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Similar Blogs by other authors   19 y  
How can I change what blogs are shown on this list: Similar Blogs by other authors
The list: Similar Blogs by other authors is compiled based on the 3 categories that you associated your blog with. If you selected the first, default category, called ”Health”, it is very likely that there will be hundreds of other people who selected the same category, including many new blogs. There are over 260 different categories. Try to select 3 that are most associated with your blog. Avoid selecting default ”Health” category, cause that category will be associated with many blogs. Ther are other alternative categories like: Natural Health, Remedies, Therapies, Tra ...   read more

Advertising products on Blogs   19 y  
If a message is a promotion or advertisement, even masked advertisement, do not post it, unless you are going to post inside the Market Forum (forum specially designated for sale and promotion of health related business)
Do not create a Blog about a health related commercial product, if you are selling it, or you are profiting from sale. Do not link to a commercial web sites from your blog, if you are directly profiting from products sold on that web site! (Exception to this rule are links to books, cds, videos, charts and other media commonly used as tools in health education. Example: Links to and similar web sites.) Do not post infomercials. Do not promote commercial products based on studies, but feel free to report your personal experience. If you are not selling a product ...   read more

Sum of all message views does not seem to add up to the total count?   19 y  
How are page views counted. Should sum of all message views be equal to the total count?
Let say your blog contains 15 messages. Then, your blog has 1 main blog page + 15 message pages + 1 description page That is 1 + 15 + 1 = 17 pages. Views to all those pages are counted by main counter. If you add together numbers from 15 message pages, the sum should always be less then the main counter cause main counter is not only counting views to those 15 pages, it is also counting all views to 2 extra pages (main blog page + description page). Ther are no separate counters counting views to description or views to main blog page. If a blog has 25 messages, that ...   read more

So we should be careful not to refresh our page?   19 y  
Repeated refreshing of blog pages may get you blocked.
”So we should be careful not to refresh our page?” Refreshing page once may sometimes be needed in order to see changes you just implemented. Software may also forgive if you do it twice. But, when someone presses refresh button 3 times or 5 times within short time, that is clearly done with intention of ”pumping” view numbers. Those people get blocked.   visit the page

How are the Blog page views calculated/counted?   19 y  
Blog page views are counted, one view, one count. If you are viewing your own blog, no view is counted, not even one.
Blog as a whole has one main counter counting views to every single blog page. Beside main blog counter, every single blog message has it’s own counter, counting views to only that message. All views are counted, even whne viewing ”Printer Friendly” message view or when choosing to send a message by email. One day, there will be a page showimg top 100 most popular messages across all blogs. Counter ignores page views done by blog owner. We are also watching blogs for counter spaming. If someone tries to increase count by refreshing the same page, software will find it, and t ...   read more

Multiple URL question   19 y  
Can I enter several URLs (web addresses) into my message without using HTML?
Yes, you can easily include multiple URLS into your message. All you need to do is to put URL into the body of your message. Every URL that is separated with blank space or with new line will automatically get converted into clickable link. For example, next URL’s will be automatically converted into clikable links: and also this see here we can put some text inbetween ... or anything else ... + http ...   read more

Can I ask questions inside my Blog?   19 y  
Can Blogs be used for asking questions and receiving answers from Blog readers?
Well, that is what forums are for. Blogs are more for recording your daily health experiences, or for answering unanswered questions. Blogs do have the option to answer and comment on every message, so someone reading your Blog may answer your question, but, generally, Blogs are not really designed for questions/answers, that is what we have forums for. If you really want an answer, post your question into appropriate forum. Questions asked inside blogs may never be answered.   visit the page

Can My Blog function as something else other then Web Journal?   19 y  
What can Blogs be used for, other then classic Web Journal
Yes, CureZone Web Logs can be used for other purposes. Here are just few examples: - Frequently Asked Questions - Newsfeeds (collection of links to latest news) - Homepage (single author web site) You can use Blog to create an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). The calssic example of FAQ is this particular blog that I am making, it is actually a FAQ about CureZone Blogs ... here are a few ideas for FAQ Blogs that you may choose to create: FAQ about Master Cleanse FAQ about Alkaline/Acide Ballance FAQ about Parasites Cleansing FAQ about Colonics FAQ about Raw Food Eat ...   read more

Why can't I find my blog on the front page?   19 y  
Why aren't all blogs exposed on the CureZone front page, and why aren't all messages exposed on the home page of CureZone?
If you visit this page: you will find all blogs, including new blogs. But, on the front page of, I present only selected blogs and only selected messages. That means, no new blog will uppear on the front page, until it is approved. To approve a blog, I have to read at least blog description and at least 2-3 messages. It can take several days before a new blog is approved, and before messages posted in a new blog start apearing on the front page. When I am traveling (my job includes a lot of traveling), it can take weeks. If your ...   read more

The differences between Blogs and Forums?   19 y  
Main differences between Blogs and Forums
The main differences between Blogs and Forums are: - Forums are created for discussion between several people while Blogs are mainly designed for a single user input, with possibility for other people to comment. So, Blogs are more like a simple homepage where other people may contribute with comments, but one person rules, blog owner, and blog owner can delete any comment he/she doesn’t like. While, in forums, there could be thousands of people posting topic messages and also adding comments ... When people try to use forums for the purpose of writing a journal, their messages g ...   read more

Can I write my Blog in a language other then English?   19 y  
What languages and what character sets am I allowed to use when writing messages in my Blog
You are free to write your Blog in any language and you are free to use any character set. Software will authomatically encode messages into the proper encoding. Regardless of the language, Use of CureZone Blogs is subject to our Terms & Conditions of Service.   visit the page

Can I use HTML to format my messages?   19 y  
How to format messages with HTML
You can use HTML to format body of your message. You should not use HTML to format Title/Subject or to format Abstract, cause your HTML may confilict with the automatic formatting done by the software. What HTML tags am I allowed to use? You are free to use almost all HTML tags. You should not use the next tags: You should avoid using Java scipt or any other scripting language, it may render your ability to access your message or to make changes on your message.   read more

Why should I have my Blog on CureZone? There are many other free services online?!   19 y  
4 Good reasons why you should have your Blog on CureZone
Reason #1: Every time you post a new message on your Blog, link to that message will appear on the front page of CureZone. CureZone front page is the most visited page on the site, so by having a link to your message exposed there, you are sure that thousands of people are going to read your Blog every week. Go to or any other free service, create a blog, and then go to the Yahoo front page and try to find your mesage. No way. Massages posted on Yahoo Blogs are read by very few people. Reason #2: Links to the best Blogs will be published inside CureZone newsletter. Cur ...   read more

Do all CureZone Blogs have to be health related?   19 y  
Blog Subject
No, CureZone Blogs can be related to any subject. We encourage CureZone users to create their own Blog related to whatever ineterest they may have. You can make a Blog about poetry, about cars, about movies, about your favourite artists, about your pets, about your family, about natural disasters, about war, about weather, about your country, about Michel Jackson, Denzel Washington, Jack Lemon, dietarry fiber, fluoride, amalgam, vaccination, horses, health related fraud, Hulda Clark, ... There are no limitations!   visit the page

Can I edit my Blog name and Blog Description   19 y  
How to edit Blog name and Blog Description
It is very easy to edit Blog name, Blog Description and any other Blog setting. Log onto Curezone, find your blog, and click on the button ”Edit Blog Settings” Then, make the changes on any Blog field. That is all!   visit the page

Can I create more then one Blog?   19 y  
Yes, you can create unlimited number of Blogs with a single username, BUT ...
Every CureZone member can create ”unlimited” number of Blogs associated with a single Username. But, in reality, one person can hardly create more then 3 good blogs (time restrictions). If you examine the most popular Blogs on the web, you will see that people who make those blogs have invested a lot of their time into making it. That automatically excludes possibility that the same person creates more then a few good blogs. Time is the limiting factor. Then, there are people who create 20 or 30 blogs, but their bloogs are never very popular, cause they never put enough time in ...   read more

Can I Edit my Blog Messages?   19 y  
Explanation on how to edit any of your bLog messages
To edit any of your blog messages, you must be logged on CureZone. Once you log on, you can navigate your way to the particular message. Once you find the message, you will see a button (upper right corner) ”Edit Message”. Click on the button and just make changes on any message field and press ”Submit”. That is all.   visit the page


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