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Sleep Disorders in Canada
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Sleep | Sleeping | Asleep (The body's rest cycle) ... info
Provides information on sleep, sleep stages/pattern and sleep disorders - Insomnia, Sleep apnea, Restless leg syndrome and Narcolepsy; its symptoms, causes, risk factor, diagnosis test, home remedies, medication drugs and surgery.  

Stages of Sleep | Sleep patterns | Sleep cycles ... info
Although sleep may seem like and once considered as a steady state, but it is actually have several stages that cycle throughout the entire night.  

Sleep deprivation causes | Lack of sleep effects | Sleep deprivation health ... info
Sleep deprivation has become one for the most common cause for many health problems the world is facing. Many surveys estimate that people now a day’s have sleep one and a half hours less than people had a century ago.  

How to sleep better | Sleep hygiene | Sleeping tips | Fall asleep fast ... info
The idea behind sleep hygiene is to help to stay healthy by keeping the mind and body rested enough and makes it strong. Following these tips will help to sleep better and feel best.  

Sleep disorders | Sleep problems | Can’t sleep ... info
Sleeping disorders are conditions characterized by abnormal or inadequate sleep that interfere with once physical, mental, and emotional functioning.  

Insomnia | Insomniac ... info
Provide information on Insomnia; its types, causes, risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis test, home remedies and insomnia treatments. ... info
http://Obstructive sleep apnea
Information on sleep apnea; its types, causes, risk factors, symptoms, diagnose tests, treatments (lifestyle home remedies, using Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine and surgery), how to live with sleep apnea? and sleep apnea complications.  

Restless legs syndrome ... info
Provides detail information on Restless legs syndrome: its causes, symptoms, risk factors, diagnosis test and treatment by medication drugs.  

Narcolepsy ... info
Provide information on Narcolepsy; its causes, symptoms, diagnosis test and treatments by home remedies and medication drugs.  

Natural sleep aids | Alternative medicines sleep ... info
Alternative medicine treatment for sleep can be considered as a natural sleep aid, because it stimulates the body naturally to bring back normal sleep pattern.  

Insomnia Sleep herbal ... info
Insomnia episodes are due to psychological disorders - grief, stress, depression, and anxiety. Herbs help to get sound sleep by calming down & nourishing the nervous system as well.  

Homeopathic sleep remedies ... info
Homeopathy is nano-pharmacology which uses very small doses to treat the illness. Homeopathy may be effecting in the treatment of Insomnia by calming down mind by stimulating our own body system.  

Yoga Insomnia therapy ... info
Yoga has the ability to balance body, mind & spirit. It believed to give good result for sleep disorders such as insomnia, by calming the nervous system.  

Sleep insomnia healing ... info
According to Chinese Medicine, when night comes; the Qi (vital energy) & blood slip into the interior and we fall into sleep. If it does not happen, you will get into insomnia.  

Reflexology sleep massage ... info
Reflexology massage treatment can be used in support of other treatments for insomnia or sleeplessness. Reflexology is simple to do and there is no side effect and many benefits not only to inducing sleep, but provide goodness for overall body system.  

Pranayam for sleep insomnia - Peaceful Mind, Body and Soul ... info
Several researches suggest the power of pranayam in treating stress related disorders such as insomnia, stress and anxiety is appealing.  

Yoga Nidra sleep aid ... info
Yoga nidra means "yogic sleep" or "sleep of the yogis", it works very effectively on mental resolve, will power, resolutions and calms you thus useful for insomnias.  


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