"Vaccines as a primary CAUSE of food allergies"
by llasidog
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New email to the FDA   13 y  
The FDA allows trace amounts of food protein in vaccines
Trace amounts of food protein in vaccines Tuesday, April 20, 2010 9:59 AM To: ocod@fda.hhs.gov Please verify for me that the FDA allows trace amounts of food protein in vaccines. The sources are from the culture medium and the GRAS “pharmaceutical grade” food oils. Regarding the oils… the way I understand it, the FDA approved highly refined peanut oil to be GRAS and made it voluntary for pharmaceutical companies to list it as an ingredient. The FDA also gave the pharmaceutical companies the power to decide that other ingredients are GRAS without having to submit anything to the FDA ...   read more

Meaningless CDC Statistics   13 y  
The CDC uses scare tactics to promote vaccines. What is the reality compared to your child getting a fatal food allergy?
We get bombarded with statistics from the vaccine promoters. I love this phrase that they like to use: ”Becoming infected with ____ is much more dangerous to your health than receiving the vaccine to protect against it. However, like any medicine, this vaccine can cause side effects but the risk of serious side effects is extremely low.” Well, of course, becoming infected with a disease isn’t good. But WHAT is the chance of becoming infected with the disease? They don’t tell you that!! ======================================================= Vitamin K · ============================ ...   read more

BUY THIS BOOK!! The History of the Peanut Allergy Epidemic   13 y  
This book documents how mass immunizations caused the peanut allergy epidemic - a man-made epidemic
CONTACT: Heather Fraser info@peanutallergyepidemic.com The History of the Peanut Allergy Epidemic, the first documented history of the rise of peanut allergy, is now available http://www.peanutallergyepidemic.com Written by Heather Fraser a Toronto-based historian and mother of a peanut-allergic child, this meticulously researched book pinpoints the moment of the allergy’s appearance and reveals the perfect storm of social, medical, political and economic factors from which the epidemic has grown. The epidemic proportions of peanut allergy have spawned intense research into num ...   read more

High school student arrested for attempted murder using a peanut butter cup – True or False?   13 y  
fatal peanut allergy, food allergy, vaccines, vaccinations
False, that isn’t a real news story but it could soon be one because the fatal peanut allergy now affects 1 in 125 children. What? Schools and airlines are starting to ban all forms of peanut products because there are too many people now who could die if they SMELL a peanut! And it is not just peanuts. One inmate at a correctional facility has a fatal fish allergy. He will have an anaphylactic reaction to fish being cooked in a separate building over a football field’s length away. They no longer serve fish at the facility. It was on the news a while ago about the girl who die ...   read more

Amoxicillin and Tylenol cause food allergies in children   13 y  
Even if you don't vaccinate your child, if you give him drugs, you may be causing him to have a food allergy!
Two of the reported side effects of amoxicillin are skin rash and allergies. Peanut meal is used to grow the culture to produce it. It does not have to appear on the package insert. Supposedly all the peanut protein is eaten up by the time they make the medicine... ”Clavulanic acid presents good synergetic activity when associated with antibiotics such as amoxycillin, ampicillin, carbenicillin, ticarcillin, benzylpenicillin or cephaloridine, against ß-lactamase-producing organisms…. The organic nitrogen complex sources can be seed protein such as SOYBEAN meal, PEANUT meal, cottonsee ...   read more

Abraham, Hicks, positive thinking, what do we want?   14 y  
We know what we don't want. But we seem to have given up our American dream with all the fear mongering and controlled media that is going on in this country. We need to start talking about the NEW AMERICAN DREAM!!!
I have listened and read a number of the positive thinking books. ”The Secret”, Abraham-Hicks books, many others. They all say the same thing. Think about what you do want. If we want a free country, we have to believe we have one. If we are free, we have to act free. We have freedom of choice. If someone tells us to do something, we have the choice to say ”no”. We have rights. We believe in our rights. We believe in a country that gives people the freedom to take care of their own health. We believe in a country that has freedom of religion. We believe in a government that rep ...   read more

What to do if the vaccines become mandatory   14 y  
The laws are all in place to make the swine flu mandatory. Hospitals are requiring the vaccines to keep your job. A question had been asked on what to do to prevent ill effects from getting this vaccine.
What should we do if the vaccines become mandatory? 1. First ask if there are any exemptions. Use them if there are. One of the hospitals in Texas is mandating the vaccines but I did read that they will have a medical or religious exemption. 2. Check out how to get a medical exemption. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bE_f5l9pA4M 3. We need to dig in our heels and say NO! 4. The issue is not just a simple vaccination. This is about losing our rights. They are not putting together a plan to isolate people who are sick. They are putting together a plan to put healthy unvaccinat ...   read more

Required Vaccinations = Repeat of Nazi Germany in USA   14 y  
There are too many similarities between the rise of Nazis and the current situation here in the USA regarding vaccines. There is proof that vaccines cause ministrokes, autism, autoimmune disorders, and food allergies. What happened to the Constitution? What happened to Civil Rights? What happened to the idea of the government SERVING the people?
Germany/Hitler/Nazis USA/Bush-Osama/Republicans-Democrats 1926 Hitler Youth formed to brainwash the young people of Germany. http://www.rickross.com/reference/brainwashing/brainwashing49.html Teachers were forced to join the Nazi Party and attend special classes on how to properly teach the ideas of Nazism in their lessons. All textbooks were rewritten to tell the story of the Nazi Party and the future plans of Hitler. The history of Germany, and its greatness in the ...   read more

Prevent Food Allergies - Who Cares?!!   14 y  
Vaccines cause food allergies but few people care. They would rather be sheep and not have to think. The government loves and protects you... not!
Doesn’t seem like anyone really does care that vaccines cause food allergies. People are so brainwashed these days. Do you really think we have freedom of speech? TV, radio, newspapers are controlled by a few corporations. Everything is profit based. A huge part of their income comes from the drug industry. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you even if it means you spread lies. That’s what it is, too. LIES. It’s frustrating to have proof that vaccinations cause food allergy but not be heard. I don’t have a doctorate degree therefore my findings don’t matter. I didn’t write it up ...   read more

Swine Flu vaccine and food allergies   14 y  
Swine flu vaccine will contain squalene. How about a fatal squalene allergy? It is like being allergic to your own body!
If you haven’t figured it out that the swine flu vaccine is one to AVOID, read on. The vaccine is being tested... for about 3 weeks. The vaccine that is being tested is not the same as the public will get in mass. The test vaccine does not contain squalene. And what is squalene? It is the oil from sharks that will be used as a diluent and adjuvant. Adjuvant means that by adding the squalene the vaccine manufacturer can stretch the bacteria to make many more shots. It takes substantially less of the bacteria to have the body have an immune response. The squalene is also close en ...   read more

Still don't get it? Why don't all children have food allergies?   14 y  
Not every shot has peanut protein in it even though peanut oil is used as the diluent in the vaccine adjuvant
Question: I am confused. If peanut proteins are in vaccines then why didn’t my daughter have a reaction when she got her vaccines last week? Let...   read more

Trace amounts of protein + aluminum = allergy   14 y  
You can't say something is safe to inject when your studies are based on people eating the foods!
...   read more

E-mail to the FDA   14 y  
I wrote an email to the FDA...
I wrote an e-mail to the FDA ...   read more

Rough draft- final write up of findings: Vaccines Cause Food Allergies   14 y  
I've written a rough draft putting most of my findings in one article. I welcome your comments and constructive criticism.
A Study of the Association of Vaccinations with Food Allergies Barbara Feick Gregory Columbus, Ohio Obj...   read more

Delayed-type hypersensitivity reaction   14 y  
DTH is something that is much more serious than Dr. Offit would lead you to believe.
Paul A. Offit, MD says that " Delayed-type hypersensitivity reaction due to vaccinations" are nothing to be concerned about.... really???? J...   read more

Medical vaccine doublespeak - vaccines are safe because we haven't CLEARLY studied the adverse effects....   14 y  
Think for yourself. Don't fall for "herd immunity" which is really "herd stupidity". There are too many holes in the "vaccines are safe" doubletalk that the nation's expert on vaccinations spits out.
  Sometimes you read what our medical experts have to say and you wonder why we listen to these folks. You had better start thinking for yourself. ...   read more

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Vaccinations are the primary cause of food allergies. Infant formula, infant vitamins, and antibiotics that contain peanut products directly or indirectly may be secondary causes.… more...

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