Re: Multiple food intolerances & multiple chemical sensitivities & allergies by Sunshine P .....

Date:   10/17/2007 3:21:43 PM ( 15 y ago)
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HI Muchbetter, Iím much better too;-)

I have been waiting for someone to tell me more about this raw meat diet in pets and the connection to humans and their problems. I am working in the dark on this, so if u remember where u read about this Iíd really appreciate a nod in the right direction.

I continue to be amazed that this happened to me, so any more information will be cool.

I must say I didnít find the switch difficult for the cats. They had no choice; I just did it cold-turkey(LOL). It was no problem. I was out of the house in the day, so the cats had no chance to sit looking up at me all forlorn, lost, hungry and miserable. They liked and ate the food straight away anyway.

(If my wife had been around, Iím sure I would have been different, but she wasnít, so no tit-bits available so they had to eat it up.)



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