Raw Milk: The Whole Truth
by chef jem
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"Some Things I Love About Milk"   13 y  
Blogger at: http://realfoodcure.blogspot.com/ gives her reasons for why she likes real milk
Originally posted on Saturday, May 2, 2009 ”Some Things I Love About Milk So, for those of you wondering why I think raw milk is so cool, it just so happens that in responding to an anti-milk article online I have written down a few of those reasons. Here is the article, in case you are curious: http://www.notmilk.com/kradjian.html And below is my response to it. The first part, in quotes, is from a posting of mine on a forum and after that is what I wrote today. I haven’t eaten at all today so my brain is a little funny. Please excuse any typos! ’I agree with a lot of ...   read more

Heidi, A Story About Children, Love and Raw Milk and An Inspiration for Our Present Day "Heidi Clan"   13 y  
The story of Heidi in light of Weston A. Price
Got Raw Milk Literacy? The story of Heidi in light of Weston A. Price by Sylvia Onusic, Hartke is Online! ”Most people know the story of Heidi, the five-year old Swiss girl who lived high up in the Alps, drank raw goat’s milk, ate raw cheese and dark bread, and ran wild outdoors with her friend, Peter. Heidi is famous for her vibrant health, happiness, and sunny disposition. Johanna Spyri, the daughter of a Swiss village doctor, who wrote the story in 1880, could never have imagined the success and popularity her book would enjoy. In those times, doctors used raw milk as a heal ...   read more

The Michigan Fresh Unprocessed Whole Milk Workgroup   13 y  
The future of "fresh unprocessed whole milk" in Michigan.
If you have seen: ”Raw Milk: The Whole Truth” then you are probably familiar with the following statement made by this Michigan work group: ”Of all the milk constituents, the milk fat globule is the most drastically altered by the combination of pasteurization and homogenization.” http://www.thecompletepatient.com/ Watch this clip of ”Raw Milk: The Whole Truth”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bD_aTnUWAZ0 the first few minutes talks on homogenization I find this next statement enhances what Dr. Dale Jacobson, DC shared on the above DVD: ”Each butterfat globule is surroun ...   read more

"The Commodifying of Milk"    13 y  
Underscoring of a comment that a viewer of "Raw Milk: The Whole Truth" made regarding "milk history".
"Ask The Acupuncturist" at YouTube comments on "Raw Milk: The Whole Truth: "The Untold Story of Milk 4 Videos These few videos provide an excellent synopsis of the history of milk. The commodifying of milk has caused a great divide in the quality of this traditional food from one that aids health to one that degrades it. Know your history, know the truth, and know your body." http://www.youtube.com/user/asktheacupuncturist Dr. Weston A. Price spoke in terms such as: "the palate tickling devitalized foods of commerce" in his " ...   read more

Update From Canada, Dec. 29, 2009   13 y  
Michael Schmidt, who heads the front lines for raw milk in Canada, reports on the state of real milk up there.
Gordon Watson wrote: ” below is the response from Michael Schmidt, to the concern which I published to my list, from Kurtis Staven, about farms producing raw milk in filthy conditions the goo...   read more

Your "Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness"!   13 y  
The Natural Solutions Foundation Citizen’s Petition - a "ground-breaking legal approach to compel the US Government to amend its Codex Policies ..."
In support of our sovereign Rights to Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness! The following Natural Solutions Foundation Citizen’s Petition is a ”ground-breaking legal approach to compel the US ...   read more

The A1 vs A2 milk controversy!   13 y  
"A2 beta casein is less likely to cause health problems than the usual milk containing the A1"
According to this article http://www.guide2.co.nz/politics/news/govt-rules-out-further-assessment-of-milk-safety/11/9099 the New Zealand government claims ”There was no need for a risk assessm...   read more

"Know your (Milk) History, Know the Truth, and Know Your Body"   13 y  
New subscriber to http://www.youtube.com/user/ChefJem33 makes an enlightened post.
A new subscriber to http://www.youtube.com/user/ChefJem33 adds an enlightened comment regarding ”Raw Milk: The Whole Truth” video clips at: http://www.youtube.com/user/asktheacupuncturist ...   visit the page

Almost "Ice" Cream Heaven!   13 y  
My delightful experience with new raw dairy products!
Recently I received a shipment of raw grass-fed butter and cream from a Wisconsin dairy that I am very pleased with! The butter is the creamiest butter I have ever had! I really like that the butte...   read more

His Life Changed (Saved?) By Raw Milk.   13 y  
Article and testimonial featuring raw milk by American veteran, father and third generation farmer.
My life was changed (saved, maybe?) by raw milk. My oldest son was born several weeks early and had many food sensitivities. We have been slowly healing him with raw milk over time and now he has a...   read more

Have You Tried Goat Milk?   13 y  
I am absolutely convinced of what Dr. Dale Jacobson, DC and Mark McAfee have said in the DVD that I produced regarding the difference between cow and goat milk!
After extensive experimentation in my test kitchen I am absolutely convinced of what Dr. Dale Jacobson, DC and Mark McAfee of Organic Pastures Dairy have said regarding the difference between cow a...   read more

The Whole Truth in Canada!   13 y  
Letter of response to the Health Inspector in Prince George who was advising a Canadian cow share not to "sell" raw milk.
It is my very good pleasure to share this informative "news" (from a leading raw milk advocate in Canada) as it is imbued with the kind of spirit that IMO can only come from a sovereign people. ...   read more

Monsatan and It's Political Whores   13 y  
"Kansas lawmakers and rBGH's producer, Monsanto, don't want to make consumers afraid of milk ..."
"Each milk, milk product or dairy product label that has a statement regarding the composition of milk with respect to hormones, including 'No Hormone,' 'Hormone Free,' 'rBST Free,' 'rBGH Free,' an...   visit the page

"UW Madison ... No Interest in Truth"   13 y  
Reply to my previous post on the exchange with Rusty Bishop.
Re: NUTRITION LAB - Dairy Research Center Director Rusty Bishop Responds Cheyenne of the Raw Diary Yahoo Group replies: "Save your energy. UW Madison is all about big dairy and big biz. They ...   read more

Faithful to the Dogma of Pasteurization   13 y  
E-mail exchange with "Rusty Bishop; Director, Wisc. Center for Dairy Research; Professor, Dept. Food Science; Univ. Wisconsin - Madison"
The following is a reply from a University of Wisconsin professor who directs their dairy research. I wrote the professor after reading an article in the LA Times http://www.latimes.com/features/he...   read more

San Diego Chapters of The Weston A. Price Foundation   13 y  
First posting regarding the San Diego Chapters!
There are two local chapters in San Diego County. They are: San Diego/Encinitas: Kim Schuette, CN (858) 259-6000, info@biodynamicwellness.com and San Diego/East County: Victoria & Robert Bradley ...   read more

Call Your Congressmember and Register Your Support of HR 778.   13 y  
"This bill (HR 778) introduced on January 29th by Ron Paul, will help tear down the FDA-imposed wall that criminalizes the interstate shipment of raw milk."
From http://www.organicpastures.com/_e-letters/e_letter_25.html This bill, introduced on January 29th by Ron Paul, will help tear down the FDA-imposed wall that criminalizes the interstate ship...   read more

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