Uncovering The Starchild Within
by Ren
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Plant Paradise/Mermaid wisdom I downloaded   15 y  
incredible insight
God speaks to me through the elderly residents I take care and everytime I look at the mermaid picture I have. I’m actually thinking of having a huge blowup picture but I think the smaller one is nicer and looks good in my little prayer corner. Anyway, I asked a dying resident to pray for me when she goes to heaven. I believe that she is doing so right now. So I looked at my mermaid poster and I began downloading this message from God... You have not been listening to Me. You have not been sitting still long enough to listen to Me so that is why I forced you to lay down in sickness. Yo ...   read more

listening to the bingeing/obsessions   16 y  
long post about understanding my 'tude
So am sitting here wondering what is going on...what had me start eating everything in sight before my mother got here? And now still eating to some degree more food that I usually eat? I know that in the house I live in everyone sits around and isn’t active and happy, except for my FIL. I have my husband who is happy (most of the time) but is affected by the subtle energies of the house. My SIL told my mom that there’s nothing to do in this town but stay in the house and watch television!!!!!! My mother is never going to come here to live :( I think that I’m somewhat affected by mother ...   read more

War Within Self   16 y  
more thoughts
I realise that I broke a nail at work. I felt a slight pain in my finger. Oh well. I know it’ll be gone by morning. So i cleaned up the basement apartment so my mom could see for herself that I’m not living in a pigpen. I don’t know why the mermaid holds such meaning in my life. I have my little serenity corner with my books that I’m reading for my other blog, my ribbon hat from my bridal shower and this picture...   read more

ho-hum   16 y  
couldn't hold this nutter back
My mother came to visit me for christmas. Repeated that having a baby would be a financial disaster and she hopes I don’t get pregnant before I get my own house. My husband doesn’t think we should have babies in poverty. Is anyone interested in some positive thinking!!!! I don’t even want to have sex anymore. What is the point if I am not going to have babies. It’s a waste. I’m grumpy and not in the Merry Christmas spirit. Where’s the chocolate cake, coffee and SAD food! Why are the meat eating, beer drinking, deer hunting, football watching, jeff foxworthy fanatics who scoff at people lik ...   read more

Resentment and Envy (why it kills!)   16 y  
tough time today emotionally
Envy: A feeling of discontent and resentment aroused by and in conjunction with desire for the possessions or qualities of another. Jealousy: Jealousy typically refers to the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that occur when a person believes a valued relationship is being threatened by a rival. The word jealousy stems from the French jalousie, formed from jaloux (jealous), and further from Low Latin zelosus (full of zeal), and from the Greek word for ”ardour, zeal” (with a root connoting ”to boil, ferment”; or ”yeast”). Today I was home getting full of cabin fever. It is snowing and ...   read more

I see dead angry people   16 y  
brief note about afterlife contact
Well apparently things go bump at about four in the morning. The malevolent spirits walk the halls when I do rounds on my job. I usually have to say the hail mary over and over THEN say to the spirit go and find rest. Usually it goes away or I have to say I’m ignoring you and go about my business. I’ve looked for books to read but most are about intentional contact of spirits. They’re contacting me and I have no desire to contact the spirit world on an intentional basis.   visit the page

Cruelty Free Thanksgiving (a happy, healthy and holistic celebration)   16 y  
some vegetarian/vegan thanksgiving day links
http://www.all-creatures.org/recipes.html http://www.cosmosveganshoppe.com/ http://www.veganessentials.com/ http://www.bupipedream.com/pipeline_web/display_article.php?id=3473 http://www.gentlethanksgiving.org/ http://www.famousveggie.com/thanks2000.cfm http://www.animalsvoice.com/PAGES/news/thanksgiving_fur.html http://www.theanimalspirit.com/vl.html http://www.metroactive.com/papers/sonoma/11.21.02/thanksgiving-0247.html http://www.adoptaturkey.com/resources_recipesAS.htm http://www.vegsandiego.com/veg/187/Third-Annual_Thanksgiving_Feed-Out_a_Huge_... http://vegkitc ...   read more

Mermaid Pools and Journeys to the Spiritual Barrens   16 y  
spiritual updates
I left the home I knew for twenty five years on July 5th, a very rainy morning. It was a ten hour drive to the mountains...oops I mean MOUDENS as my FIL says CUZ the Cross Island flooded out. Well anyway, my sister and I spent a day at Fire Island and we walked through the Pine Barrens. It is a truly beautiful place to go if you get to visit Long Island. I also was able to swim in the ocean completely naked, something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I felt completely free and the ocean water was a completely different experience than bathing with a swimming suit. I was brought back to t ...   read more

Spiritual Midwifery Part THREE plus...   16 y  
spiritual mothering
am I ghost whisperer or something? Or is my basement apartment, trainstation waiting area for the dead? Second time I’ve seen jawnai’s mother but for a brief second but in distress. It must be very hard for our deceased loved ones to watch us deal with life problems and not be able to help or maybe are even more distressed because they wish they could come back and change something. My husband’s mother was a very critical person and he’s been talking of her lately so maybe that’s why I saw her spirit. I get a lot of impressions at the nursing home. I’ve been getting them since I had an ...   read more

Spiritual Motherhood/Midwifery Part Two!   16 y  
more ramblings and a brief sex chat
I was thinking I should have put some of this on my wedding blog but I’ll leave it right here. It’s very spiritual to the core and at the heart of my mission to ’uncover the starchild within’. TMI TMI TMI TMI... XXX married xtian sex alert... Please don’t say I didn’t warn you. My husband and I attended mass this past weekend. We went to confession first. Halfway through the mass we were feeling eachother up practically. I was happy to be going to church with him. I felt quite bonded and I wonder if this is why monogamy is God’s very best for His children. Well anyway, I didn’t feel ...   read more

Spiritual Motherhood/Midwifery/all else on my mind today   16 y  
Serial Soap Opera of My Life Part 1
I am now blissfully EMPLOYED once again. I find that being a nursing assistant in a nursing home is a good channel for my quietly ticking,sometimes irritating bio clock. You know a soundtrack of Niagra Falls can be quite relaxing but a single drop of water can be torture. I know that God designed a woman to nest and desire babies around ovulation but I’m amazed at how irritated I used to get. I’ve only been married three months. Oh well anyway, I’m just asking the support of the Blessed Virgin Mary to help me fight any feelings of jealousy or resentment about not having children. I seem to ...   read more

The Sin of Sarah and Abraham- I Must Resist   16 y  
having babies on God's time
Look at what is going on in the Middle East. The war between the Jews and the Muslims are because two people, esp. Sarah did not wait on God. I’m not picking on Sarah because she’s a woman. It’s just that I felt a twinge of disappointment when my period came and I knew then that I wasn’t pregnant. I know in my heart that I should use this time where we can’t have children to prepare myself. Yet, part of me wanted a baby ANYWAY whether we could ’afford’ it or not. I hate that I have such an irritating Western mentality about ’affording’ children but there it is. The sin of Sarah was not wai ...   read more

The Story of My Mezuzah   16 y  
mezuzah in elk country
Before I decided to go back to christianity, I investigated a number of religions. I was a witch for a very long time. It was very hard for me to maintain the practice because I was solitary. Many of my fellow witches were intolerant of my non-witch beliefs and looked down on me because I wasn’t a feminist witch. Oh well...anyway, I investigated judaism on my own and I never really got into it because Long Island was just horribly materialistic. Jew meant being a rich, bitchy bitch who enjoyed long summers in travel camp. Plus I was an additional oddity not being white because it seems as ...   read more

The Roman's Road to Jesus the Messiah   16 y  
tried and true path to Godliness
I am not ashamed of the Gospel or to be a christian. The Bible is still the best selling book in the world. Knowing Jesus the Lord has changed my life and is responsible for all my interests that I’ve discussed in this blog. You are here: God Roman Road Roman Road: The Highway to a Relationship with God Roman Road – it’s not just a systematic way to build highways inherited from the Roman Empire in the 1st Century. It’s also God’s plan of salvation set forth in Paul’s letter to the Romans. Also known as the Roman Road, the following is a collection of passages that build a beauti ...   read more

Christian Mysticism and the Benedictine Monks/Nuns   16 y  
meditation on life 'without'
Today I talked to my mom on the phone. I was not having a bad or good day either way. We were talking about money issues and she was telling me about the new nursing programs opening up in NEW YORK and not where I live now, waaaaaaay out in the woods with the rabbits and skunks :-) Well anyway, I hung up and began to get irritated because the job prospects are not that great here and I don’t see how I’m going to build a financial future. I reminded her that the jobs for office work pay less than McDonald’s and Walmart and then she said.. well see what I was telling you about education? She ...   read more

Support the Work of DNA activation   16 y  
support spiritual DNA evolution
Please visit the Visionary Music website and read about the wonderful work they are doing. I’ve been listening to these CDs and especially these days, they’ve been a great help. They are powerful when combined with guided meditation or something I call ’free meditation’ which is to calm one’s spirit and allow the subconscious to open up and roam free. It’s almost like OBEs and even remote viewing. I also like to play them when I say my prayers and say the rosary which I’ve been getting back into. http://www.visionarymusic.com http://www.activateyourdna.com I have no connection to ...   read more

Life as a Blooming Thousand Petal Lotus   16 y  
some quiet morning thoughts
I do believe that I am in the beginning stages of this stage of life evolution. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted when I walked out of this house to be married. Actually, at one point on my honeymoon I was quite confused. I began doubting myself during the second half of the honeymoon when I began to secretly worry about spending money,etc. esp. on food. The preparation for the wedding exhausted me in every way and I do believe the lack of nutrition, physical and spiritual, contributed to my breakdown in body, thoughts and emotion. However, I began to tell myself over and over that I mu ...   read more

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