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Hello!   15 y  
hope all of you curezoners out there are keeping your balance amid the various changes going on in the world
You haven’t heard a peep from me for so long, I thought I’d just say a few words to let you know I’m still here and thinking of all of you. For those of you in the USA, hope your months before the election have gone ok. And certainly hope everyone is making it through the ups and downs in the world financial realm. Strength and balance. Breathe in breathe out. That’s what I’ve been doing. Focusing on strength and balance. Breathing in and out. Doing the next right thing. Keeping my sacred space...well...sacred. I love hearing from people here, but am not much into the foru ...   read more

Intenders of the Highest Good   15 y  
by Tony Burroughs
The Bridge   From the Author of The Code, Tony Burroughs    I write this, not as one who is an advanced spiritual being or sage, but as someone who is just like you, going through the same trials and tribulations that life on Earth in the beginning of the new millennium presents to all of us. In truth, I am but a scribe who has been fortunate to come across the Ten Intents of The Code and who has had an opportunity begin to integrate these principles into my own life. I do not claim to have mastered them yet, however, I can tell you tha ...   read more

Official Notice to all Fixers   15 y  
I am not broken, and do not need to be fixed
Living a comfortable happy carefree (note sarcasm) new-agey life here in Vibrational Health Village sometimes has its little sections of rocky hazardous road. Fixers make the road to optimum health and thriving enlightenment (sarcasm again) quite rocky at times. Fixers are the ”friends” who cannot seem to let well-enough alone. They think they must tell you if your skirt is slightly uneven at the bottom, even if others would need a microscope to even notice the unevenness. They think they must walk right into others’ personal space and take dog hairs off of their clothing with an o ...   read more

The Cured Knee   15 y  
hurt my knee in a fall at work last month...what followed was pretty amazing!
So I was just sitting here at my desk and I was suddenly struck with an idea. I had an amazing healing experience recently. Why not write about it in my blog? Probably more adherent to the CureZone philosophies and my own blog’s original purposes than some of the stuff I’ve been writing lately anyway! early May of this year...after finishing a 10-hour work shift, I was leaving my workplace and tripped over a ragged rug by the entryway and fell down. My right knee hit the floor pretty hard, and my left leg kind of twisted under me, bent oddly at the knee. My supervisor hurri ...   read more

Mercury in Retrograde   15 y  
can we communicate?
I know it, there is a very intense Mercury in retrograde going on, and it affects communication. I know that. Yet blogs are all about communication. I would like to be writing blogs about topics within my Vibrational Health Village realm that you would like to hear about. Please do feel free to communicate with me! Love and light, v8   visit the page

addictions counseling & forums   15 y  
From the quiet world of CZ blogs, an addictions counselor's little shout-out is heard
Sometimes the blogs at CureZone seem like a remote outpost. The forums seem to be mainly where all the action is on CureZone. So be it. I’m not really a competitive sort, and have enjoyed the blogs much more ever since venturing into CureZone many years ago. Although I love it when I get messages and email from people out there in CureZone land, I’m ok with remaining in a state of obscure bliss as well. What else was I going to say?? I remember many years ago when I made special personalized Bach Flower Remedies for my friends. Around then was when I realized I enjoy helping oth ...   read more

Spring Check-In   15 y  
blogging from the heart of infinite possibility
Isn’t it curious how the internet has become a place to discuss deeply personal and private issues that would, in the years prior to the advent of the world wide web, have only been discussed with dear friends, family, clergy, or a some type of counselor or health professional? Sure, I’m making a blanket statement here, but read a few random blogs on the ’net anytime and you’ll see it’s true. Blogs and personal websites and other low-cost/free spaces on the ’net are the perfect place for us to sit at our desks and vent about what’s going on in our lives. Is this a problem? Not necess ...   read more

Immigration Letter   15 y  
a local letter to the editor v8 found interesting
This letter to the editor in the 4.24.08 Westword (Denver, CO) caught my eye this afternoon as I was enjoying my daily’s an interesting viewpoint regarding immigration issues in America: "I enjoy the (Gustavo Arellano’s) column and would like to try to explain some of the conservative viewpoints about illegal immigration. The last terrorists who struck our country came from Yemen and Saudi Arabia (World Trade Center, 2001). The ones before that came from Oklahoma and Indiana (Oklahoma City bombing, 1995) and the previous ones from Saudi Arabia (World Trad ...   read more

Woundology and the Healing Fire   15 y  
from Why People Don't Heal and How They Can by Caroline Myss, Ph.D.
Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can By CAROLINE MYSS, PH.D. Harmony Books   WOUNDOLOGY AND THE HEALING FIRE In the late spring of 1988, I arrived at the Findhorn Community in northeastern Scotland to teach a healing workshop. At that point in my career the people who came to my workshops had tended to be searching for a personal healing. They expected me, as a medical intuitive, to facilitate their healing directly by giving them an individual reading and setting up a treatment regimen for them. (These days my workshops are largely filled with self-relian ...   read more

Addiction Recovery : The Journey   15 y  
spiritual butterfly v8 flits about the 12-step realms
Update....April 7, 2008....After doing more thinking about what I’ve written about in this little article below, I realized that the big huge underlying reason I sometimes feel so uncomfortable within the 12-step realms is because the whole core premise of 12-step recovery seems to require that a person remain focused on the wound. The woundedness. How long can a person lounge around inside a bloody gaping wound, anyway? It’s bound to become a toxic situation sooner or later! With that in mind, here’s my original article: ****************** Certainly addiction recovery is a p ...   read more

Politically interesting   15 y  
excerpt: "...I want a candidate who isn't the lesser of two evils..."
I found this on StumbleUpon today, posted by a user called wordylefty:     visit the page

CureZoners...Please Read   15 y  
I would love to hear from you!
I know the forums are infinitely more well-read and responded to than the blogs at CureZone. Forums are just not my forte, and blogging is. Therefore, I am hoping people who read my blog have a chance to see this message and will take a moment to reply if they feel the inspiration to do so. As I have shared in my previous blog, our family has experienced a recent and difficult loss--my mother passed away during the last week of February. Getting experience dealing with death over the years of one’s life does not necessarily make subsequent deaths any less painful or difficult to dea ...   read more

Families and Loss   15 y  
exploring a recent loss in my family
A week ago today my mother passed away. She was 83 years old and in many ways led a long and full life. While my father was living, she enjoyed travelling to various locales with him. He took up diving at age 64 and especially liked seeing sea turtles when underwater. He had climbed all the Colorado 14ers and many other mountains. Though my mother did not dive or climb with him, she supported him in pursuing his passions, and she pursued hers. We’ve already had the memorial services, and it was nice to spend time with family members, but certainly not under these circumstances. ...   read more

The Old Man and the Dog   15 y  
by Catherine Moore
a friend emailed me this today, and it’s also in many blogs on the ’net;  certainly worth sharing!!  enjoy! The Old Man and the Dog ”Watch out! You nearly broad-sided that car!” My father yelled at me. ”Can’t you do anything right?” Those words hurt worse than blows. I turned my head toward the elderly man in the seat beside me, daring me to challenge him. A lump rose in my throat as I averted my eyes. I wasn’t prepared for another battle. ”I saw the car, Dad. Please don’t yell at ...   read more

Illusion Dweller   15 y  
thought for the day
For some, these two words -- Illusion Dweller -- bring to mind a thrilling climb they’ve done. For others, Illusion Dweller is an India Pale Ale they adore. As I was enjoying my lunch at a local restaurant today, I looked at the words on the blackboard, as I have a few times before. Illusion Dweller could easily refer to someone living in denial, too. Pleasant denial perhaps. At times we all dwell in the midst of our illusions. We want to move on, face reality, and get a grip, but it’s often so much easier to live comfortably in denial amid our self-created illusions instead. ...   read more

health and friendship   16 y  
In a way, it's one of those NY resolutions
CureZone is all about health. When new people come upon CureZone it is probably via ’net searching for a cure for some specific symptom or diagnosis. When I write a new blog message this is my focus, whether indirectly or directly. When I put in a poem here, it is usually because it was helpful for me in processing life issues/ alleviating stress. I don’t much like the simplistic syrupy sweet writings and tend more towards realistic yet creative/intelligent writings...especially enjoy the Beat Poets. Their writings have gotten me through some tough times in life, and meeting many of ...   read more

New Year Greetings   16 y  
looking forward to beginning 2008 with raw foods
Throughout most of the internet, that’s what people do with blogs--check in. I rather prefer the blogs here that are so full of useful information and shared experiences about our common goal: optimum health. Or at least that’s what my ultimate goal is. Really, I just wanted to check in rather than just share a copy and paste article or poem with you. I am glad that this whole batch of holidays is over, whatever religion you are or aren’t, and whatever of the holidays you celebrate or don’t. There’s still New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day, for many in the world, but by no mea ...   read more

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