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A smoothie for longer life   13 y  
Longevity Shake
Ingredients Serves 1 1 cup almond milk Fresh blueberries (Use the equivalent of 1 freezer pack of frozen berries - and use frozen blueberries when they are out of season.) 1 handful dried goji berries Heaping tbsp of powdered MACA 1/2 a banana   visit the page

How to Curb Cancer With These Easy Tricks - Herbs   13 y  
Dr. Mercola Talks about plant greens that can help you in the kitchen.
Boost Your Metabolism, Curb Cancer, and Slash Blood Sugar with this Easy Culinary Trick Posted By Dr. Mercola | April 04 2011 | 76,994 views Share 1789 Email to a friend : 1168 Previous Next Herbs are not only great in meals for spice and added flavor but are key to the nutritional density in the foods you eat. Herbs can protect you against diseases, clear toxins from your body, and provide you with vitamins and minerals. Here are som ...   read more

Days are Meant for Joy not Fighting   13 y  
Time to look for non-negative people.
Did you ever get tired of the constant battles on Curezone? If you open up the mosaic, someone is hating someone. Someone is angry about the war, the Japan and even about the flush. I rarely see anyone happy anymore. I rarely see any happy stories. How brave people are with their anonymous numbers and their fake names. I begin to wonder if anyone is legit on Curezone anymore. People who use to be nice are not nice anymore and people who use to hug you and thank you for helping them is gone. I just think it is time to relax and enjoy life and quit worrying about who hates me and ...   read more

The Cancers Natural Enemy Daily is Out - EFT   13 y  
7 Keys to reducing stress naturally.
Read more on EFT and why you should NOT focus on the negative. Reform your life today. http://paper.li/cancers_enemy/Cancers-Natural-Enemy   visit the page

The Natural Remedies Daily - Monday Edition   13 y  
The delicate dance between vitamin D and vitamin K.
My Natural Remedies Daily is ready to read. Why am I posting these newspapers? To give you up to date info at one location. I have been very busy lately, but I will be adding more writers to increase the information supplied in each newspaper. My goal is to inform, enrich and empower more people than ever have been reached on Curezone. Let this be your one stop place for information. http://paper.li/healthyliving20/natural-remedies Sara   visit the page

What are the best ways to make your skin look younger?   13 y  
Some very important tips for younger looking skin.
One of the biggest challenges for women (and men) in their mid years is knowing how to effectively battle the signs of aging. This is really never a problem for both genders during their teen years. But when men and women enter their mid and late twenties, issues on premature aging start to arise. But no need to worry because there are now trusted and proven ways on how to battle the premature signs of aging and make you look even younger than your age. Read on and find out what these tricks are. Start living a healthy lifestyle Healthy living is and will always be the best ...   read more

Healthy Remedies Daily   13 y  
Read my new newspaper full of health information from Elizabeth Walling and many others.
Yes, this is a newspaper I put together for one of my clients Elizabeth Walling and I thought it was worth printing here. She is loved by many and this newspaper is great. Yes, It has tons of my articles too. Heheheheh, I have got to make some money somehow. http://paper.li/healthbychoice1/Healthy-Remedies Barbi aka Sara   visit the page

Fear: The body and mind connection   15 y  
Fear - a dirty 4 letter word and one that we must eliminate.
Fear - The Body Mind Connection By Sue Bergman Sue Bergman Level: Basic PLUS My personal philosophy can be summed up as my intention to leave the world a better place for my hav...   read more

Secrets to fast healing   15 y  
Natural News article on healing fast and performing at your best
Secrets to Fast Healing by Dr. Julian Whitaker (NaturalNews) Sam Baker, three-time All-American at USC and first-round 2008 NFL draft pick, came to the Whitaker Wellness Institute before he rep...   read more

LIfelong vegetarian reaches 103   15 y  
Happy birthday our friend. Wow, 103 that is a long time.
Lifelong vegetarian reaches 103 In 1905 Einstein published his theories on relativity, the Russian revolution began, and Blanche Mannix was born. Canadian-born Blanche turned an incredible 103-y...   read more

Food for healthy skin   15 y  
Natural is always the best, cut the store bought creams out.
What if I told you that food for healthy skin could come from your dinner plate or what you apply on your skin. That’s right, foods you eat are a great source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants,...   read more

Discovery Health - This weeks tons of articles on health   15 y  
So many articles this is easier than to take the whole night posting.
 in the spotlight Five Future Weight Loss Trends Seven Steps to Healthy Living Unlocking the Power of Meditation De-Stressing Your Life Five Areas of Alternative Med...   read more

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