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Gorgeous New York weather!   16 y  
60 degrees and climbing..frost is OVER baby!
I feel like spending the whole day in the garden. Iíve cleaned the pond pump and turned it on. My beloved cherbunkins are eating quite greedily. When it gets warm enough, the pond algae will bloom and then Iíll completely empty it and get down in there and clean it toroughly. Everything has meaning. Everything has purpose. This is the last time Iíll be doing this. My mother is going to continue the pondkeeping and Iím taking the smallest fish with me. My new home is going to be a challenge since there are a lot of wild animals and I donít know how deep Iíll be able to dig the pond. Plus th ...   read more

aggravation   16 y  
venting about organic bedroom set
Iíve almost completely my bridal registry. Iím aggravated over my bed situation. I want an organic bed set. The mattress set alone is THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS. I live in fear of the day when I get pregnant and people will want to give me a layette and itíll be filled with toxic chemical clothing. What a country right? I can be discriminating about what I want my future children to sleep in and on. Anyway, Iím just venting because I know Iíll have to buy a shitty conventional mattress when what I REALLY want is an organic mattress with lovely hemp sheets. There I said it. I feel much better. ...   read more

A Return to Paris...City of Love (and lots of motor scooters)   16 y  
sunday stuff
The first time I went to Paris, I was really entranced by the place. My mom wasnít so impressed at first because she said it reminded her of Manhattan but a little dirtier. However, once we were on the Champs Elysee, boy did she ever forget about our grimy hotel *LOL* Not that the hotel itself was grimy but it wasnít in a very posh part of Paris and as such was a bit dirtier but it was okay. I didnít mind. We didnít have as good a time as we could have. We were with some people who had a negative attitude and we were left behind on the train. I vowed that Iíd go back to Paris with my ...   read more

Saint Therese: Case Against Suicide   16 y  
long article regarding Saint Therese and suicide
ĒĒ Home 3Tís Turning the Tide of Suicide 3ts.ie ********* Suicide: Insights from St. ThťrŤse of Lisieux Fr. J. Linus Ryan, O. Carm. The thought of suicide comes to most people at some time in their lives. For the majority it may be only a fleeting thought that is fairly quickly dismissed. But for others it can be a real temptation that must be strenuously fought. St. ThťrŤse of Lisieux, the Little Flower (d.1897), would seem to belong to the second category. Even though she was an enclosed Carmelite nun in a French provincial town, who died at the age of ...   read more

Raw For 30: A Raw Food Supersize Me Documentary   16 y  
new health food documentary
http://www.welikeitraw.com/rawfood/2006/03/raw_for_30_heal.html#comment-15307760 Check out this trailer at the welikeitraw blog. This is AWESOME.   visit the page

Raw Muscle: Breakthrough Part 2 article by Storm Talifero   16 y  
some thoughts body building on raw
I had a revelation about my seeming addiction to Starb*cks halfcaff and scone. I had it two days in a row and after today I just decided that Iím going to stop obsessing about quitting Starb*cks and leave my addiction alone. No Iíve not been doing my EFT tapping for caffeine and I suppose I should do it again but I just think that embracing this habit is going to get rid of it all the same. Iíve been eating organic apples, oranges for lunch and drinking green tea. I feel more energized. I get a container of plain yogurt and have that. Today it was brazil nuts and magical mystery trail mix ...   read more

Sunday morning blues   16 y  
uncensored emotional venting alert
Iím sitting here in bed. No one can convince that most all processed food is poison. Or maybe it was addressing some of my shower invitations last night that got me into this. Maybe it wasnít getting to speak to my fiance last night. Whatever it is, Iím just in a general bad mood this morning. Itís raining outside and not warm. I woke up in not so good a mood. I just feel like Iím taking two steps back whenever I try to do something good for myself. I feel powerless and inertial right now. Maybe itís just a brief phase and if I get up, Iíll be able to shake it off. Iím getting married in t ...   read more

When a man makes a woman feel like one   16 y  
yet another poem by me!
I was going to write this in an email to my dearest but I decided to share it with everyone. Itís just strange and unusual how I feel so awesome after talking so long to him. Here I was thinking of what to do about next about exercising, fasting and running. We had this long conversation about everything from wedding invitations to Christina Aguileraís bum tattoos. I feel so good, so complete and so happy. Of course itís because HE is happy. So hereís a poem that came on the spur of the moment: no pills, magazines or the approval of millions. no leering eyes no sexy clothes just t ...   read more

Crunchy Granola Conservative?? Wow that's so me.   16 y  
WFM isn't just for liberals...it's for everyone! Who knew?
Hereís an article (shamelessly filched from NRO). Sometimes I have to endure some friendly debate/discussion,etc. from friends and chat buddies on conservative message boards about not eating meat,etc. Oh well hereís a great article about folks with conservative beliefs who are into health food: http://www.nationalreview.com/dreher/dreher071202.asp Author Archive E-mail Author Send to a Friend Print Version July 12, 2002 8:45 a.m. Birkenstocked Burkeans Confessions of a granola conservative. alking with a conservative friend the other day, I mentioned that my wife ...   read more

Friday night lonely mumblings   16 y  
random thoughts of sadness
So here I am alone...at least my ibook is nice and clean. Wish it was black so it wouldnít show the abuse I heap upon it on a daily basis :-) Should be a compliment though. My dell laptop is an expensive paper weight since catching the macfluenza last year. Anyway, Iím alone because I managed to alienate my fiance by talking to him about my mother and sister asking about where we are going on our honeymoon. There are some things a man doesnít need to know and I should have known better that would hurt his feelings. Except I was selfish and didnít want to be alone in facing the possible cr ...   read more

Wednesday happenings   16 y  
this and that plus some memories about my so called ex
Iím still fasting and honestly I canít wait to eat again. Iím transitioning off to a mostly raw/living foods diet except for some steamed vegetables. I just canít eat broccoli raw BUT lightly steamed with some homemade apple cider vinegar and olive oil? YUM! Anyway, Iíve been having some interesting memories come back to mind while doing yoga,etc. This is in line with the things I wanted to do for lent. Lent is also the whole month of March and this is my ído or dieí month. April is going to be very busy and May will be also. Iíve not been keeping up with my rosary but Iím saying one tonig ...   read more

Happy Sunday-My experiences this week   16 y  
some notes about my week
Today is Sunday the first Sunday of the Lenten season. Yesterday I was steaming my face and everything and decided to do a guided meditation. My new policy is to only meditate at night. It is very frustrating, unnerving even, to be going deep within myself only to be interrupted and also so much noise. Iím taking my earplugs to church today so I can tune out papershuffling,etc. I must must must get back on track with saying my rosary as I didnít say it yesterday :( I got up early this morning and so after Iím done writing I decided to say it :-) Iím blogging about my fast in my Heal Thy ...   read more

Lenten Fasting-Day one   16 y  
lenten devotion to riding myself of sexual guilt and psychic pain
I decided to give up television for lent. Not that I watch television so much but it would carve out more time for me to read my books. http://43things.com is an excellent resource. Iíve listed a number of things I want to do and reading as many books as possible is one. Besides I want to use this time to cleanse and purify my brain spiritually and psychically. Iíve begun repeating longevity affirmations to myself and they are working. I find that Iím not able to tolerate arguments like I used to. For instance, I had a very mild falling out with my sister and I felt a negative vibratio ...   read more

What is Lent?   16 y  
10 minutes to Ash Wednesday!
http://www.catholic.org/clife/lent/ Welcome to Lent Dear Brothers and Sisters! 1. The evocative rite of the imposition of ashes marks the beginning of the holy season of Lent, when the Liturgy once more calls the faithful to radical conversion and trust in Godís mercy. This yearís theme - ĒWhoever receives one such child in my name receives me . Ē (Mt 18:5) - invites us to reflect on the condition of children. Today Jesus continues to call them to himself and to set them as an example to all those who wish to be his disciples. Jesusí words call upon us to see how children are tre ...   read more

Putting the FAT in Fat Tuesday :-)   16 y  
a love letter to my fiance
Well I have to say I ícelebratedí in style this weekend for Fat Tuesday, having slightly overeaten on cooked foods and not cooked foods of the best kind. Oh well, this wednesday Iím doing a thorough washout and enema for Ash Wednesday and also because I have my first gynecology appointment since being diagnosed with genital warts two years ago. I would ask that readers pray for me that I donít have anything serious like cervical dysplasia,etc. My periods are quite regular and my only íissueí is errr...well a slight mucosal issue of a feminine nature. I spent the weekend at my fianceís h ...   read more

What the Bleep! Do I Know??? Breakthrough Pt.2   16 y  
Saturday this and that
I finally got What the Bleep from the DVD queque at my local library. I have to say that for all the controversey surrounding this movie, it is an excellent film. Iíve watched snippets of it but I plan to watch it with my full attention tomorrow after church and yoga. Itís just really strange. Some people stray away from their christian faith because denoms like the Roman Catholic Church are seen as being not cool and too old and dead. I donít know. When I say the rosary now, I am very focused and aware of what Iím doing and saying mass puts me in a better altered state than chanting. Iíve ...   read more

Raw Vegan Radio Interviews My Gurus!   16 y  
raw vegan radio and misc.
http://rawveganradio.podomatic.com/ They are interviewing Storm Talifero of the The Garden Diet and also director of the awesome raw vegan documentary Breakthrough. See my review here http://curezone.com/blogs/m.asp?f=135&i=154 Also, hereís some great screen shots of the Talifero family... http://www.thegardendiet.com http://www.breakthroughthedocumentary.com/ The daily raw inspiration is back online and I got a great raw stir-unfry recipe. Looking back on my original review of Breakthrough, I feel compelled to check out and take inventory of my original life goals. ...   read more

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