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Date:   2/15/2006 11:11:54 AM ( 17 y ago)
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I am looking around to find real people who have juiced and gone on raw food diets. I am thinking of buying a good juicer and getting started. I have wanted to try it for years. I really appreciate your comments. They seem genuine, which is unlike the letters that are posted by people that are trying to sell things.

I would like to pick your brain if possible. Have you found a good way to wash fruits and veggies in order to get rid of waxes an so forth? I have tried several products and find that they all taste terrible even though they claim to not alter the taste of the fruit/veggie being washed. Do you really believe that there is fungicide or pesticides in the wax on apples or that there is a significant residue on other vegtables? I'm not sure I buy into that.

Thanks again for your comments.

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