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Date:   12/14/2007 9:07:13 AM ( 15 y ago)
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Hi there Tiki

You made my day! Thank you. I hope with all my heart that my findings help and work for you.

If you are having problems and the timings seem to co-inside with the cats, then the raw meat diet is well worth trying. The minimum you will achieve is ultra healthy happy lovely cats. I would say that is 100pct guaranteed.

Will this change in the catís diet affect your health? You can but try. It worked wonders for me. Absolute wonders. It was however the straw the broke the camels back for me, as I had been trying so hard, trying so many things to get better. But you been trying loads and loads of things too, so it could be yours too! Now thatís a nice thought isnít it! Happy Christmas! LOL

Mental symptoms?

My short term memory is not very good. Typing or saying the wrong word when I mean another. Forgetting simple words in the middle of a sentence. Before I knew about mercury problems I though this was just the way I was made. I assume they are hardly noticeable to the outside world. Of all these things the short term memory is the worst.


I have become very withdrawn and much prefer to spend time on my own. Is this because of the mercury? Is it just a general symptom of being chronically ill? I donít know.

I used to get very angry. I used to have wild mood swings. I used to get a bit of depression. But not any more. Other things that I have done have helped control these problems, so much so that now they are no longer present. These things have been sorted out before the cat experiment started.

I was pretty grumpy. I have been chronically ill for a long time and everything I tried only made a marginal difference. Thatís enough to make anyone grumpy!

Did I experience any improvements in these since the cat experiment?
The majority of these problems are (I believe) caused by the mercury in my body.

What has changed isÖÖIím not so grumpy anymore;-)
My outlook on life has drastically gone up, I am much happier generally because I am healing. It is a slow process, with plenty of two steps forward and one step backÖ..but I am healing and that has changed my attitude. Now when I do something, like a parasite cleanseÖ.i am actually healing and getting better. Forwards progress is noticeable.

100pct I am moving upwards in my health and that fills me with joy, even on the rough days that I have.

I am chelating the mercury now with DMSA, which brings its own problems, but everything that happened in the blogs is still in place. None of the allergies have returned and I continue to heal. My diet is a million times better than it was.

If you do try this out the cat diet, pls let keep me posted. I AM SO EXCITED someone else might benefit from this too. Thatís the reason I started this blog in the first place.

Happy dayz


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