Uncovering The Starchild Within
by Ren
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Ashamed of being a Negative Person   13 y  
woke up in a snarky mood
I am studying the concept of ’thoughts being things’. As such whenever I have a negative thought or do a negative action, I feel embarassed and a little irritated with myself. Perhaps this is all part of the growing process of me, coming into my own. My vacation in Trinidad restored me enough to help me deal with the growing pains and all the rest of living life in America. I desire an Apple iphone but I also know my uncle needs a pair of shoes, needs therapy for his stroke and hope in place of his alcholism. Perhaps this is one of the Universe’s teaching moments. I feel better already ...   read more

White Headed Healer   14 y  
school is finally finished!
I wear my white cap with pride My Level of Care is not to be denied Sat with my residents as they died Slaved through nursing school, many days I cried It’s all over now so excuse if I act a little snide How’s that for some Saturday afternoon free verse LOL Now everyone who has read my blog knows what I’ve been up to. I’ve not really had the time to develop my spirituality until recently. LPN school was h-e-l-l and I’m glad it’s over. I guess hell is negative but I’m just being realistic. Most of the time I didn’t feel like praying. Had too much going on. I mean I prayed but no s ...   read more

Fox Totem...an omen for me   14 y  
my encounter with a fox
Well I had a mixed day today. I was up early in the morning but by the afternoon I had become frustrated and a little depressed. I told my husband I was going downstairs to take a nap and sleep off whatever was bothering me. When I woke up, I did feel better and had a generous slice of his freshly baked french bread. I set out to go for a headclearing walk and also to help digest the french bread. Well as I was heading up the hill right on the side of the road was a RED FOX. I stopped and looked at it. I tried to keep going but got a little nervous because it was just sitting on the side o ...   read more

Busy, Busy, Busy   14 y  
I'm back...sort of :-)
Sad I haven’t posted in almost sixty days. I’m sittin here thinking how unfortunate that my mother has to beg me to go to church. I do pray sometimes. The only time I pray is when I’m bike riding on the trail. Mother Nature’s beauty gives me a little help as I feel overwhelmed by the beautiful environment. I utter heaps of gratitude to God and feel truly part of the universe. Times like that I do feel part of the Universal Source of Life. I also feel the forest spirits speaking to me and the river speaks to me...very comforting. I suppose even the tick that attached itself to my back has a ...   read more

For Veta...   14 y  
my awesome boss died
My old boss, owner of Sundial Herbs in Uniondale, passed away yesterday. What a bright, beautiful spirit knocked down by someone young %¤#&!§-breaking a red light.   visit the page

My Mother, Myself   14 y  
my mother's cancer challenge
My mother has been diagnosed with advanced GI cancer. Today I did my first surrogate EFT tap for her. I remembered the vision I had during my eight gates meditation of her floating, naked with her eyes closed and me not able to speak to her.My sister too...I wonder if it was a premonition. Anyway, I am asking for everyone’s prayers, meditations, positive vibes. I feel better as a result of EFT tapping for myself as well. Thanks.   visit the page

My Cracked Out Eight Gates Meditation   14 y  
interesting encounter
Whoah I’ve not meditated for a month or two now I think...not deep. Not deep with the Proteus Mind Machine and a Steve Roach piece. I mean I set it up for thirty minutes because I had a few things planned. I actually found myself sitting in easy pose and having bodies parade past me. Not a bloody murder scene but just people I know, my mom, my sister, everyone in my life that is either sick or depressed,etc. file past me like they were on a conveyor belt. Then I said to myself I wanted to go into the garden where I usually meet Jesus Christ or the Blessed Virgin. I did see them but ther ...   read more

No Yoga During Menses???   14 y  
a little lonely this morning
I usually don’t do it during the first three days of my menses. I think the reason I used to continue to do bikram was because of the heat. Heat made me feel good. I just don’t feel like doing much exercise in the morning with my moon. I wonder why that is. Maybe it’s just laziness :o) I also feel alone. Something I hope goes away. Last night my sister called. Maybe she was sensing I was feeling a little lonely and homesick. Anyway, I found out my old boss was hit by a car and is in a coma. It made me angry. Angry that someone would run a red light and knock down a bright, active lady. Las ...   read more

Straight from the Breast   14 y  
strange dream...this is your brain on no sleep
What a weird dream I had...dreamed of nursing a boy about one year old in the middle of Walmart with my boob hanging out. I mean I know I’m a lactivist at heart but sheesh! I guess it was a good dream because I was dispirited yesterday. Dispirited because of sleep deprivation but now I feel better. I know the boy to be the son I’ve not had yet and his name is ’John Paul’ and one day his eternal soul will become actualised in my womb. I used to worry about be too old to have kids. If Nancy Grace can have twins at forty plus I can have them too. BTW, I used to be a Nancy Grace hater but I’m ...   read more

Seeing Through to the Other Side   14 y  
morning journal
This morning I wanted to quit yoga. I went to sleep a little later than I wanted to and then I woke up earlier than I wanted to. My body must love four am as a wake up time. Anyway, I stopped the DVD a few times and felt that if I quit that would set a really negative pace for the day. Not good when starting a rigorous education programme. Anyhoo, I finished but did not do the meditation because I didn’t want to fall asleep :-) I feel awake and plan to carry more food with me. Last night I was in bed and decided to do an impromptu meditation towards the Eight Gates. In this ’dream’ wor ...   read more

Thank You Lord for Yoga   14 y  
morning yoga COLD SHOWER!!!
I know some christians don’t like yoga. I remember when a neighbour friend of mine was telling me how her daughter gained so much weight. I handed her a card from the bikram yoga studio I was going to and she smacked it away. Ummm okay. Anyway, I started practicing kundalini yoga recently and I’ve started attending church more and caring about receiving holy communion and going to confession. I got up at 4 am this morning to do yoga and pray for two reasons. Today is my first day of nursing school. Second, I woke up at 4 am feeling totally rested and I decided to stay up and give yoga on a ...   read more

Christmas Donation to Curezone...Channukah,etc.   15 y  
please donate to Curezone!!
I get so much out of curezone.com Please make sure you send Curezone a Merry Christmas gift in the donation inbox. I refer people to curezone all the time and I know Spirit would appreciate the thoughtfulness.   visit the page

Power Manifesting and other Miscellany   15 y  
this, that and the other
I just handed over a $400 check to my FIL after he remarked, ’Well you two took my money away,etc.etc.” Just in his usual degrading tone of voice. I had not wanted to get involved with him and money but I trusted my husband to handle the affairs of obtaining a vehicle since he needs it for work. Well anyway, I felt terrible when he said this to me and a bit angry. However, when I was handing him the check I wished for financial prosperity instead of pointing out all his flaws, my husband’s flaws and feeling sorry about my situation. When I first heard what he said, I did get an instant hea ...   read more

Mother Love   15 y  
prayer request
My mom has two spots on her liver and stomach. The doctors do not know what they are. My mother’s doctor told her to continue her eating program which is predominantly rawfoods but she needs to exercise. Please pray, send positive healing vibrations to her. She would love to know there are people praying for her. My mom is a devout christian woman who prays the Rosary every day. Thanks.   visit the page

Cancer...A Call to Love   15 y  
tuned into emotion
I thought about posting this in my new Nursing in the Raw blog. However, it’s more about being reminded of my call to follow the path of being a Light Worker. Lately my life has not been so good, so positive and I’ve not done any serious meditation, praying,etc. and perhaps that’s why my life has gone to sh*t. Anyhoo, it dawned on me today that my emotional tumult this week could be because I’ve experienced a resident’s end-of-life cancer suffering on a profound empathic level. I’m back. Back into exploring the very edges of my innerspace. Stay tuned.   visit the page

Yoga Nidra download- FREE!   15 y  
yogic sleep guided meditation
http://www.freeyoganidra.co.uk/download.html I found this on wikipedia. I’m going to try it tomorrow.   visit the page

Mother Dreamed My Angels   15 y  
an update about recent happenings
My mother had a dream involving either my guardian angel or something else, my personal spirit guide. I tend to be believe that each person is assigned a guardian angel and that angel doesn’t have to look like a stereotypical cherubic thing playing a harp. Well it was a very comforting, reassuring dream. Right now I’m coming out of a slight depression. Things have gotten drammatically better since I decided to ignore the negative persons in my life and cleanse/declutter my living space. It’s a bit uncomfortable for me to declutter because there’s no real recycling here. Curbside pickup is ...   read more

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