your Rights... Posted By Dr. Mercola | March 22 2011 | 8,207 views   Share 94     Email to a friend : 45 ...   read more

Happiness is a state of mind not condition!   10 y  
People can be as happy as they want to be! Those who go around just kicking cans only get a sore toe!
 Where is happiness?    Many people to day are very unhappy, you may even be one or at least know some who practice this method of life!  This is one of the most difficult things for many people to understand; which is that happiness is actually a state of mind!  ** I.E. you can or will be as happy as you allow yourself to be! I was not a really happy child,and like most teenagers I took pleasure in my sorry state of anguish, or so I thought!   But then one day the words of my dear old Grandmother came back loud and clear;  &quo ...   read more

Public Opinion?   11 y  
What stirs or makes public opinion? Much of the time it is just what the controlling elements of the society want "the People" to think or a method or course to follow...
    Unfortunately most of the time the public opinion is shaped only by what is reported by the Mass Media!  This can be either good or bad!     Opinion is not fact or even reality in many cases...  This is where we find a shift of direction...  The problem is that many do not know or understand,  what the real situation is!  This is where for the most part people have been in history...  Going from one supposed thing to another; most of which are not always totally true!   The key is to learn to be able to di ...   read more

Common Sense!   11 y  
One thing we need to do is to have "Common Sense" Life requires us (you) to be able to function and understand the options or choices that arise on your pathway of life!
  "Common sense is one of the things that allows one to make better decisions on our pathway of life!"     a True-ism Common sense is something that must be learned or absorbed in life...   It does not just happen and no one can give it to you! After living many years, it has become apparent; that many people do not seem to have much,  if any common sense!  Why? Well one thing that builds your bank of common sense is the size of your personal knowledge base...  Which is comes from what you  know or have learned t ...   read more

The Winds of change!   11 y  
This is a must read for those who are confused or lost in their life! We all pass through this world experiencing change... Most is thrust upon us by the so called powers to be or the "Fad" ravaged society, this is a map to help make sense out of the "Copy cat" images placed before us! Most of which attempt to control your life! HUH!
  Winds of change Posted: March 25th, 2010, by admino Here is a  map for the mind in a maze of conflict! With the rise of the so called “New Man”  in recent history,  the Western World has forged a self-consciousness yet disfigured it’s soul as a result?  The question we must answer in all honesty; is if the society is to move forward in any meaningful manner, what should we learn to do? The present (mainly) Western World view of; " go ahead & do what ever as long as it feels good ,"  is ac ...   read more

What did they say?   11 y  
Life is filled with many different ways to retell the story, most are short of the absolute truth, unfortunately! It seems like most of what many people tell you is short on the real truth! HUH!
 This from one of my personal blogs...   Always loking for the truth!   Title: What they say vs The way it really is! Post by: Kerminator on 08 ,Mar 2010, 18:38*: GMT  Most of the movers & shakers that I have seen recently; were just moving their mouths and shaking their finger in your face!  You have to ask yourself what is in it for them?    Money?  Power?  Prestige?  or just plain vanity?  For most of the pundits, politicians and fancy faces on the new ...   read more

Self esteem   11 y  
We all have some level of self esteem; why, and how it ranks is often the question... Here is an article which helps discover self esteem in our life!
  We all experience some level of self esteem...   This article will help you understand how it works!   Self esteem : A number of years ago I worked for one of the UK’s top IT companies — a global player. We were meeting to discuss a major bid, and the room was filled with people who didn’t meet often — the most senior managers from a number of divisions. There were very few middle tier managers in the room, almost exclusively senior managers who were accustomed to being ‘top dog’. The atmosphere in that room was almost tangibl ...   read more

Drug cures?   12 y  
Why do you see all these ads to take this or that pharmaceutical product; in order to cure a symptom or disease? What is the real story? Read on dear concerned friend!
    Now we will look at some of things that drugs do, some good or some not so good...  Many times it may look like a snow job...   But you may notice that someone is trying to sell you a bill of goods!    Could it be?  Oh, surely not!   Well maybe you need to wake up and see the truth...    Ever noticed how recently that more and more people are now  suspect with things like Diabetes (but not limited to) with the classification numbers being changed!  It is also true with many other diseases have become more c ...   read more

Good or Evil?   12 y  
As we each go through this life, it behooves us to seek our destiny... The ultimate decision is our personal choice, on our pathway of life!
   Most all that we do while on this earth, is based upon our choices...   Life is full of differences which can shape and define our pathway...  Or we can simply sit by and watch as others make the key decisions in your life!   You must decide!    Where do you start?  Well first and foremost you must come to some understanding of who you are and what you really believe...   Many people just follow the current trend, and become puppets on the world stage...  When you just follow the whims and wants of others, ...   read more

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