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Date:   7/19/2007 9:40:32 PM ( 15 y ago)
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i dont know. you could look at how you feel? you could also look up adrenal fatigue on the internet? there are some good sites that give symptoms etc. oh the site for the place i am working with is
all their stuff is bioidentical and they do supplements and also lifestyle changes (to more healthy) very nice.

mine were totally taxed out. almost nonfunctioning really. he was surprised i was able to get out of bed in teh morning they were that bad. i had wondered why i always had a hard time getting rid of the fat in the middle also. that is where it always STAYS. doesn't matter how hard i work out or what i eat, there it stays. with as much as i work out one would think that i would be skinny as a rail (not that that is the look i am goig for) but seriously.... i have to FIGHT tooth and nail for each pound and inch. so at least now i know why and hopefully that will remedy itself when they get up and running again.

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