Uncovering The Starchild Within
by Ren
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A Born Again Spiritual Person   7 mon  
my new spiritual journey...it's old and smells of fitness, trail dirt, and heathen unicorn poupses lol
I’ve been to hell, christian version then to heathen hell, where Mother Hel handed me my ass lol, then back to Midgard...HAIL! I will tell you all about it in my next blog post.   visit the page

Channeling Joy   32 mon  
My first ET channeling experience
I had a beautiful experience which I have yet to write about. I channeled an entity. I probably should ASK before I write. My spiritual teacher is the only one that knows that details. I will say that this being emphasized JOY. I had a shift from hell yesterday and remembering a sliver of this advice was helpful. While writing a cancellation letter for a gym, I was not as abrasive and bitchy as I wanted to be. When my period is near, I get salty and bitchy, and I’m not proud of this at all. Seems to have started in my 40s but with age comes great wisdom on how to tamp down that situatio ...   read more

Six Healing Sounds   2 y  
Mantak Chia guide to the six healing sounds for your chi centers
Don't Like Your Reality? Then CHANGE IT!!!   2 y  
Sharing my BORN AGAIN STARSEED! miracle chant...from the Earth Mother Herself.
Poltergeist...GONE!   2 y  
Poltergeist is gone for now
Get rid of poltergeist activity with cleaning up your spiritual house. 99% of poltergeist activity is originating from yourself. I stopped practicing my spirit fighting chi gong, yoga,etc. at night because I was coming home later and more tired. Big mistake. I made it my business to sit or twenty minutes to meditate using the HUUL breath and consistently doing the 5 elements breathing a.k.a. the six healing sounds of Mantak Chia. Also continuing to do ormus...no more poltergeist activity. However, I do have my dirty, filthy dining room that continues to be the most challenging ro ...   read more

What is a Poltergeist?   2 y  
poltergeists and me...intro to my plan to spiritually clean my house
I have a poltergeist in my house LOL...goodness. I’m pretty sure it is coming from me. Forks flying, noises not typical to my house... I had an anxiety attack this morning. Pretty sure this poltergeist activity is connected to the disorder in the home. More on this tomorrow, my day off. Time is starting to get away from me and I need to work out. Poltergeist activity 99.9% originates from the observer of such activity.   visit the page

Tripura Yoga Class 102 and Ormus Feast   2 y  
Starseed journal
Listening to Intro to Mudras on Zoom Chat right now... ”Yoga has a double meaning; it encompasses both the method and the end point...” Had a heavy shamanic journey experience today involving my inner child. More of this another time. Ormus breakfast feasting has begun... I am thinking about giving up coffee. I love espresso though lol Can’t wait till it is warm and see mushrooms again...I believe they are the OG extraterrestrials. I will attempt Starseed channeling another day. I am a bit drained by a shamanic journey today and cutting out carbs hardcore. 163.4# https://you ...   read more

My Starseed Mission   2 y  
Back with a new determination to live my ET fever dreams...come on let us be free starseeds!!🙏
I am back with my mission of bodily healing and soul retrieval featuring ormus and fasting and low carb diet with occasional treats. So much has happened to me. How is everyone else doing? I wonder if Leslie is still alive. I like him. I will go check now.   visit the page

celebrity suicide dharma talk!!   5 y  
Tune in live and join in the chatroom with me...Emerson's Coffee Bike!
No Toxic People, Just Toxic Emotions   5 y  
long drama filled post...get your tea cups lol
Just sat down to the computer. This is late for me as it is 07:15...these days I’ve already gotten my workout and meditation in. All things are possible on a day off :-) Yesterday I had such a good, productive morning and then it went to shit by the afternoon. My husband brought home a car that costs $6000 and at first I was like...okay cool but then I was like...another bit of debt to TRAP ME. I’m getting a sign on bonus from when I graduated last year. Y’all know I am wee behind on my student loans LOL because I don’t want to pay that b*word at all. Anyway, my husband was after me ab ...   read more

Beautiful Sun...Healing Sun   5 y  
monday morning blog...a day off!!!!
Laid out on my front porch till a tan line began to develop. Now I am inside and just had the rest of my half cafe with mct oil. Early am sun is so good for you, so healing... I need as much vitamin D as possible so I will lay out again later for another twenty minutes. My ethnic mix I tan in about ten-fifteen minutes without any help but I will rub coconut oil even though that oil makes me prone to burning. I am out of the Onnit MCT oil and almost out of my alpha brain supplement. It is the only formula that seems to work for me. Working in geriatric psych has made me a little paranoid ...   read more

Healing My Gut with Herbs and Prayer   5 y  
TMI: my wormwood kit and forthcoming parasite cleanse
The nurse practitioner stated that there is no treatment for viral gastric enteritis. In my head I am remembering a bible quote that is a favorite among rastafari... For of the Most High cometh healing. Ecclesiasticus 38:2 I found a wormwood kit for half price off at the healthfood store. I started taking it thursday. Yesterday I had two loose stools but I didn’t have loose, watery poo at all the rest of the day. Today I had my first formed BM. Luckily, our local gas station has health food. I will eat from there today and fuel my 12hr shift with a balanced macros meal. In other w ...   read more

Spiritual Roots of Disease   5 y  
recent stomach bug has me thinking...
Seeking a shamanic understanding of my recent gastric illness. It’s probably giardia. Today I will purchase the wormwood kit and carpet bomb my body with herbs lol Yesterday was pure joy. I was able to ride my bike downtown to the church to light a candle for Santa Muerte, then to the library, and finally to community exercises. Maybe I will attempt to communicate with my parasites and find out why they are here lol...as my spiritual teacher says, every disease has a spiritual root. I do need to clean my home. It is in a state of disorder, and also filth. Yesterday I began wit ...   read more

My Place in the Universe   5 y  
Almost daily vlog of a starseed citizen of the multiverse
Today I thought about my place in the universe as I walked to my father-in-law’s house. First of all, I was thinking about my place in the universe as I walked into the kitchen to pack the dishwasher. Why am I here? Why am I doing this thing...walking into the kitchen with dirty dishes,etc? I was listening to Joe Rogan’s podcast with Tom Bilyeu, and the topic was AI...artifical intelligence. It got me thinking about my own brain and intelligence and my n=1 experimentation with biohacking and memory improvements. Before that, I was so tired from working 12hr shifts, riding my bicycle ...   read more

Returning to Writing   5 y  
I'm writing once again. I love writing more than youtube which started out as leaving a vlog of myself because I didn't kids. I don't want to be forgotten.
I love making videos but...it’s weird to have six views for a good video. So much has gone on with my starseed journey. I am starting my own business, a spiritual business. When I get it up and running, I will post about it on here. Right now I am doing some light fasting to tune up the self discipline and to receive messages easier. My ET contacts have been working with me to heal some unconscious trauma holding me back, assisting the Gods with this work. For me to break through with the work I want to do, I need to let go of all conscious and unconscious baggage, up to and in ...   read more

open your third eye live stream   5 y  
Opening your third eye...from a European shaman perspective
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