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    My Hell with Multiple Food Intolerances & Cats Raw meat Diet

My Hell with Multiple Food Intolerances & Cats Raw meat Diet
by sunshine p

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  • Curezone healing protocol - I have tried it all:-)   by  sunshine p     15 y     3,011       5 Messages Shown       Blog: My Hell with Multiple Food Intolerances & Cats Raw meat Diet
    1st of November 2007, now that is a day for me to remember.

    On this day I completed everything on the curezone curing protocol.

    Everything! Impressive eh? I am very happy. It has been a long hard slog.

    I had my last amalgam filling out on the 1st November. I am now amalgam free!
    Happy happy dayz!

    I am a much healthier man than I was.

    1) I completely revamped my diet. I used to think I had a healthy diet, but the plain fact was I didn’t know anything about a healthy diet. Bugger all! Educated myself massively, really got down to the nitty-gritty and really learned whats what. Must have read 10 food books and another 10 health cook books.

    2) 9 liver flushes this year. Not clear of stones by a long way, but I discovered many new things about myself this year, and before I do more liver flushes I have some other things to do.

    3) 1 parasite cleanse. Humaworm. This is truly an excellent product. Parasites is a very big part of my problems and Humaworm was brilliant. I will be doing these cleanses as often as is prudent. Need to leave 3 months in-between cleanses. Now I know what certain aches and pains are from!

    4) Bowel cleanses. The less said the better really, but my BM’s are regular now. Minimum one per day, but most days its 2 and on good days its three.

    5) Kidney cleanse. Did two of these. Andreas Moritz formula. Good to do. really helped.

    6) Dental clean up. Ummmm. Expensive. Difficult. Painful. Intense. Scary. But 100pct essential. I have learned so much about this.
    This year i have had 8 amalgams replaced and one metal maryland bridge replaced with a non-metal bridge.

    This is my root cause.

    The reason nothing is working correctly.

    The reason my liver is clogged.

    The reason my digestion was so bad.

    The reason my kidney was clogged.

    The reason for my muscle weakness and the reason for my really bad & painful chronic back pain.

    Everything comes back to this. This is the reason for the slow slow healing. My body is so full of this nasty nasty poison that healing is very difficult.

    Amalgams. Mercury poisoned.

    I have all the symptoms. I tick all the boxes. My hair test results have great big flash signs that say “MERCURY TOXIC”

    When you learn about Mercury Illness it is very scary. It is very serious. It causes so many problems and is so difficult to get a diagnosis from today’s mainstream medicine.

    I consider myself to be very very lucky to have discovered I am mercury toxic. So many people will just struggle on through life, with gradually declining health, doomed never to get better. Most people have amalgam fillings and so few people know that these fillings are 50pct mercury and that it is constantly leaking and screwing them up, gradually filling up their organs with this toxic slag.

    Curing and recovery is tricky, slow, long and laborious, but I have the rest of my life ahead of me. Minimum 1 year, but probably 2 years. I am only 38 years old. As long as I keep educating myself it will happen.

    I will be following the Curing protocol from Andy Cutler. His book “Amalgam Illness” is a fantastic book. If anyone reads it, I tick all the boxes! Chelation starts next Friday.

    Thanks to Curezone. I have learned so so much from this site. This site has been my base. My rock. It is a bit of a mad house sometimes, especially the really active forums, but I love it. Sites like this are changing the world and it wonderful to be a tiny part of it all. I have tried and learned so many things. Oil pulling, dry skin brushing, detox baths, growing my own food, ACV, coconut oil….the list is endless.

    I continue to heal……..

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    sunshine p
    • Re: Curezone healing protocol - I have tried it all:-)   by  TikiTali     15 y     2,049
      Hi Sunshine,

      Im so very happy for you and pray that you stay on your road to recovery, what a wonderful blog to read. I have been convinced myself that something in our house is poisoning me but no mold or anyhting else i can find so i keep going round and round in circles searching desperately for answers. We have a cat and since we got him, in august my health has seriously deteriorated, my food allergies have gone through the roof and i can also only eat salad, i feel like im starving myself to death and my family think im anorexic which hurts so bad because if i could eat i would, i sorely miss the days when i could eat and drink anything. The one thing that scares me is that you never mentioned any emoional or mental symptoms which is another one for me that is geting worse by the day. Fear, anxiety, continous worry, depression, guilt and the list goes on and on. I had my amalgams removed 2 years ago and chelated etc, it helped a little but that was just as we lost our two cats so im thinking there must be a connection. Now we got our new baby, a spyhnx in August and ive spiralled down ever since. IAM SO EXCITED to have found your blog, i truly am, i dont have any of the usual allergic to cats symptoms just like you but am runing out of options after also liver cleansing, colon cleansing, going back on chelation after two years, parasite cleansing, running out of options here.

      Thank you for giving me hope and please, i know its personal but if you could share any emotional or psychological symptoms, and any improvements, if you had any, please let me know. I would be so greatful.

      Love and light
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      • Re: Curezone healing protocol - I have tried it all:-)   by  Sunshine P     15 y     2,072
        Hi there Tiki

        You made my day! Thank you. I hope with all my heart that my findings help and work for you.

        If you are having problems and the timings seem to co-inside with the cats, then the raw meat diet is well worth trying. The minimum you will achieve is ultra healthy happy lovely cats. I would say that is 100pct guaranteed.

        Will this change in the cat’s diet affect your health? You can but try. It worked wonders for me. Absolute wonders. It was however the straw the broke the camels back for me, as I had been trying so hard, trying so many things to get better. But you been trying loads and loads of things too, so it could be yours too! Now that’s a nice thought isn’t it! Happy Christmas! LOL

        Mental symptoms?

        My short term memory is not very good. Typing or saying the wrong word when I mean another. Forgetting simple words in the middle of a sentence. Before I knew about mercury problems I though this was just the way I was made. I assume they are hardly noticeable to the outside world. Of all these things the short term memory is the worst.


        I have become very withdrawn and much prefer to spend time on my own. Is this because of the mercury? Is it just a general symptom of being chronically ill? I don’t know.

        I used to get very angry. I used to have wild mood swings. I used to get a bit of depression. But not any more. Other things that I have done have helped control these problems, so much so that now they are no longer present. These things have been sorted out before the cat experiment started.

        I was pretty grumpy. I have been chronically ill for a long time and everything I tried only made a marginal difference. That’s enough to make anyone grumpy!

        Did I experience any improvements in these since the cat experiment?
        The majority of these problems are (I believe) caused by the mercury in my body.

        What has changed is……I’m not so grumpy anymore;-)
        My outlook on life has drastically gone up, I am much happier generally because I am healing. It is a slow process, with plenty of two steps forward and one step back…..but I am healing and that has changed my attitude. Now when I do something, like a parasite cleanse….i am actually healing and getting better. Forwards progress is noticeable.

        100pct I am moving upwards in my health and that fills me with joy, even on the rough days that I have.

        I am chelating the mercury now with DMSA, which brings its own problems, but everything that happened in the blogs is still in place. None of the allergies have returned and I continue to heal. My diet is a million times better than it was.

        If you do try this out the cat diet, pls let keep me posted. I AM SO EXCITED someone else might benefit from this too. That’s the reason I started this blog in the first place.

        Happy dayz


        Note: The replies to these blogs are not very good, email notifications don’t work very well.
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        Sunshine P
        • Re: Curezone healing protocol - I have tried it all:-)   by  TikiTali     15 y     2,419
          Hello again sunshine,

          Thanks so much for responding so quickly, i really thought it would take a while for a response as i wasnt sure you would still be on the forum, People tend to leave once they feel better.

          I started my little guy on the diet yesterday, he had no clue what to do with this new "stuff" in his bowl and wouldnt touch it, i then mixed a small amount of his tinned food with the chicken and he was much happier, shame i'll have to just introduce him to it slowly Eeeek

          I was so happy to have read your blog, it really is a last hope for me and Im pretty sure that both times i got sick, about 3 months after we introduced new animals into our home is not just a coincedence. Last time i got sick i said to my boyfriend that i wonder if the animal is not poisoning me in some way, deep down i had a feeling and he said NO WAYS, i also thought it just couldnt be and im just looking for a scape goat so i left it at that and moved on to mercury poisoning as I had so many of the symptoms. I must say mercury removal and chelation (same time as losing our animals) made me feel a whole lot better but now that i find myself back where i was I am utterly devestated as I feel spending ALL that money on chelation and removal was a total waste of time. Im sure you can imagine having spent all that yourself.

          I have been searching and searching for a common denominator, i spend my days desperately trying to find whats causing this so that i can have my life back again and the more things i try the less they work. Its taken over my life. My family have said i must just accept that this is the way i am and make peace with it. I just cant. I hate them for saying that because they have NO IDEA what its like to lose yourself and to yearn day in and day out for the fun loving, outgoing person i once was. Your blog has given me such new found hope and for that if nothing else, i am eternally greatful, i think it is going to be a happy christmas after all ;-)

          There is a really GREAT forum on the Herballure website for amalgam removal, very active, not sure if you know of it but the people there are really wonderful and so supportive, maybe i'll see you there. They really saw me through some of my darkest hours.

          The description of your "symptoms" is me to a tee, what took the wind out of my sails a little is that the emotional and mental ones you describe have not had drastic improvements with the cat diet and that you feel they are caused by mercury, i thought the same and now they are back (i could just scream), anyway im still going to try and if i can even just be able to eat again, that in itself will be HUGE for me. I will definately stay in touch and let you know how it goes.

          I wish you the best with your mercury journey, it is a long and tedious one as im sure you've discovered ( youve already come a long way - applause) and I am here if you need to talk to someone who's been through it all and can relate. I must say that alot of aspects improved in leaps and bounds with removal so i cant say it was all in vane. Perhaps you have discovered the missing link HOORAY!! YIPEE!! lol

          Apologies for offloading so much baggage here and for the looong post, look forward to hearing from you.

          LOve and light
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          • It's a small world!   by  Sunshine P     15 y     2,039
            Hi Tiki

            LOL It’s small world eh? Yes, I know herb allure very well. I’m pretty active over there. I go under the same name there too. It has been a wonderful release to be able to talk to people with the same problems. The moral support on herballure is just what I need on my rough days. My life is considerably better for being able to discuss all this…….difficultness.

            In fact the cat experiment thread started over there, this curezone blog is a watered down version of the same thing! I know curezone has a much wider audience and I just knew someone one day would benefit from my experience & experiment.

            I was gonna copy yr messages over onto that thread….or do u want to do that? Its in the “health for your pets and animals section.” Come and say hello. Comms is much easier.

            Re timings…..when I looked back I also discovered times without pets was when I felt a little better. I used to be able to practice yoga everyday. Then we got the new cats I could no longer practice….but its only in hindsight that it was possible to figure that out.

            I am so excited you have started the cat diet. I defo want to be keep posted. 100pct keep me posted.

            IMHO I don’t think you wasted a penny removing amalgams and then chelating. IHMO these things HAVE to be done, you are and will remain considerably better, both physically and mentally, because you took such control over your own health.

            Reading your words about searching and searching…..rings so true with me too. I have tried so many things to get better, it was only when I started doing the things that I did NOT think it was, that I actually started getting better. i.e. when I stopped listening to all those useless doctors pointing me in the wrong direct, when I stopped listening to all those lab results.

            When I detoxed my life…… I started got better. That includes the hidden toxic cats. I remain incredibly proud of myself for thinking out the box and finding that.

            It is amazing that in healing oneself, all roads lead to Rome.
            The healing protocols are all the same, clean up the diet, clean up the environment, body cleansing. If you do these things you put your body in a position to heal.

            Health taken over your life….me too…..just checkout my herballure posts…..yup taken over for sure;-)

            Re emotional symptoms…..i have my emotional symptoms under control with all the other things I have done to heal. Specifically 3 years of learning the Alexander Technique. 3 years. Practicing 2-3 times per day. 2-3 lessons per week….for 3 years…..for a long time it was the only thing keeping me together. That was before I discovered any of this alternative medicine way of life that has been so beneficial. Hard hard work that was, but as I said…kept me together for a long time. (but didn’t help getting the mercury out of me!) mentally i am a pretty good now because of the Alex T.

            You are not offloading baggage onto me, you are enriching my life by sharing.

            Did u see my latest update to the Blog?


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            Sunshine P
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