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Date:   5/11/2009 8:58:50 PM ( 14 y ago)
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The body is designed to heal itself, and that is why we have an immune system. We have grown up in a culture that wants to "get rid" of any discomfort, and wants a quick fix! Well, most people fail to recognize that in doing so, it is hurting in the long run by suppressing our natural immune response to sickness. By suppressing symptoms, we are actually prolonging our illness and could be making it worse.

Thank you for the article. The best way to help others is to educate them on how the body works and what natural ways they can help their bodies heal themselves. For instance, oil of oregano is an excellent natural anti-viral that helps the body fight against bacterial, viral, fungal and inflammatory illnesses. Nature provides us with all sorts of natural remedies to help our bodies heal themselves.

I am also on a crusade to educate others on the benefits of natural healing. I am also working on my Bachelors Degree in Alternative Medicine. Please stop by my website for articles pertaining to natural healing and leave me a comment if you wish.


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