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Date:   1/14/2006 12:45:28 PM ( 16 y ago)
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Hey there, I have been reading your blog, it is interesting.

Yes, fruit does leave you hungry really fast. That's why it's better to keep eating it all morning. Like eat the apple, an hour later eat the mango, and another hour later eat the banana. Then that banana could probably hold you until lunch. Considered better not to combine fruits with each other, too (if you care).

Fat really does the trick in keeping you from being hungry.
If I don't have to wake up too very early then I am fine on fruit only for breakfast. However when I was in school I had to eat breakfast around 7 a.m. (VERY early to me) and couldn't eat lunch until 1 p.m. I tried to figure out what I could eat for breakfast that wouldn't leave me starving, and would be healthy. However, early in the morning, anything except fruit turns my stomach. I MUST eat fruit first or I will feel nauseated.

What I ended up doing was:
Upon waking, go immediately into the kitchen and eat 1 piece of fruit. Usually fruit that can be combined with other food, such as pineapple or papaya. (I was living in the tropics then so I could get cheap fresh tropical fruit all year round).
Go back to room, get dressed.
Go back to kitchen, eat something like:
1 cup of oatmeal with 1 heaping Tbl. coconut oil, flax seeds, and topped with cilantro and 1 head steamed broccoli. Sometimes I would stir 1 egg into the finished oatmeal to lightly cook it. (I know that all sounds weird. I had decided that those were foods that I wanted to eat, content-wise, so I just put them together and discovered that it tastes REALLY good).
2-3 pieces of whole grain bread, for example I really like that sprouted Ezekiel bread you mentioned. Toasted. Then saturated with as much olive oil as they can hold. Sometimes I would top one with raw almond butter, top another one with a small amount of fruit-only preserves. Sometimes smash 1 avocado with a little sea salt, heap on the bread.
Sometimes I would smash the avocado with salt and then spread on romaine leaves and eat.

Then, I would take a snack with me to school. An apple. Or 1 piece of aforementioned toasted bread, spread with almond butter and folded in half. I would eat that around 10:00.

I also would drink green tea all morning, 2-3 cups.
As you can see, I had to eat a lot of fat to last until lunchtime! My metabolism would really be roaring along, burning up whatever I put into it, especially if I had exercised the day before. Too many carbs made me feel sleepy and protein foods are heavy and kinda yuck to me in the morning but the fats really made me feel good and steady.
On the other hand, it is not uncommon for me to eat nothing but fruit all day on some days. Maybe nothing but fresh peaches. Or nothing but oranges. Nothing but strawberries. As long as I didn't wake up too early and there is some tantalizing fruit around, I am fine with that.

The point is that I was and still am experimenting. You'll figure out what works for you. Keep up the good work!

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