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Report generated on Mon Oct 01 00:15:29 2007
Domain Name: CureZone.com

Time Period:01/Sep/2007:04:59:59 - 30/Sep/2007:23:59:59 total 30 day(s)
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General Statistics

Hits Total Hits 24955508
Total Cached Hits 615960
Average Hits Per Day 831850
Average Hits Per Hour 34854
Average Hits Per Visitor 15.9
Average Data Transferred per Hit 31.7 KB
Visitors Total Visitors 1565996
Average Visitors Per Day 52199
Average Time Spent 1000 Seconds
Average PageViews per visitor 2.87
Average Downloads per visitor 0.41
Average Data Transferred per Visitor 504.6 KB
Uniq IPs Total Uniq IPs 643872
Visitors Who Visit Once 555652
Visitors Who Visit more than Once 88220
PageViews and Downloads Total PageViews 4497918
Average PageViews Per Day 149930
Total File Downloads 639089
Average File Downloads Per Day 21302
Total Images 10481178
Average Images Per Day 349372
Total failed requests 66599
Total Incomplete File downloads requests 3721
Number of visitors bookmarked your web site 524236
Bandwidth Total Data Transferred 753.54 GB
Average Data Transferred per Day 25.12 GB

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