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Reading Auras   17 y  
from an article by Barbara Brennan
I really like what Barbara Brennan has to say about AURAS. Without further ado, here is her article: ***************************************** READING AURAS --by Barbara Brennan -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- With permission of the person you’re looking at, here’s a helpful tool for harmonizing relationships. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Did you ever feel an uneasy feeling at the back of your neck, and turn to find someone staring at you? Do you notice that you ar ...   read more

RawFest   17 y  
Free raw foods galore! Sometimes I feel so lucky to live in this town...
I’m not usually the best at remembering local events of interest, but this morning I remembered that there was going to be an 8 and 1/2 hour RawFest at our local co-op. Although often my Sundays are jampacked with essential errands, I decided to go to the first talk in the events room, and to sample raw foods that the ad said would be available all around the co-op. I don’t have the special equipment needed for preparing raw foods elegantly at home, so for me raw foods consist of fruits and vegetables and juices and such. So the specially prepared raw foods are quite a treat for me. ...   read more

Happenings   17 y  
life is unpredictable, but we can learn so much from all that we experience if we can transcend FEAR
Sunday night I was reminded that human existence can be quite unpredictable. Seemingly out of nowhere, during a calm evening at home, my heart started beating quite rapidly and noticeably so. Similar to what the heart does during and after exercise, except much more pronounced, and I was still and calm and not exercising. This went on for almost an hour and I was scared. During the hour I tried various natural solutions that I am aware of. I used Rescue Remedy Cream on the area of my heart and all around it, as well as on the insides of my wrists. Usually that is calming. But th ...   read more

"war on drugs"   17 y  
Walter Cronkite says no to our country's "war on drugs"
A few people emailed me and suggested that I quote the text of the article here in addition to providing a link to the article’s original publication on the internet. So here it is: ******************************* Telling the Truth About the War on Drugs by Walter Cronkite from ”As anchorman of the CBS Evening News, I signed off my nightly broadcasts for nearly two decades with a simple statement: ’And that’s the way it is.’ To me, that encapsulates the newsman’s highest ideal: to report the facts as he sees them, without regard for the con ...   read more

Restaurant Romp   17 y  
dinner with an out of town friend takes some unexpected turns and becomes a strangely amusing adventure
On the path to vibrational health, one sometimes runs across opportunities to dine at publicly overrated and majorly expensive (read: overpriced) health food restaurants. Of course I’m not saying these sorts of places are bad and should be avoided. NO value judgments here. Really it is the experience with my new-agey friend from out-of-town with whom I dined last night that made it an adventure. I know that good Curezoners don’t watch much or any TV so please excuse me for referring to TV, however, this restaurant experience was very much like an episode of my favorite TV show, ”Cu ...   read more

CV GV Block   17 y  
interesting Acupuncture diagnosis and treatment
This was the Acupuncturist’s diagnosis, after carefully taking my pulses. CV GV Block. BEFORE THE SESSION That was on Monday February 6. She told me about the points that are used for the treatment related to this Block, and said this is a Core issue, and I would probably feel major relief after the treatment. She made me an appointment for Friday February 10, as she thought it would be better to do this treatment directly prior to a nice relaxing weekend off from work, so that I could rest and assimilate the improvements from the treatment. These are primarily my words, and ...   read more

Light   17 y  
meditation and prayer for love, light, and peace
In the mornings, before the Spiritual Healing sessions I spoke of in my previous blog, the healer, his family, his host, and those of us waiting for early-morning appointments stood in a circle and meditated and prayed together. This is a prayer one of the children shared this morning. I am fairly certain it comes from the Kabbalah. If anyone out there knows more about the source of this prayer, please feel free to share it. In reciting it, remember that it is a very powerful prayer. Love before me Love behind me Love at my left Love at my right Love above me Love below me Lov ...   read more

Spiritual Healing   17 y  
a short, sweet, and simple beginning
Today I experienced a Spiritual Healing session for the first time in my life. Because it takes time for one to assimilate this healing, and because it has been a profound experience and is so new to me, I will have more to say 3-4 weeks from now. This Healer has a rare and beautiful gift. I can tell you that. Many blessings to you, V   visit the page

Remembering the Trees   17 y  
reverent, yet lively "funeral" for a local grove of old growth trees
So, the ”funeral” for the 30 thriving old growth cottonwoods my county recently cut down was last night. And a delightful event it was. I especially enjoyed all the new people I met, and the conversations. So enlightening. A well known local farmer was there, and he spoke of county history, water rights, aquifers, and other basic knowledge that benefitted all of us. Many community professionals and business owners were there, and some had creative ideas for possible future events where those of us who were interested could speak out for the rights of people in this county to have ...   read more

100 Year Old Grove of Trees Gone   17 y  
Irish funeral for trees planned
Within the past week, a majestic grove of 100-year-old trees was cut down in our county. If there was any prior notice that this would be happening, nobody I’ve spoken to was aware of it. These were beautiful trees, and were an integral part of a pleasant country drive for so many people. Owls and other creatures made their homes in these trees. I could go on and on, but instead I’m quoting the article from our local paper with appropriate credits for the reporter: )))))))))))))) ”Funeral for trees Boulder woman plans ’Irish Funeral Party’ for cottonwoods By Christine Reid, ...   read more

The GONGS   17 y  
harnessing planetary energies for acutonic healing...amazing!
From one of the many fascinating people who visit the VIBE Machine at my Studio, I learned about the Planetary Gongs a few months ago. There are several Acutonics practitioners in this area, and one of them has all of the Planetary Gongs in her suite of offices. I am fairly certain there is one gong representing each planet, including the newly discovered planets. These gongs are healing for humans specifically on a vibrational level, utilizing the medium of sound. In early January I got an opportunity to try an Acutonics session with the various Tuning Forks and the Gongs. I did no ...   read more

Reflecting   17 y  
but not narcissistic
So life goes on here in the Vibrational Health Village where I live. I’ve been on vacation from my regular full time job, my career, if you will, for a couple of weeks now. It’s been a welcome reprieve. It’s actually the longest vacation I’ve taken in the nearly 4 years I’ve been working for this organization. And I just stayed home. There were some goals I set for myself, and I’m happy to say I achieved a little over half of them. After many years of living I figured out that pushing myself too hard, always aiming for 100% perfection, is purposeless and more often than not cause ...   read more

Good books   17 y  
literary kicks vibr8 recommends
That’s right. Reading good literature adds balance to our lives and can enhance our vibrational level. So here’s a resource I would like to share with you. After many years of following this resource, and the creator of this resource, I have found this an interesting source of literary recommendations and information. Levi Asher created the Literary Kicks website, and it’s full of reviews, articles, good poetry, and opportunities for you to participate. Here we go. Hope you will enjoy this! Happy New Year! ~~Vibr8 ********************************* ...   read more

Gentle Wind   18 y  
reminiscing about marvelous energetic tools I've enjoyed over the years
No, it’s not another blog about the unusual weather we’re experiencing so many places on Earth lately. I did a CureZone search for this and found that unless I’m not using the proper search terms, this is not a topic that’s been mentioned anywhere on CureZone as of yet. If you’ve seen the Gentle Wind Project or Gentle Wind Instruments mentioned elsewhere on CureZone, please feel free to correct me if I’m incorrect. Some years ago, in 1999, as a reward to myself for achieving college graduation, I traveled to San Francisco to visit some friends. While there, I was taken to an evenin ...   read more

Endings   18 y  
bidding farewell to a friend
Keeping balanced and cleansed and healthy means maintaining balance amid the collection of people who are involved in a person’s life. Friends and family. As we have perhaps all experienced, we have to learn to accept family, and dance around those behaviors, patterns, and situations we cannot change, but that nonetheless affect us intensely, often negatively. With friends, however, there is more leeway to walk away from what cannot be tolerated or changed. Of course there are myriads of positives associated with family and friends. That’s a huge part of what makes life on earth w ...   read more

Rebel Jesus   18 y  
a nice break from holiday commercialism...
As we who are often so very aware on so many deep levels of what is going on around around us (and therefore quite sensitive to it all) blithely make our way through the holiday season, it is comforting to come upon a way station of safe familiar warmth sometimes. And that is just what happened the other night when I was driving to work. Listening to World Cafe on my car stereo, I heard a song that really caught my attention. So calming, and with lyrics that made sense to me. ”The Rebel Jesus” was the name of the song. Originally written by Jackson Browne, and sung on the radio that ...   read more

Return of VIBE   18 y  
if vibr8 had a love life, she would not be writing about this...
Rather anticlimactic, actually. Our VIBE Machine returned from its recalibration journey on Thursday afternoon via UPS. Reassembly was a breeze, despite my worries. Don’t know if you have realized this by reading my prior blogs...I’m a bit of a worrier. Been working on transforming that for a good portion of my adult life. So it goes. Shortly after the machine was reassembled and ”good as new”, a person new to this machine came in to use it for the first time. During his session, he emerged from the room to say that the machine didn’t appear to be working correctly. I am s ...   read more

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