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Date:   11/1/2022 9:36:14 PM ( 4 mon ago)
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The is no COVID.

Its just another name for the common seasonal flu. The scheme was cooked up to get people to willingly subject themselves to be injected with a poison that is intended to shrink the world population, while the WEF club of elites get filthy rich off of the die-off.

Watch Dr Robert Malone interview Part 1 & 2:

Part 1: Dr. Robert Malone On His Legacy, Bill Gates & Being Attacked As Controlled Opposition
Published September 28, 2022

The vast influence of Bill Gates and his globalist allies in the world of medicine and beyond cannot be understated. In an interview with LifeSiteNews's Jim Hale, mRNA pioneer Dr. Robert Malone describes how Bill Gates and his foundation seek to monopolize the world and its institutions, how fellow conservatives have accused Dr. Malone of serving the New World Order, and the toll the fight for freedom has taken on his personal life and family.


Part 2 Dr. Robert Malone: 'The rules have never applied to Tony Fauci'
Published September 29, 2022

Dr. Anthony Fauci's intentional mishandling of the COVID pandemic and outright lies before Congress continue to be exposed despite Deep State efforts to hide its actions. Join LifeSiteNews senior correspondent Jim Hale in part 2 of his exclusive interview with mRNA pioneer Dr. Robert Malone as they discuss how Fauci and other Deep State actors may become liable for their actions, how communities of faith have notably resisted the mind control pushed by the mainstream media, and how LifeSiteNews serves as a beacon of hope against the globalist agenda.

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