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Date:   12/15/2007 5:21:11 AM ( 15 y ago)
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Hi Tiki

LOL It’s small world eh? Yes, I know herb allure very well. I’m pretty active over there. I go under the same name there too. It has been a wonderful release to be able to talk to people with the same problems. The moral support on herballure is just what I need on my rough days. My life is considerably better for being able to discuss all this…….difficultness.

In fact the cat experiment thread started over there, this curezone blog is a watered down version of the same thing! I know curezone has a much wider audience and I just knew someone one day would benefit from my experience & experiment.

I was gonna copy yr messages over onto that thread….or do u want to do that? Its in the “health for your pets and animals section.” Come and say hello. Comms is much easier.

Re timings…..when I looked back I also discovered times without pets was when I felt a little better. I used to be able to practice yoga everyday. Then we got the new cats I could no longer practice….but its only in hindsight that it was possible to figure that out.

I am so excited you have started the cat diet. I defo want to be keep posted. 100pct keep me posted.

IMHO I don’t think you wasted a penny removing amalgams and then chelating. IHMO these things HAVE to be done, you are and will remain considerably better, both physically and mentally, because you took such control over your own health.

Reading your words about searching and searching…..rings so true with me too. I have tried so many things to get better, it was only when I started doing the things that I did NOT think it was, that I actually started getting better. i.e. when I stopped listening to all those useless doctors pointing me in the wrong direct, when I stopped listening to all those lab results.

When I detoxed my life…… I started got better. That includes the hidden toxic cats. I remain incredibly proud of myself for thinking out the box and finding that.

It is amazing that in healing oneself, all roads lead to Rome.
The healing protocols are all the same, clean up the diet, clean up the environment, body cleansing. If you do these things you put your body in a position to heal.

Health taken over your life….me too…..just checkout my herballure posts…..yup taken over for sure;-)

Re emotional symptoms…..i have my emotional symptoms under control with all the other things I have done to heal. Specifically 3 years of learning the Alexander Technique. 3 years. Practicing 2-3 times per day. 2-3 lessons per week….for 3 years…..for a long time it was the only thing keeping me together. That was before I discovered any of this alternative medicine way of life that has been so beneficial. Hard hard work that was, but as I said…kept me together for a long time. (but didn’t help getting the mercury out of me!) mentally i am a pretty good now because of the Alex T.

You are not offloading baggage onto me, you are enriching my life by sharing.

Did u see my latest update to the Blog?




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