Raw Milk: The Whole Truth
by chef jem
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The 9th Plank of the Communist Manifesto is the Destruction of the Small Family Farms!   14 y  
A parallel between real milk and real money
Posted at Raw Dairy Yahoo group on Thu Sep 25: "Is it INFLATION or ROBBERY we are victims of? Quarters minted 1964 and before contain enough silver value to purchase one gallon of gas then and...   read more

More People Have Been Killed by Sharks Than Have Died Drinking Raw Milk   14 y  
FDA propaganda re: raw milk is "Too funny"! Plus "What happens to bacteria in pasteurized milk after pasteurization".
From http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/RawDairy/message/38030 Re: [RawDairy] real story of REAL MILK versus FDA propaganda "Ooooo. scary. I think more people have been killed by sharks ...   read more

Final Calls (& FAXES) to The Governor's Capitol & District Offices Needed Now!   14 y  
The "final" rally for California's call to the governor on the raw milk bill!
From CREMA - The California Real Milk Association: http://www.organicpastures.com/crema/crema_news10.html "Final calls AND FAXES to the Governor's Capitol and District Offices needed now! ...   read more

Do You Believe What the FDA Says About Raw Milk?   14 y  
FDA's "propaganda" shows their bias against raw milk whereas "junk food, processed food, colorings and preservatives are approved"
From the Raw Dairy group at Yahoo.com: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/RawDairy/message/38001 "If you read what the FDA says about raw milk, you would believe that you are jeopardizing...   read more

Drinking Raw Milk Improved Her Acid Reflux!   14 y  
A college teacher shares their personal testimonial on the virtues of raw milk drinking.
December 19, 2018 - From: ”Beating Acid Reflux” - ”The Rules Here are the rules for the next 6 months. I have set these goals based mainly upon 2 books I have read. The first is Kathryn Pirtle’s E-book Acid Reflux: A National Epidemic and Precursor to Chronic Illness, Achieving Lasting Healing with Traditional Foods. Found here: http://performancewithoutpain.com/diet-for-acid-reflux-permanent-healing/. I had heard of her book ”Performance Without Pain” and the link between her chronic pain and acid reflux intrigued me since I have also been dealing with tendonitis issues since ...   read more

What Is A2 Milk?   14 y  
A1 and A2 are the two types of beta casein in milk.
This question was recently asked at the Raw Dairy Yahoo Group: What is A2 milk? The answer: "It's one of the two types of beta casein in the milk. The other type is A1. Beta caseins make up ...   read more

"Raising a Healthy Family" on Raw Milk   14 y  
You become immune to things your are exposed to if you're exposed gradually.
From the Raw Dairy Yahoo group: "...You become immune to things your are exposed to if you're exposed gradually it's better. If it makes you sick you build up immunities to it. My kids go out ...   read more

"One Final Call for SB 201 – The Fresh Raw Milk Act of 2008"   14 y  
CREMA, the "California Real Milk Association", endorses SB 201
CREMA The "California Real Milk Association" endorses SB 201: "Please contact Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s office at 916-445-2841 and follow the menus to voice your opinion." http://www...   read more

Why We Need You To Call Governor Schwarzenegger!   14 y  
Although "State lawmakers have given final approval to (this) bill" it is up to the governor to sign it into law and this article points to some concerns about that!
Monday, Sep. 01, 2008 Lawmakers OK exception for raw milk: http://www.mercedsunstar.com/167/story/430098.html "... Gov. Schwarzenegger has vowed to ignore most bills until lawmakers reach a de...   read more

Time to Call the Governor   14 y  
SB 201 "The Fresh Raw Milk Act of 2008" will be signed by the Governor only with your support!
"Please call Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and ask him to sign SB 201. When he was a body builder he drank raw milk. http://www.organicpastures.com/_e-letters/e_letter_22.html Chef Jem Ex...   read more

Letter to The Netherlands   14 y  
Additional Excerpts from Conversation With a Dutch Friend
"Just for you further information - the idea "cow-share" developed out of the government's anti-raw milk environments here in many of the states. There are over twenty states that have made selling...   read more

Whey to Go!   14 y  
More About Raw Milk Kefir
Just e-mailed a beloved friend alerting her to a discounted local cow share offer and encouraging her to consider seizing the opportunity! My "carrot" included the benefits of making her own kefir ...   read more

Raw Milk for Kefir!   14 y  
I Make Kefir with Virtually All The Raw Milk I Get
Next to my love of butter comes my enjoyment of kefir! In fact virtually all of the raw milk I buy is for the purpose of making kefir. I am currently making about a gallon and a three quarters of k...   read more

I Thank God It's Not "Against The Law" To Enjoy Raw Butter!   14 y  
Comment Submitted to Local Forage.com endorsing article: "Butter -- Don't Hate. Embrace"
I love butter! I am all the more grateful I live in California where it's not "against the law" to enjoy raw butter! I avoid going into places where the enjoyment of raw milk, cream and butter has ...   read more

The Fresh Milk Act of 2008   14 y  
Claravale Farm and Organic Pastures Dairy are grateful for your support on (California) Senate Bill #201
"Your Emails, Letters and Phone Calls Have Worked! SB 201 passed the last Assembly Committee hurdle with unanimous approval — not a single member of the Appropriations Committee voted against th...   read more

We need your phone calls to key Committee Members on Monday and Tuesday: July 14th & 15th   14 y  
Final support for California's SB201 which will be heard on Wednesday, July 16 in the Appropriations Committee.
http://www.organicpastures.com/crema/crema_news6.html " Let's Clear the Last Committee Hurdle for SB201: Fresh Milk Act of 2008! We need your phone calls to key Committee Members on Monday an...   read more

Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund - Anniversary (now 4th!)   14 y  
An article published at lancasteronline.com about the first anniversary celebration event of "Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund"
http://articles.lancasteronline.com/local/5/224030/ijczrawmilku5 This article includes a very brief but important point in the history of milk pasteurization having been first applied prior to...   read more

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