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    My Hell with Multiple Food Intolerances & Cats Raw meat Diet

My Hell with Multiple Food Intolerances & Cats Raw meat Diet
by sunshine p

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  • Multiple food intolerances & multiple chemical sensitivities & allergies   by  sunshine p     15 y     5,845       9 Messages Shown       Blog: My Hell with Multiple Food Intolerances & Cats Raw meat Diet
    I will start this Blog by saying that I did it. I succeeded. I finally figured out what was wrong with me and I am finally healing. My health has been declining for 9-10 years and it has been a total nightmare these last 5 years, especially the last 2 years, and I am now getting better. But before we talk about that, best I talk about what was wrong in the first place.

    I have multiple food intolerances & multiple chemical sensitivities, chronic bad back pain, massive weight loss with chronic mal-absorption. I have been diagnosed with SIBO, which is Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth. I have been diagnosed with GERD and I used to get heartburn 24/7. I was very constipated. My back pain resulted in my inability to do any physical exercise including yoga. I am 38 years old, male, I weigh 123 pounds (56kg) and I am 6foot 1inch tall. I have zero body fat. I have lost 81 pounds (37kg) in weight in the last 9 years. I am all skin and bones.

    Since the start of the 2007 I have been following the Curing protocol as recommended here on curezone. Not in the order recommended, but I have done everything and more to sort out this digestion hell. I totally cleaned up my diet, I have done 9 liver flushes, 1 parasite cleanse, dental clean-up with removal of amalgams almost complete, bowel cleanses and kidney cleanse and a host of other health regaining activities as recommended here on curezone. And, all this has helped, a little, but something is holding me back from healing because I remain in seriously bad health. You would have thought that after all these efforts to get better, that I would get better……………..but I have not:-(

    Diet has been the biggest thing I have tried, because everything says its all about diet. I have tried many different diets to no avail. Rotation diets, 10 foods only diets, vegetarian diets, non-veggies diets, exclusion diets…..all to no avail. True the heartburn that was constant did go away after 2 weeks of a clean healthy organic diet, which is fantastic. But everything else remained screwed up and not working. Not once this year have I cheated, nor eaten something not aloud on whichever special diet I was on, not even once.

    I am completely intolerance to all dairy/wheat/soya/food additives and colours/the nightshade family (tomatoes/potatoes)/all processed foods including white rice/all sugar/all fizzy drinks/all alcohol/fruit juices/chocolate…the list is endless! Oh yes and I cannot eat sulphur foods either, that’s leaks, onions, garlic, broccoli, beans, lentils etc.

    If I eat any of the above, even one mouthful, 20 hours later I get a host of horrid symptoms that last for 5-10 days. This makes my life a miserable hell. I am a universal reactor and everything causes me misery & pain. Basically I get symptoms on top of symptoms and it is a never-ending journey of constant digestive problems and chronic back pain.

    I have to prepare all my own food as I cannot trust anyone else to do it. These last 4 months I have only been able to eat salad for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    I have discovered I am mercury toxic from my amalgam fillings in my teeth, which is the root cause of all my troubles. This blog is not about mercury. This is about how my MFS & MCS are disappearing. How my back is calming down and my spine is straightening out. Happier days are returning at last.
    This story is in fact the story of an amazing experiment. Everything else has failed and I was so desperate that I tried this crazy, unusual, unbelievable experiment.

    This experiment has been recommended by my health practitioner. He has had some successes with this method on some tough cases like me.

    I was advised I might be allergic to my CATS? Eh? Allergic to cats? Me? No-way! I have always had cats in my life. Even when I was a baby my family had cats. I have two beautiful cats now. People who are allergic to cats sneeze, cough, get rashes, swell-up. I do not get these things. At the start if this experiment, I would say I am 100pct NOT allergic to cats. How could I be allergic to cats? I don’t get the typical allergies to cats, I get what I have detailed above, which is obviously nothing to do with cats.

    I do not notice any difference when I am at work away from the cats or at home with the cats. I think this is important, because people that are allergic to cats get symptoms pretty quickly. I repeat, I feel no difference with the cats compared to when away from cats.

    However, whenever I have been away on holiday for 2 weeks, always away from home, away from cats, my symptoms have calmed down in the second week and I have started to heal, just a tiny weenie little bit, (this could obviously be for many many different reasons.) Upon returning home my symptoms returned. I have tried to remove as many toxins from my house as possible, remove any stress from my life, tried a multitude of health regaining activities for myself, but all to no avail.

    Removing the cats from my life is not possible. I have a 6 year old daughter that would not have it. I have a wife that would divorce me. Seriously she would. So, not an option. In any case, I consider myself not allergic to cats, so why go through the bother of a divorce, on the minor off-chance that this could be correct?

    My health care practitioner advised me that cats fed their natural diet, what they would normally eat if they lived in the wild, makes them into very healthy cats. That’s raw meat. Cats catch birds, mice, rabbits etc, basically animals. They don’t cook them, processes them, put them in cans. They would normally just eat what they caught, raw.
    These very healthy cats then stop producing the stuff that humans are allergic to, which leads to cat-allergic-humans to not being allergic to those cats that eat the raw meat diet.
    Is that clear? Humans that are allergic to cats, that come into contact with cats fed a raw meat diet do not get allergic reactions to those cats.
    Its something to do with stuff in their saliva, but I don’t know the specific details of what, where & how.

    What a load of rubbish! No way is that possible. No way is this even vaguely true. Its just some more weird stuff to be ignore. So I thought.

    But, the fact remains that I do get slightly better when away from home and the cats. And I am beyond desperate. I am in so much trouble, so much pain, my life is truly screwed up beyond all recognition. I have tried everything I have read, everything I have heard. I have done the entire curezone healing protocol and more and still “something” is holding me back.

    So, sod it, I will have a row with my wife(she is very unhappy about this), disrupt my life even further and I will give this crazy idea a try. Why not, with the way my life is disintegrating I don’t have much else to lose. With my health declining so much, so fast, I have to try everything, no matter how crazy.

    I have spent about 1 hour Googling a connection between allergies/problems in humans & raw diets for cats and I found nothing, zero, nil to even suggest that cats feed raw meat are no longer allergic to people that are allergic to them. I do trust my health practitioner very much, and I see no reason for him to %¤#&!§-me so badly with this weirdness. (If u Google “raw meat diets for cats” you will find plenty of websites.)

    As far as I am aware, my cats are currently very health cats. I would say they moult quite a lot of hair, but their coats are soft & sleek. I would also say one is not that 100pct agile, maybe 85pct. They do however regularly catch birds and mice, a couple a week. They are both about 1.5 years old. They are young lively lovely domestic cats.

    I have done some research. A man called Pottenger did a load of experiments on cats. His book is mildly famous, “Pollengers Cats”, that some people have heard of. There is a video that I have bought. What an amazing discovery he made, that cats fed raw meat are very health cats indeed, and that cats feed cooked meats become very unhealthy indeed. All cat food bought in shops, wet or dry is processed and has been cooked.

    So the decision has been made, The Great Raw Meat Cat Food Experiment will take place. My two cats will be fed a raw meat diet for 5 weeks. No more processed cat food, wet or dry. Just raw chicken, beef, lamb, liver or gizzards with maybe 10pct veggies included if I can be bothered.

    Purpose of the experiment is to:
    1) See if my cats like to eat raw meat.
    2) See if the cats become very healthy & happy cats.
    3) See if this has any effect on MY health.

    If the end result is only two very health cats, I will be more than happy anyway, because I love cats:-)

    I see little chance of this experiment succeeding, but I’m out of other ideas and I will not stop trying to heal until I drop!

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