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Date:   10/29/2009 8:56:15 AM ( 14 y ago)
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Let's see. Squalene information from the WHO. Gee, I feel I can trust these folks. After all, the trust them in India where they have made the women infertile using vaccinations!

Isn't there a lawsuit against them by an Australian? Yes, I believe so. It has something to do with the WHO planning to reduce the world's population by using vaccinations...

And Thimerosal is safe in an innoculation? Maybe if you consider ministrokes to be a minor side effect. Yeah, those eyes that can't focus properly in children.... ADHD.... Alzheimer's.... after all it is all the toxic waste in the vaccines that cause the ministrokes so Thimerosal doesn't make the vaccines more toxic...

Suggest you do some more reading and studying. Don't just read the crap dished out by the drug companies (the CDC and WHO are basically part of the drug companies since they are controlled by them...)

Do a search on "Andrew Moulden" and wake up!

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