Brain Boot Camp or Mindset Mastery
by kerminator
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Knowledge is cumulative in most cases....   15 y  
We all seem to forget that we are the sum of our years, not just the moment we now live!!
Once we start this journey through life our clock ticks and we become the sum of all the days spent on this earth.... One of the most important things we need to remember is that we did not just appear yesterday, but are the product of all the days of our life... How we chose to live this is exactly what makes up our life... First we must come to grips that no matter what, there is not any way to go back and correct or change things....  So stop your worry and doubts, this is the first day of the rest of your life; make the most of it, friend....  What is past is past, ...   read more

Signs of the times, or the time of the signs...   15 y  
Slavery, sex, salvation... What is it that we all want??
What is that we all want??   This is the life long question....  No matter your sex, age, wither  male or female....  It appears that we all long for companionship and belonging....  We all want to be accepted for who we are....    First we must know who we really are!! DUH!!    This is where most people are; undecided as to who they really are....  In our minds eye we are of course ourself....   But what does that really mean??   We always seek to satisfy our own selfish desires....  First a ...   read more

Watch what you say...   16 y  
Words are power and they define our existance... Choose them well...
 Somrthing for your brain...   When you lose the truthfulness of your words, then you truly have nothing worth while to say. ..   Life is opportunity and what we do with it determines our results.... We must step out on faith, and let the efforts of desires lead us to our final goals.... Seek the truth, and then follow your heart....  Life leads we follow.... If we must always seek to have ourselves in order then life is not hard to swollow... If life is the sum of your existence: Then why are you so engrossed with the trivia ...   read more

Some times we know but most of the time not....   16 y  
Life is about decisions... What kind are you making these days?? It is review time....
I have let my brain become filled with so much fluff...  I don’t know which is the Right stuff...  Lets get our brains in proper operating order and we can over come the normal problems of everyday life...     We will be looking at what to do and how to live a better and balanced life.... It starts with a balanced brain, lets go...   Lets do some homework, ya I know some of you never have, but if you are ever going to get your brain trained, start now....  Go back and review many of the fine articles in past post of this ...   read more

Life is short and generally wasted...   16 y  
How do we really learn to live life??
Life is short and no one gets any extra time to live...  So the question is really what are you doing with your time in life??  Are we using it only to; criticize, condemn, and or complain??  If so then you need to retrain your brain....  Encouragement and praise will start you in the correct direction...  Look for the good in things...  Once after surviving a full blown Hurricane on a ship 150 miles at sea,  when ask how we did it and how horrible it must have been,  I commented " At least we did not sink in the storm" ...   read more

A better way to EXPAND YOUR MIND; think...   16 y  
in other words get a life!! live you dreams or desires... only you can!!
All of your remaining life is ahead of you..... So you must decide when and what you are going to do in this life....  DUH!! Lets look at what is needed to have a balanced and healthy brain: 1) Proper diet ... DUH!!  You do need fresh fruits & veggies...  Only plants offer, the fiber you need folks... That is a fact!!  We are not going to dwell here...  2) A proper Attitude is one of the most important items { if not the most important thing you can use};  which is necessary for a well balanced and properly operati ...   read more

A Better Brain Balance....   16 y  
The How & Why of living a balanced life... In order to do so, you must get your brain balanced and the rest of your life will follow... It is your life live it as it happens....
Living a balanced life...  How and why..... Life is based on being balanced, and if you don’t keep it so, things will make your life very difficult... The rest is history..... Make it good!!  DUH!! One of the first places to obtain balance in your life is to learn your body’s  needs for rest and proper exercise... This is covered in just about all diet and exercise programs I have seen published....  This is the start to getting your self in proper balance...  Your body must function properly in order for you to live a successful life... ...   read more

Brain Games...   16 y  
Life is about when and where you do something with your mind... We all should play some brain games to be at our best...
We have all played some brain games in our life;  this is about the different types.... We will explore some of the brain games you could or should play... One of the best that I have found and used is Chess....   Yes the one with the funny pieces, that all move different ways...  Well I learned to play, in the eighth grade, in an alley, on a fold up chess board, after school...  I did pretty well, though I was not a chess wiz...  I really played  seriously during my Navy years, and was able to escape defeat in a Chicago Chess Club ...   read more

How to mess up your (mind) brain, body and your life as well...   16 y  
There are many things out there folks, that will turn you every which way but loose... Remember if you step off into the swamp, watch out for the snakes and Gators... This is the truth, but it is not always pretty....
If I could ask you to take a minute,  and check out this information... "There are some things in this life you can get into that will turn you every which way but loose ... "  Believe me, friend....  I hope you consider your actives before it is too late... I have seen too late and it is not a pretty picture....  You will beg, and even pray for release, when you step off into this swamp, you have got to watch out for the Snakes and Gators....  This warning is for you; friend!! There is so much bad stuff, u ...   read more

What we have here is an opportunity to improve your brain... Naturally... DUH!!   16 y  
This will be a blog on Brain chemistry... How it effects you, it will take several, editions to complete, so stay tuned... If you do not get this part right; you are in for a lot of hurting,.. friend....
What is Brain chemistry??  What does it matter?  Well we are about to find out folks... There are normally and naturally over a hundred  different chemicals in the brain regulating our feelings, and thus our thought patterns...  Some of these chemicals give us a "Natural High" and are used up and produced in a continual cycle... There are many ways we can stimulate an increase in these chemical to create that natural high... This is the natural function of the Brain, before introducing unnatural and  most often ...   read more

What every brain needs, R & R..... Duh!!   16 y  
If we are to succeed at anything we must give our brain(mind) a rest every now and then.... See what I mean....
  This is what I mean Folks, R & R.... This is me, some years ago, down on the Red Sea, in Aden, catching up on my vitamin "D" and relaxing my brain after months { over some years on three ships } of fun and games in the US Navy...  We did have a blast in the Navy, just check out "My Road of Life" blog for further details, and will put up some more photos... We all need some time off, folks...  So you need to plan you time to get your share.... All work and no play makes jack or Jill a dull person...  Not counting run dow ...   read more

Your mind is the center of your universe, and it is housed in your brain...   16 y  
What you need is to be sure that your brain is kept in proper operating order... So here is your assignment if you choose to accept it!
We all have the same opportunities in life; learn and then repay those who have helped you, by helping others.... Your assignment is to make an assessment of your brain power, (Mind) by first thinking of what or who you are...  Only you can answer this!!  Now when you have spent some time addressing the who you are, start to look at the why... Even though this will seem to be difficult for most people, it is simply because they have never attempted to assess themselfs...  We should all have an assessment of ourself...  Many will not be satisfied, with them selve ...   read more

Moving up the Trail of life requires real effort at times....   16 y  
We need to have our minds {Brain} equipped to make the necessary adjustments required so often in life, folks....
Life is not just a walk in a rose garden, if you think so friend we need to talk....   This photo is an ascent, up a rocky part of the approach to Springer Mt. GA. on the Appalachian Trail....  You may notice that it it rough and requires some strenuous effort to climb...  It is not for the faint hearted, or wosses... So it is in life folks... This is what we strive to do here.... Train you mind/ brain to be able to cope with what ever life throws at you...  We will be getting back to some exercises soon...  We will be looking at different reasons and ...   read more

Mind set of men... the what, when and why of the human male...   16 y  
Woman wonder how and why men come to the conclusions to do what we do in life, here is an answer, ladies... It is a good primer on men in general....
A lady recently requested I expound on the mind set of the male...  Having lived  as a male for over half a century, and  spent most of my life in the presence of other men; I feel I can shade some light on this subject matter....  Key word some...  We will discuss these in the normal, day to day world of a man....  We are assuming he is fed, clothed and has adequate shelter to survive.. So the basic things are covered, now on to how he thinks...  First let me say that most every man likes to look at or view a nice fem ...   read more

Back from the mountains and my brain is in much better shape..   16 y  
The trek down the Appalachian trail has refreshed my mind, and sharpened my out look on life.... For the better, thank you...
We did it; found one of the secretes of life, on the Appalachian Trail this past week....  As outlined on the marker at the beginning of the approach trail to the AT, by a Georgia Historic Marker....    Which states in part the following:  The Appalachian Trail is: "Remote for detachment,  narrow for the chosen,  winding for leisure,  lonely for contemplation,  it beacons not merely north and south, but up ward to the body, mind and soul of man."  Harold Allen, 1976 After more than three day ...   read more

The news is out; Brain Boot Camp is rated # 1 again!! WOW..   16 y  
We are here to challenge your brain(mind) and help you achieve a better life.. Who doesn't want that? DUH!!
The answer is back we will go on to greater and better brain training.... So lets get started....   GOT IT!! There are many things to challenge your brain, and thus thinking: books, certain type (things that enlighten or allow you to think) INTERNET sites, talking with people and sharing their lives, taking a hike, or just riding a bike....   These are some of the wonderful opportunities that allow you to expand your brain, and mind so that you will have a richer life... Write a letter or email someone you have not spoken with for some time... GO out an ...   read more

What were you doing last night??   16 y  
We thought you were going to study and exercise your brain... You know make your mind really sing & dance....
It seems that for some of you; the more I try to get you to exercise your brain, the more retarded some of you all get...  What is up with this "Don’t care attitude??"  We discussed the need for you to train your brain, we have recommended books, and offered questions and answers to stir your intellect...  What do we have to do to get you motivated??  [There is a key here folks, motivation... It is what gets things done ...} I have a plan; lets hear from some of you on what kind of brain exercises you would like to see on this b ...   read more

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