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Holistic and Integrated Medicine in USA
CureZone Health Directory
Capital City: Washington, DC
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Original Hulda Clark Cleanses, Herbs & Zappers ... info
Parasites Cleanse, Kidney Cleanse, Bowel Cleanse, Zapper, Ornithine, Arginine, Epsom Salt   Address 2nd Ave 704   Lawrenceville 23868

Natropractica- The Holistic Herpes and HPV Specialist ... info
A Simple, Natural, Herbal Medicine-based Treatment Plan for The Herpes family of Viruses from an Herbalist/Homeopath who has specialized in the Holistic Treatment of Herpes for 15 years. ... info
Phone:   8882094061 offers a Self Help Anxiety Treatment Program for helping people overcome Anxiety and Panic Attack Symptoms, as well as information about symptom identification.

CanPrev Natural Health Products ... info
Phone: Call us Toll Free  877.268.4694
We are a specialized team dedicated to producing the highest quality health supplements in the proper dosages.

Aeura ... info
An OTC Natural treatement for the symtoms of Herpes,Cold Sores and Shingles.  

Transfer Factor Immune System Booster for People and Pets ... info
Transfer Factor is the name of a molecule that is found in mothers milk, which is responsible for educating the immune system. Learn how you can fight disease and create wellness and health with this wholistic supplement.  

The Biggest Conspiracy Theory ... info
Embracing the responsibility for one's own life is the principal at the heart of healthy living. Don't give it up!

Water Cure many diseases ... info
Join our group! Visit us today; This group is dedicated to alternative ways of Healing. Believe or not water can cure many disease.You will be amazed as to what water can do to bring you to health and w  

Alternative Medicine Online ... info
Online resource for Complementary and Alternative Healthcare. Articles, news, features on Alternative Therapies and Treatment.  

Heaven On Earth Scents - My Personal Young Living Essential Oils Website! ... info
I’d like to introduce you to the wonderful, powerful world of Young Living Essential Oils and Products. I am an Independent Distributor & have been using them to help facilitate healing within my body, due to RX medications, CFS, Fibromyalgia, Mercury Tox  

Rx Alternative Medicine ... info
Rx Alternative is the library of a veteran alternative physician's holistic approach to 40 health conditions commonly seen in alternative offices. A timely and beneficial discussion of each condition.  

Beat Trichotillomania, 8- Step Program to Overcome Compulsive Hair Pulling ... info
Break through Natural Guide outlines a holistic program to overcome compulsive hair pulling. Written by a recovering hair puller.
Address 0   Boise 83701, PO box P.O. Box 551

Are You At Risk For Cancer? ... info
See how a simple test you can perform at home will determine your risk for cancer. ... info
Holistic Medicine Resources and Experts  

Global Healing Center ... info
At Global Healing Center our #1 focus is your health. We provide high quality nutritional and natural alternative medicine products.   Address   Houston Colonix ... info
Phone: From USA/Canada  800-877-0414 Phone: International  941-927-1907
This site is about colon cleansing, constipation, parasites, IBS, bloating as well as other topics listed to the right. If you’re interested in any of these issues, then you’ve come to the right place as is the #1 Online Colon Cleansin
Address Curtiss Ave 6981   Sarasota 34231

Skin Cancer Cure from ... info
Learn how you can cure skin cancer, remove warts, moles, and skin tags! Safe, fast, effective, and inexpensive, all natural.  

Australasian College of Health Sciences ... info
Phone:   503 244-0726 Phone:   800-487-8839
Start your training to become a Holistic Health Practitioner with the only Online Nationally Accredited College in the USA. is a great place to start your career in natural Health

Naphtali Holistic Center ... info
Being believers in the concept of Intelligent Design NaphtaliHC is an organization of individuals concerned with health-related issues threatening the future of the human race.

Gregory W. Brown Ph.D. Holistic Nutritionist ... info
Phone: Office Phone  248-663-2386 Phone: Toll-Free  888-273-0175
Weight Supplements Services Essential Nutrition Immune Health Supplements Performance Heart Health Supplements Womens Health Childrens Health Bone Health Supplements Services
Address M. L. King Jr. Blvd 0207   Detroit , PO box 48244-0805

The Laetrile Information Page ... info
The history of laetrile in the treatment of cancer. The page is operated by a cancer patient.

Strange Wellness ... info
a Journey into the World of Alternative and Complementary Medicine and Healing...sometimes on the Edge of "Weird" wonder you feel better  

The Truth About Minerals ... info
Phone:   800-303-1376
FACT: Minerals provide much of the basic foundation from which health is built and maintained, and mineral supplementation is an obvious choice for people who are interested in being proactive about their health. Without minerals, vitamins are useless” —

Natural Healing Herbs Info ... info
Learn how to make your own holistic herbal remedies including making herbal tinctures, herbal oils, ointments, capsules, and infusions.  

Lakeshore Wellness Center...Dr. Susan J. Wojcik, ND, LAc ... info
Phone:   312.515.7102
Come in and experience Chicago's Finest in Holistic Naturopathic Wellness and Acupuncture! Lakeshore Wellness Center integrates standard diagnostic methods together with techniques of alternative medicine to help support the body's natural healing systems   Address 945 W. George Street Suite 206   Chicago 60657

Natural Cures by Dr. James Chappell ... info
Natural Cures That Really Work by Dr. James Chappell, the Natural Cures Doctor -- complete information to enable people to follow Dr. Chappell's healing protocols themselves.  

The Dr. James Chappell Blog ... info
Dr. Chappell's own blog in which he gives up-to-date information about his natural cures.  

How to Boost Your Immune System ... info
Simple, holistic methods that will boost immune system health as well as your overall health.  

holisticsite ... info
your best resource for holistic and alternative medicine  

Miracle Mineral Supplement ... info
This is a very powerful anti microbial, bacterial anti viral compound used extensively to improve one's health.  

Jaya Love Healing Services ... info
Cleansing Support, Hypnotherapy, Massage, Sound Healing, Kundalini Yoga, Healing Products, Personal Retreats near Grass Valley, CA

Relief Now! ... info
Phone:   702-768-1804
EFT is a fast effective method for healing physical/emotional pain as well as addictions.

How to Get Rid of Acne ... info
get rid of acne care|diet|treatment|solutions for getting rid of acne pimples|scars|marks for the beautiful skin you deserve  

Transfer Factor from 4Life Research ... info
Phone: Sales and Info  949-340-6463 is an independant distributor of 4Life Research products and transfer factor products.

Improve your life with Holistic Health Nutrition Dr Richard Jensen PhD ... info
Phone:   8003905365
I will help you develop a personalized strategy for optimum Holistic Health Nutrition.

Seven Chakras ... info
In Sanskrit "chakra" means "wheel of life", there are 7 chakras which are aligned in an ascending column from the base of the spine to the top of the head, i.e. 7 energy centers.  

Base or Root Chakra ... info
The first chakra located at the base or root of the spine called as Muladhara. Mula means root and adhara means support.  

Sacral Chakra ... info
The second chakra located between the genitals and the sacral nerve plexus (sex) called as Svadhisthana, Sva means vital force and adishthana means seat.  

Manipura Chakra ... info
The third chakra located between the sternum bone and the navel called as Manipura, mani means brilliant and pura means house.  

Anahata Chakra ... info
The fourth chakra is related to the thymus, located in the chest called as Anahata, means unbeaten.  

Throat Chakra ... info
The fifth chakra is located in the level of thyroid is called as Vishuddha, means purification.  

Ajna Chakra ... info
The sixth chakra is located between the eyes in the center of the forehead called Ajna, means command. Ajna is also called as third eye chakra.  

Crown Chakra ... info
The seventh chakra is located at the crown of the head (“soft spot” as an infant) called Sahasrara, means thousand petals Lotus. Sahasrara is also called as Crown chakra.  

Chakra Balancing by Meditation/Yoga ... info
Chakra balancing is believed to maximize energy flow and promote health and wellness in the body, much as a tune up enables a car to operate at its highest efficiency.  

Anti-aging Health and Wellness Directory ... info
Healing remedies & alternative medicine based on vitamin supplements, fitness and nutrition, diets, weight loss and natural organic foods.  

Natural Treatments For Depression ... info
According to the World Health Organization, major depression is at present the fourth leading cause of death and impairment and is intended to become the second one by the year 2020  

Dr. Diane Lee ... info
Phone:   2063195322
Seattle Nautropathic Physician specializing in food allergies, dermatology, gastrointestinal dysfunction, natural weight loss and detoxification
Address 905 NE 45th St, Ste B 0   Seattle 98105

Eczema Natural Cures ... info
Give your body the right tools to heal from eczema. know the real cause of eczema and the steps to eliminate it.  

Healthy Smoothie Breakfast Recipe ... info
Here is the quick and healthy smoothie recipe provided by Dr. Oz in the Oprah Show. Hope it helps you.  

4Life Transfer Factor Products ... info
Welcome to the'One Stop Shop' for all of the amazing line of 4Life Transfer Factor Products. Take advantage of the best prices on all 4Life Products on the web...guaranteed!

Alternative Cancer Treatment Resources ... info
The latest research and resources for people with cancer on effective, alternative, home use treatments for creating health.

Health and Wellness Guide ... info
Health and wellness web page with forums, links, info and articles.  

Cancer Diet ... info
Phone: Fight Cancer Naturally  337-477-5399
Discover the best diet for fighting cancer.

Wellness Tool ... info
New technology infusing zero point field energy into products that remind the body that it has the ability to heal itself amazing  

Holistic Guide ... info
At Holistic Guide, we have tried to collect a little bit of information from each of the great and rich holistic healing arts to help people along their journey to health, balance and a full life.  

Mind Mart ... info
Holistic health blog discussing numerous aspects of alternative health.  

A Laugh A Day ... info
Laughter is the best medicine. Get your free daily dose!

How to Boost your Immune System ... info
This site contains simple, natural methods to help you boost your immune system and overall health.  

Complementary Treatments of Breast Cancer ... info
Complementary Treatments of Breast Cancer  

Hemorrhoid Treatment Within 48 Hours ... info
This page explores ways to permanently cure hemorrhoids without the use of surgery or conventional medicine.  

Imbue Pain Relief Patch ... info
Phone:   5038901956
No Description

Self-reliant techniques to eradicate all health problems ... info
Eliminate diseases, syndromes, physical conditions and cosmetic problems few people have the answers to! Rare, original information. Important site.  

The 2 of Us Massage ... info
Therapeutic Massage Catered to Your Body's Needs  

Medical Intuitive Jan Meryl ... info
Medical Intuitive Telephone Energy Field Scans and Guided Telephone Healing Sessions remove energy blocks that underlie illness and disease. GET HEALTHY and GET HAPPY.  

Holistic and Integrated Medicine in NYC ... info
Phone:   212-867-1777
Dr. Alexander Kulick utilizes extensive range of treatment options including integrative medicine and pain management in NYC. His focus is on both the physical progress as well as the emotional well being of his patients.   Address 112 East 61st Street 0   New York 10065

Home Remedies ... info
Be your own doctor! Because sometimes it’s better to tackle the problem yourself! A great selection of home remedies.  

Mountainside Spa - Massage & Facials ... info
Phone:   801-742-4814
Massage Therapy & Eminence Organic Facials, reduce the stresses of daily life and find relief from chronic pains with our professional massage therapy.   Address S Big Cottonwood Canyon Rd, Suite 700 6556   Holladay 84121


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