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Date:   3/25/2006 6:02:10 AM ( 16 y ago)
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Get some good MSM capsules, at least 500mg to 1000mg each and take AT LEAST 3000 mg per day. I take 6000mg right now and my hair is awesome and so are my nails. Another thing is that sometimes the raw food diet can dry hair out and a lot of black women's hair is already dry. Take in a lot of good oil. If you are not vegan, fish oil will help a lot. Otherwise, there are great oils like flax, borage,etc. If you process your hair at all, that will definately make it drop. Chemical processes like coloring, straight/curly perm,etc. dries hair out bad. Do you straighten your hair? You can blow it straight and use natural oils to hold the blowout. Not saying these things to patronising. I just worked in a health food store with a 99% black female clientele and notice the hair falling out thing with vegan ladies who don't supplement. OH! Make sure you are taking a B12 supplement.

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