Uncovering The Starchild Within
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Ormus and My Moon Period TMI TMI TMI...   5 y  
TMI TMI TMI... if you don't like talking about menstrual periods this blog post isn't for you LOL
It literally is a moon period. I had no spotting. I hardly had any PMS either which may be due to more exercise in the form of walking and hitting the gym and not necessarily ORMUS. I do believe that the ORMUS is making me more sensitive to the spirit telling me to REST. I didn’t do any yoni toning, no punani power workouts with my jade egg and no morning chi gong either. I just did some womb yoga and some thanks and laid there listening to crystal bowl music and sleeping LOL in my red couch which was a coincidence haha. Half cap of ORMUS...for whatever reason spirit didn’t want m ...   read more

Ormus: Next Level Consciousness BAD BOSS GIRL EDITION!!!   5 y  
Upping my ormus intake today, prepping for the fall season and Aunty Flo new moon period power.
Today I up my dose of ormus... shoot I should take it right now LOL Galactivate ormus- 1 cap before morning chi gong and meditation. I took half a cap of ormus each day on an empty stomach since receiving my package. I find that it works better on an empty stomach AND a cup of black coffee...half a cup of black coffee and also a teaspoon of raw goldenrod honey lol The ormus helped with my Mother Holle meditation during my break this weekend. I was also motivated to do a coloring exercise with a patient. She colored some pages in an adult coloring book and I started a mind map. I t ...   read more

Plant Teachers for mental illness???   5 y  
seeing as how I am a psychiatric nurse I found this interesting...
http://bedfordandbowery.com/2017/04/hallucinogens-help-according-to-a-moms-memoir-and-sons-documentary/ There seems to be a growing consensus that conventional pharmaceuticals are not so great, as Cat Marnell makes clear in her recently published memoir, How to Murder Your Life. She describes how an Adderall prescription helped her ADD but also put her on a path that led to some serious Sid and Nancy and Girl, Interrupted scenarios (she also got to hang out with Courtney Love, but whatever). So where to turn when legal drugs fail you? The answer might just be hallucinogens, if we’re ...   read more

Galactivate Ormus   5 y  
Connect with Christ Consciousness, ETs, ancestors,etc.
Celestial Chi Gong practice   5 y  
a practice video I made for my teacher
Ormus   5 y  
My review of Galactivate is coming... I'm going on an intense ormus journey involving ormus, long distance running and chi going meditation
http://www.subtleenergies.com/ormus/tw/connecting.htm Have you ever wondered why we have not been able to prove to science that spirit exists and that it is the foundation of physical reality? Many scientists are interested in proving a connection between spirit and the body but their proofs are indirect and inconclusive. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a substance with properties of both spirit and matter which served as an intermediary between the two? The ancients often spoke of such substances. They spoke of Chi, Soma, Manna, Alchemical White Gold, mfkzt, the Fountain of Youth, S ...   read more

Exit the Job Matrix   5 y  
Exit the job matrix the shamanic way...I am a woman of my word. I'm going to work even though I really want to stay home and work on my garden and meditate.
Entering Asgard   5 y  
I was listening to this as I entered the gates of Asgard today...
chi gong exercise   5 y  
A chi gong sampler from the level 1 series
TRIP OUT ON DMT...Naturally!!!   5 y  
Join me on my DMT journey using meditation and chi gong! I don't need any of the drugs he mentions. I don't advocate the use of drugs in pursuing DMT personally.
https://dmtmeditation.wordpress.com/dmtmeditation/ What is DMT and how is DMT made within us? DMT (dimethyltryptamine) is made from our pineal gland, a small pine cone shaped gland that is located in the very center of our brains, and it is the most powerful naturally occurring psychedelic compound. DMT is present if not in all plants and animals most of them, and is a vital molecule for existing on this plain of reality as it helps give color to our lives and happiness of mood. Some report DMT to be also made and present within the human spinal cord, which may have to do with claust ...   read more

The Truth is Out There!!! A Series...   5 y  
a video by my spiritual teacher on nibiru,etc. YES I'M BACK ON CUREZONE
My Spiritual Arrival   6 y  
my contact experience
My Mom in the Kitchen   6 y  
Who are the Caribbean people???
Oh snap!!! No I didn't forget you guys...   6 y  
oh hai...I'm still here
Just been busy with school and work. Here’s a gem for you! And a fun video...   visit the page

Santa Muerte and Co.   7 y  
This is a beautiful video. It is so healing.
My Road To Suicide Series   7 y  
My video series on depression and suicide to bring light and live to the issues.
https://youtu.be/22sSbOCOgvo Subscribe to my YouTube channel because I don’t always have time to post videos. Like today I am at work taking a break. Even starseeds/starchildren nerd dinner breaks :)   visit the page

Two months? Really? Here's a quick video...   7 y  
Shot this one two weeks ago...wow can't believe I've not posted a video in months.
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